Pet Insurance in Virginia

​Called both the Mother of States and Mother of Presidents, Virginia is home to many historical sites and attractions. It produced more American Presidents than any other state in the nation. More than 70% of the animals taken in by shelters in the state find their forever homes, and more than 50% of homes in Virginia have at least one pet. Whether you live in a large city such as Richmond or a smaller town, you can learn more about the joys of owning a dog and what you can do with that pet as well as the laws that all dog owners must follow.

Pet Laws in Virginia

Virginia does not have a leash law, but many of the communities in the state have similar laws in place. The law essentially states that you need to keep your pet leashed while in your yard or out in public. This law does not apply to times when you’re outside with your dog or playing with your pup in a fenced-in yard. Dog owners are responsible for bites or injuries that those pets make though.

The state does have a dangerous dog law though. If your dog bites someone and that person files a complaint, you may need to place your pet on the Dangerous Dog Registry. Your veterinarian can make a complaint that leads to registration too. If your dog violates the registration more than once, the state may require that you put it down.

Explore Virginia with Your Dog

Do you hate the look your dog gives you each morning when you head to work? Local employers let you work without leaving your dog behind. Marshall Manor is an assisted living community in Marshall, Virginia that encourages workers to bring their pets. When you bring your dog, it can take part in programs designed to assist elderly people. Hall Kinion in McLean welcomes both dogs and other types of pets, including cats and lizards. You can also work in dog-friendly places such as Geese B. Gone and Augusta Physical Therapy PC.

After a long day at work, you can grab your dog and head out to dinner. The Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant in Virginia Beach lets you share a meal with your dog inside or outside on the deck. Virginia Beach is home to a number of restaurants that dog owners rate highly, including Black Bay Brewing, Citrus and Bruster’s Real Ice Cream.

Dog parks and dog-friendly beaches are other fun places you can take your dog. First Landing State Beach, Ocean View Beach and James River are all dog-friendly beaches. You may want to check the rules before your visit though as some have rules regarding when you can bring your dog. Virginia also has some great off-leash dog parks too, including Vint Hill Dog Park, Towers Park, South Riding Dog Park and Duke Street Dog Park.

Pet Insurance in Virginia

Pet insurance can take some of the worries off your mind about adopting a dog from a shelter or bringing home a new puppy. You can pick from plans that cover only emergency visits such as accidents that occur while you’re at the beach. Insurers let you change your plan to include regular appointments and check-ups too. To help you see how affordable these plans are, we collected quotes from one of the leading pet insurance providers in Virginia.

City/Monthly Cost

City Monthly Cost
Norfolk $26.51
Roanoke $29.46
Virginia Beach $32.40
Richmond $40.76
Portsmouth $40.76

*To get rates for Virginia pet owners, we requested quotes from Healthy Paws Insurance & Foundation. We used five cities in the state to show that quotes vary quite a bit based on where you live. All the above quotes apply to mixed breed dogs between 31 and 59 pounds. We also added that the dog was three years old. These plans come with 80% reimbursement, an annual deductible of $250 and unlimited payouts. Depending on the age and size of your dog and what you need in a plan, your quote may vary.

Low-Cost Pet Care

Before you buy pet insurance, you may need to get help for your dog that you cannot afford. The resources we found and listed below include food pantries and vets who work on a sliding scale.

Humane Society of Virginia – The HSV offers affordable spaying and neutering for dog owners through the Human Society of the United States (HSUS) and can provide cheap vaccinations and other treatments too.

Helping Hands Virginia – Veterinarians working for this organization work on a sliding scale. They can provide any services that your dog needs and will base the cost of those services on your income.

The Peninsula Pet Pantry – A group of locals in Yorktown came together to form this nonprofit organization in 2010 and uses donations to provide pet owners with free food for their dogs and cats.

Spay Now – Spay Now believes that every pet owner deserves the right to have their pets spayed and neutered to keep the unwanted pet population down, which is why it offers those services at affordable rates.

Virginia Beach SPCA – If you live in or around Virginia Beach, you can use some of the resources available from the local SPCA, which includes affordable veterinary appointments and treatments.