Tennessee Pet Insurance

​Tennessee is a state with many attractions and things to do for residents and tourists, and dogs are very popular in Tennessee households. This state ranks among the top 10 states in terms of pet ownership and more than 44% of Tennessee households own dogs. With so many pet dogs, it’s not unusual to see pet owners out and about with their beloved four-legged friends. For their safety and good health, many owners consider pet insurance a necessity.

Pet Laws in Tennessee

Pet laws in Tennessee are not that different from those in other states. Pet owners are required to have their dogs and cats licensed and vaccinated against rabies. It is also against Tennessee law to allow the animal to walk around without a collar and a current rabies tag. Unless the animal is engaged in herding or legal hunting, it is illegal for dogs to run at large without a leash. Many cities in Tennessee have a limit on how many pets each household can have. In many cities, the limit is four unless they have a kennel permit.

Pet-Friendly Things in Tennessee

With so many households having dogs, it’s not unusual to see people out with their dogs, especially when this state has so many pet-friendly places to visit or see. Between parks, restaurants, hotels and beaches, there are very few places pet-owners can’t take their dogs.

  • Drifters in Nashville – offers barbecues, beer, live music and an outdoor patio for dogs
  • Fido in Nashville – offers a rustic environment with good food, espresso drinks and a dog-friendly environment
  • Centennial Dog Park in Nashville – offers a dog-friendly park great for walking or riding bike with your dog
  • Hard Rock Café in Pigeon Forge – offers rock-and-roll-themed atmosphere, burgers, American classics and a special area for dogs
  • The Smoke House Lodge & Cabins – This pet-friendly lodge has a restaurant and pool.
  • Red Roof Inn in Caryville – This low-key hotel has a pool, free Wi-Fi and pet-friendly rooms.

Dog owners in Tennessee also have the option of taking their dogs to work if they’re lucky enough to work for one of the many pet-friendly employees in Tennessee.

  • USA Transportation Services in Nashville
  • Value Net in Nashville
  • Dig in Nashville
  • The Orville Company in Nashville
  • Aussie Pet Mobile in Nashville
  • BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Goodlettsville
  • Elite Express in Nashville

Monthly Cost for Pet Insurance in Tennessee

Pet insurance can be the perfect way for you to ensure you’ll probably always have the help you need to pay for your pet’s unexpected veterinary bills. Pet insurance is fairly cheap when you compare it to other types of insurance and when you consider what it all covers. Here are some monthly premiums for different cities in Tennessee for a three-year-old mixed breed, medium size dog.

City Monthly Cost
Nashville $40.15
Chattanooga $36.78
Bartlett $43.83
Jonesborough $36.78
Memphis $38.41

This particular policy reimburses you for 80% of covered expenses with a $250 deductible and has unlimited maximum payouts. You can also alter the policy to get the one that best meets your needs and pocketbook. Pet insurance doesn’t usually cover routine and yearly wellness checks and exams. However, some policies allow you to purchase this type of coverage as well but under a rider.

Tennessee Veterinary Costs

Even with regular veterinary care, some health issues may still come up from time to time. Tennessee pet owners pay about $1,300 for unexpected veterinary care. This is actually a small amount compared to what pet owners could pay for something serious like a broken bone, exploratory surgery or cancer treatments. Here are some examples of what you could have to pay for serious health problems.

  • Depending on the dog’s medical condition and age, fixing a broken leg cost $2,000 plus the cost of medication and therapy.
  • Blood and lab work used for diagnosing $200 to $1,000 or more.
  • Surgical removal of a tumor can cost $1,500 or more.
  • Chemotherapy treatments can run from $200 to $2,000 each.
  • Radiation treatments can run from $2,000 to $6,000 depending on the severity of cancer and the duration of the treatments.
  • X-rays and imaging can cost from $200 to $3,000.

Low-Income Pet Help in Tennessee

As much as we try to provide our pets with the best possible healthcare, sometimes things come up and we just can’t afford veterinary due whether due to unusually high vet bills, unemployment or just some temporary hardship. Luckily for these pet owners, Tennessee has several agencies and businesses that offer free or low-income pet help.

Brown Dog Foundation – offers prescription medications and veterinary care assistance statewide

Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville – offers vaccination assistance, spay/neuter services and pet food

Companion Animal Initiative of Tennessee – provides a list of agencies offering assistance on animal issues

Shepherd’s Green Sanctuary in Cookville – offers various services for pigs

Nashville Humane Association in Nashville – offers vaccination assistance, spay/neuter services and pet food

Humane Society of Putnam County in Cookville – offers spay/neuter assistance

Fayette County Animal Rescue in Rossville – offers pet food and supplies