South Dakota Pet Insurance

​South Dakota is a state where people appear to have a love of animals. South Dakota is the third-ranked state in the nation for pet ownership, with more than 65 percent of the households having at least one pet. Dogs are the most popular pet in this state, with more than 42 percent having dogs and 39 percent having cats. Pet owners love spending time with their furry friends and, luckily there are many pet-friendly places in South Dakota. There is pet insurance available for South Dakota pet owners who want their pets protected in the case of a medical emergency.

Pet Laws in South Dakota

Pet owners living and visiting South Dakota can have great times with their pets, but the times are always better when everyone is aware of and follows the pet laws. Some of the most common pet laws in South Dakota include:

  • Dogs, cats or animals are not allowed to run at large in any city in South Dakota. Failure to follow this law can result in a $50 fine for the first offense and $100 every time thereafter.
  • All dogs and cats at least six months old must be licensed and must be current on rabies vaccinations.
  • Dogs do not need to be on a leash at all times but must be in control by the owner.

Pet-Friendly Things in South Dakota

Pet owners in South Dakota enjoy doing things with the pets and taking them with them when they’re out. This state has many pet-friendly places to go and things to do, whether you’re hungry, in the mood for playing or want a place for the night.

  • Reptile Gardens in Rapid City – offers a pet-friendly animal park/zoo
  • Kelly Inn & Suites in Mitchell – offers a laid-back atmosphere that includes indoor swimming, Wi-Fi and a welcome mat for your pet
  • Thirsty’s in Rapid City – offers live music, good food, pool, darts and sidewalk seating for your dog
  • Spencer Park in Sioux Falls – offers a beautiful park with playground, soccer fields and both an on-leash and off-leash area for dogs
  • Marne Creek West Dog Park in Yankton – offers a fenced-in dog park, a separate area for little dogs and an agility park
  • Custer State Park in Custer – features a huge dog-friendly beach, boat rentals, paddle boats and great swimming spots

Many dog owners really miss their dog when they go to work and hate leaving them behind. Lucky for these people, there are various pet-friendly places of employment in South Dakota.

  • Exemplar Genetics in Flandreau
  • Best Care Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls
  • Alltech in Rapid City
  • Storm Clinic in Sioux Falls
  • Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls

Monthly Cost for Pet Insurance in South Dakota

With the rising cost of veterinary care, more pet owners are considering purchasing pet insurance. Although there’s a chance you’ll never need it, isn’t it worth the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to pay the vet bill and give your pet the best possible care if something should happen?

Here are some sample monthly premiums for a pet insurance policy on a mixed breed, medium-sized 3-year-old dog. This particular policy, which is the one most popular with customers, pays 80% of the covered costs with a $250 deductible and has an unlimited maximum payout.

City Monthly Cost
Sioux Falls $32.64
Pierre $29.67
Rapid City $26.71
Hot Springs $25.55
Wounded Knee $26.71

South Dakota Veterinary Costs

Veterinary costs in South Dakota can vary depending on the health of the animal and the frequency of vet visits. Routine exams, wellness checks and required vaccinations generally only cost $200 to $300 a year. However, a pet may be required to see a vet if something unexpected comes up, and the pet is injured or develops a disease.

South Dakota pet owners pay about $900 in unexpected veterinary bills. While $900 may seem like a lot, serious medical conditions can cost much more. Here are some examples of where pet insurance could prove to be very beneficial.

  • Cancer treatments – Chemotherapy or radiation treatments can be as high as $1000 per treatment, with many dogs requiring from six to ten sessions.
  • Exploratory surgery – $200 to $1,000
  • Surgical removal of tumors – $2,000
  • Surgery for fractures – $1,000 to $2,000
  • Blood work – $150 to $1,500
  • Diagnostic testing -$100 to $1,000 or more

Low-Income Pet Help in South Dakota

South Dakota has several organizations that assist pet owners who may need financial help caring for their pets. These agencies offer low-cost veterinary services, including vaccinations, sterilization services and even pet food/supplies.

Oglala Pet Project – a pet food bank that offers low-cost vaccines and free spay/neuter services for pet owners living on the Pine Ridge American Indian Reservation

Brookings Humane Society – offers pet food and supplies

Sioux Nation Pet Clinic in Sioux Falls – offers low-cost veterinary services

All City Pet Care West in Sioux Falls – offers low-cost veterinary care

Operation Pets, Inc. – offers low-cost spay/neuter services for cats

South Dakota West River Spay/Neuter Coalition – offers low-cost spay/neuter clinics

Spay Dakota – offers low-cost spay/neuter referrals