Pet Insurance in Wisconsin

​When we think of Wisconsin, we often think of dairy farms, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and the great Northwoods. For almost all of these things, you’re probably going to see a family pet or at least a dog. With the amount of time Wisconsin dogs spend outside, they’re more susceptible to tick-oriented diseases or injuries. This might be a good state for pet owners to check into pet insurance.

Pet Laws in Wisconsin

Despite Wisconsin being a state filled with farms, open fields and country living, pets are not allowed to run at large. Any time they are off their property, they must be on a leash. Dogs found running free will be impounded by animal control. Dogs and cats must also have rabies shot and dogs must be licensed by the time they’re five months old. They must get the booster rabies shot every three years and remain current on the vaccination. Although this may vary from one city to another, many Wisconsin cities state that households may not have more than two dogs.

Pet-Friendly Wisconsin

With so many things to do in Wisconsin, and many of them outdoor activities, Wisconsin pet owners often take their dogs with them as part of the family. Luckily for them, there are many pet-friendly things to do and places to go and stay in Wisconsin.

  • Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort in Wisconsin Dells – This waterfront pet-friendly condo includes pontoons, arcade, boats and a comfy place for your dog.
  • Argus Bar & Grill in Madison – This comfy establishment offers good food, drinks and outdoor dining with your dog.
  • Cherry Vacation Cottage in Wisconsin Dells – This vacation rental offers a beautiful setting and an ideal location to stay with your dog.
  • Harrington Beach State Park in Belgium – This 702-acre park includes ski trails, picnic areas, a beach and plenty of space for your dog to run around.
  • Community Bark Dog Wash & Coffee Bar in Milwaukee – This is an awesome place where dog owners can get together with their pets, drink coffee, surf the web or give your dog a bath.
  • Devils Lake State Park Campground in Baraboo – If you enjoy camping and the great outdoors, this large campground welcomes you and your dog.

Here is just a small list of the many pet-friendly employers in Wisconsin.

  • Creative Lighting Design and Engineering in Germantown
  • Pal Business Apparel in Milwaukee
  • State Farm Insurance in Oshkosh
  • Trauma Recovery Center in Oshkosh
  • Rockwell Software in West Allis
  • Charming Paws LLC in Grafton
  • Brew City Pet Services in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Veterinary Costs

Veterinary expenses are something we expect when we decide to bring a pet in our homes. Wisconsin residents pay an average annual amount of $1,300 for unexpected veterinary care. As high as this may sound, it’s minor compared to what you could pay for something serious. Pet insurance can be a big help to pet owners suddenly faced with high veterinary bills. The cost for cancer treatment can vary depending on the severity, size of the tumor and how far advanced it is.

Chemotherapy can run $1,000 per treatment with the dog needing from six to ten treatments. Radiation can run about $1,000 per treatment with five to seven treatments required. Surgical removal of the tumor can run from $2,000 to $8,000. Cancer is not the only that can result in a large vet bill for Wisconsin pet owners. Surgery for broken bones can easily be $2,000 plus therapy and medications.

Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance by City

With the high cost of emergency veterinary care today, many pet owners are realizing the importance of having pet insurance. While pet insurance may not cover routine issues and wellness checks unless you add that in your policy, it’s there to help you pay for the high unexpected bills that could cause you to not be able to provide your pet with the medical care it needs.

Here are a few examples of monthly premiums for pet insurance in five different Wisconsin cities. These premiums are for a 5-year old mixed breed, medium size dog with 80% coverage and a $250 deductible.

City Monthly Cost
Madison $47.18
Milwaukee $46.83
Phillips $38.60
Eau Claire $42.89
Appleton $46.83

Low-Income Pet Help in Wisconsin

Caring for our pets is something we generally plan for when add an animal to the family. However, sometimes unexpected circumstances can make it difficult for pet owners to give their animals the care they need and deserve. Various organizations can help Wisconsin pet owners.

The Dodge County Humane Society in Juneau – offers spay/neuter assistance, pet food and temporary foster care

The Human Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha – offers pet food, spay/neuter assistance and short-term foster care for pets displaced from their homes

Wisconsin Humane Society – offers pet food and supplies to families in need, vaccinations and spay/neuter assistance

Eau Claire County Humane Association in Eau Claire – offers spay/neuter assistance and pet food

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline in La Crosse County – offers financial assistance for vet care to low-income pet owners

Fox Valley Humane Society in Appleton – offers a temporary boarding program