Pet Insurance in Utah

​Utah residents love their animals and the Great Outdoors, with cities like Provo and Salt Lake City known for being pet-friendly. There are plenty of animals in Utah, with 26,820 dog and 5,176 cats in the state, according to Banfield.

With how healthy folks are in Utah, dogs do have health issues such as a higher-than-normal obesity rate and arthritis. Luckily, dog owners in Utah can work out some of those issues at the many dog-friendly state parks and trails – you can even have your dog off-leash on some trails on certain days of the week.

The most common dog breeds in Utah are the Chihuahua and the Labrador Retriever, and there are many activities for both of these types of dogs. Cats also tend to run a little overweight in Utah, but sorry – they are not allowed at parks.

Pet Friendly Utah

Dogs are a big part of day-to-day life in Utah. While dogs (and other pets) are welcome at all of the Big 5 National Parks – Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capitol Reef, Zion and Canyonlands – they must remain on a leash or in a crate at all times due to their predatory scent. This is a safety issue, however, not a dog-loving issue. In the cities, you can expect to bring your pet to lots of restaurants and hotels, and dog daycare and boarding are increasing in popularity.

Local Utah companies are also committed to building a pet-friendly culture, and it’s not just dogs. One company even saw an employee bring a cage of domesticated rats to sit on her desk. Employees at Qualtrics’ Provo location have long been able to bring dogs to work, and a recently revamped policy ensures that dogs and humans can coexist well together in the workplace.

Utah Veterinary Costs

According to a study based on their own data from pet claims, Petplan determined that Utah pet owners spend around $1100 a year on emergency pet care. Remember that this is an average, and it is estimated that most pet owners will have to shell out upwards of $3,000 for pet care at some point in their pet’s life.

The good news is that pet insurance can cover these costs all the way up to 100 percent, depending on your plan and carrier.

Where you live in Utah does make a difference in your monthly cost. Dog owners living in Park City and Salt Lake City pay the most, and the rest of the state seems about the same according to our data pull from the Petplan website.

City Monthly Cost*
Salt Lake City $45.20
Ogden $32.72
Park City $53.52
Provo $32.72
Logan $32.72

*Quotes are for $15,000 annual coverage, $300 annual deductible and 80% reimbursement, three-year-old mixed breed dog, 21-70 pounds. Puppies, senior dogs and large dogs can all change the price.

Some pet owners run into a situation where pet care is too expensive, but Utah has things to help in this situation.

Low-Income Pet Help in Utah

Best Friends Food Pantry – Salt Lake City is home to a food pantry where pets can get high-quality food. Owners simply need to show proof of low income by showing a food stamp card, Medicaid card or proof of low-income assistance.

Humane Society of Utah – Offers low-cost options for care for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Pet Samaritan Fund – Provides financial assistance to pet owners who are unable to afford medical care for their pets.

If you are a resident of Utah, then it is likely that you want the best care possible for your four-legged friend. Pet insurance is an excellent way to have the peace of mind you need for any situation that may occur.