Best Pet Insurance Companies & Plans in Wyoming (2022 Review)


Wyoming is a beautiful to visit and live and one filled with many things to do with your pet. Wyoming has ranked among the top ten states in the nation in terms of pet ownership with more than 61% of households owning pets. With many pets and various things for residents and tourists to do with their pets or dogs, it might be a good time to check into pet insurance.


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Pet Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming, like most of the other states, has dog or pet laws to benefit the animal, the owners and the public in generals. The laws that are most commonly referred to include:

  • Any dog that is off its own property must be on a leash and must be held by an individual who is capable of maintaining control of the dog.
  • Dogs and cats in Wyoming must be licensed and have rabies shots.
  • Households cannot have more than four animals in their homes.
  • Any dog owner that knows his dog has killed any livestock must dispose of the dog.

The pet laws in effect in Wyoming are meant for residents as well as visitors and vacationers in Wyoming.

Pet-Friendly Things in Wyoming

Pet owners in Wyoming enjoy spending time with their pets so much that many of them choose to work for employers who allow them to bring their dog or pet to work. Here are some pet-friendly employers in Wyoming.

  • PetSmart in Casper
  • Diversified Transfer & Storage in Cheyenne
  • Petco in Rock Springs
  • Dig in Casper
  • in Alpine
  • United Service Dog in Cheyenne
  • Happy Trails Pet Resort in Jackson

When they’re not at work, pet owners and their pets can continue to spend time together at the many pet-friendly places in Wyoming.

  • Elk Country Inn in Jackson offers rooms for pets of any size.
  • Nagle Warren Mansion B&B in Cheyenne offers pet-friendly rooms and allows up to two pets per room.
  • Sidewinders Tavern in Jackson is a sports bar that offers burgers, beer and upper deck seating for dogs.
  • Café Genevieve in Jackson serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as special seating for your canine friend.
  • Laramie’s Basecamp in Laramie is a store that sells everything you need for your next outdoor adventure, and your dog is welcome to shop with you.
  • Sheridan Dog Park in Sheridan is a leash-free park where your dog can run freely.

Monthly Cost for Pet Insurance in Wyoming

Many pet owners are surprised to realize how inexpensive pet insurance can be, especially when they consider how much it covers and how expensive veterinary care can be for a serious injury or illness. Pet insurance doesn’t typically cover routine office visits, vaccinations and wellness checks, although some policies allow you to purchase that coverage as an add-on.

It’s designed to help pet owners pay for unexpected accidents and sickness, and these are the expenses that can be outrageously expensive. Pet insurance usually covers these issues:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Diagnostic testing and imaging
  • Surgery, hospitalization and nursing care
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Alternative therapies and rehabilitation
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • ER and specialist care

Here are some examples of what premiums would be in five different zip codes in Wyoming for a policy that pays 80% with $250 deductible. The monthly premiums are for a medium size, mixed breed dog, aged three years old.

City Monthly Cost
Cheyenne $35.07
Casper $35.07
Laramie $41.84
Gillette $36.89
Buford $38.58

Wyoming Veterinary Costs

Pet owners in Wyoming pay about $1,300 annually for unexpected vet bills, which means veterinary services that are not routine office visits. When we think how simple routine checkups, wellness checks, shots, etc. only run a couple of hundred dollars, $1,300 seems like a lot, but it’s not. When a pet has a serious health condition or is injured, veterinary care can run into the thousands.

Depending on what it’s for, surgery for dogs can run from $250 to $5,000 or more. If the dog suffered from a broken bone, there would also be expenses for medication and therapy. Cancer treatments are also very expensive. Chemotherapy and/or radiation often costs about $1,000 per treatment, and dogs may need from five to ten treatments.

If there’s a tumor involved, surgical removal can go to $2,000 or more depending on the location and size. These are the type and size veterinary bills that make pet insurance a good idea.

Low-Income Pet Help in Wyoming

Caring for a pet is a big responsibility and, as hard as we all try, sometimes circumstances make it difficult. It could be unemployment, illness, unusually high veterinary bills or some other situation. It’s nice to know several organizations in Wyoming offer help to pet owners in need.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter – offers low-cost spay/neuter services and trap-neuter-return for area cats

Central Wyoming Spay & Neuter Foundation – offers spay/neuter vouchers

Wyoming Spay and Neuter – offers low-cost spay/neuter for pets and feral cats

Fur Kids Foundation in Campbell County – offers veterinary financial assistance to needy pet owners as well as educational programs on responsible pet ownership

Animal Medical Center of Wyoming in Gillette – offers low-cost veterinary care

Marin Humane Society – offers pet care assistance to low-income pet owners