Pet Insurance in Washington

​Washington is a pet-friendly state, with tons of parks, beaches and animal-friendly workplaces. It’s no surprise then that Seattle, the largest city in the state, has more dogs than children, and that number continues to rise.

Dog (and Cat!) Friendly Washington

The most recent official data puts Seattle at 153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids, when you look at the U.S. Census numbers from 2011. With that said, Washington has everything you could possibly think of and more for your pet, including gourmet pet food shops, doggy daycare and dog bowls outside of restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll see dogs (and sometimes cats!) at work, as dog-friendly work environments include Amazon, WeWork, Zillow and more.

Washington is also home to pet powerhouse companies such as e-commerce Chewy and the dog-walking version of Uber, Rover.

For pet insurance, Washington is a hotbed for companies, with Trupanion located in Seattle and Healthy Paws across the bridge in Bellevue.

Not only do employers offer pet-friendly workplaces, but they offer pet insurance as an employee benefit. Microsoft is a Washington State employer located in Redmond, and they offer pet insurance as a perk for employees in their benefits package.

Veterinary Costs in Washington

Washington State offers a lot of assistance to pet owners. While the cost of pet care is variable by state, the average person in Washington will spend around $1300 annually on their pet, according to data from Petplan. With advancements in veterinary care, costs are also on the rise. With 12 million

Pet insurance is a great way to supplement these costs. While pet insurance typically won’t cover 100% of the fee, and usually works on a reimbursement model, the overall savings and access to quality care is still of utmost importance to pet owners, particularly in Washington where pets are like family.

Believe it or not, where you live in the state matters. We put together sample quotes from PetsBest to find out how much it would cost to have a dog on pet insurance in each of the main areas of the state. We chose the Plus plan which is their middle-level plan. We used a three-year-old male dog, mixed breed, 20-55 pounds with no previous health issues. Typically, larger dogs, older dogs and puppies (they need the most stuff!) cost more, then dogs right in the middle are around the same monthly rate.

Seattle is the most expensive city in Washington for pet insurance, but surprisingly, it’s high-end neighbor to the east, Bellevue, is one of the lowest. Maybe there is less trouble for a dog to get into in a suburb. Either way, the monthly rates are all reasonable and certainly a lot more affordable than a $10k vet bill for an emergency.

City Monthly Cost*
Seattle 41.21
Bellevue 36.84
Tacoma 38.66
Spokane 38.04
Ellensburg 35.14

*we used a mixed-breed, 3-year-old male dog, 20-55 lbs. for our sample quote

For some, pet insurance might still be too costly, or your pet may have a pre-existing condition that is not covered, or you simply can’t cover the difference between the cost of treatment and the reimbursement amount. Here, the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association provides a list of great resources for people looking for assistance with vet bills.

Low-income pet health help in Washington

Budkis Charbonneau Living Memorial Fund – This fund helps seniors with emergency veterinary care. Call (425)226-7285.

Doney Memorial Pet Clinic – The Union Gospel Mission offers financial aid for pets of extremely low income and homeless people. You can find this clinic at 318 2nd Avenue Extension South on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

Concern for Animals – Lewis, Mason and Thurston county residents can get assistance with veterinary bills, boarding, animal feed, boarding or placement by calling (360)456-7729.

Seattle/King County Humane Society Pet Project – Assistance for pets of people living with AIDS, a Pet Food Bank for seniors and low-income people.

Spaying to Save Our Pets – call (253)857-7575.

WSU Good Samaritan Fund – This fund is used for treatment of pets at Washington State University, and is for ownerless or special needs animals to both help the pets and provide a teaching opportunity for WSU College of Veterinary Medicine students.

As you can see, pets are an important part of the average Washingtonian’s family. Get a free quote today to see what it would take to cover your family pet or pets in case the “just-in-case” ever happens.