South Carolina Pet Insurance

​Millions of people living across South Carolina open their homes to dogs each year. Despite the number of people who own dogs, the number of dogs finding their way into local shelters keeps increasing. Spaying and neutering your pets is an easy way to keep the state’s population of dogs down and to ensure that your pets are healthy. You can also keep your pets healthy with a good insurance program that provides them with the care they need every year.

South Carolina Pet Laws

One of the more important laws that dog owners in South Carolina must follow is the leash law. This law states that you cannot bring your dog into any facility or park unless it is on a leash. The only exception is for dogs that are in crates or cages. You must keep your dog on a leash that is six feet or less too.

No matter where you live, you must also have your dog vaccinated against rabies and have a rabies ID tag on its collar. Columbia charges a $200 fine for any dog owner who does not get this vaccination. That city also requires that you get a kennel license if you own more than three dogs.

A new law proposed in 2019 called for pit bull owners to have their dogs vaccinated and microchipped. This law also requires that the owners of those dogs have them either spayed or neutered. Failure to do so can result in a $500 fine. Most of the other laws in the state are similar to those found in other states, including laws against dogfighting and animal hoarding.

Pet-Friendly Things to Do

Barc Parc South is easily one of the best places in South Carolina to take your dog. This is more than just an ordinary dog park though because it boasts multiple lawns and grassy areas as well as several bodies of water. The park covers a full 14 acres and is a great place for your dog to make some new friends.

If your pup loves getting its paws wet, you’ll find some nice beaches that welcome dogs. Hilton Head accepts dogs on most of its beaches, and Kiawah also welcomes dogs. Though you can also take your dog to Surfside Beach, this beach prohibits animals from the middle of May through the middle of September.

There are also some great restaurants that welcome four-legged guests, including the Brown Dog Deli in Charleston and the Lost Dog Cafe in Folley Beach. Fuel Charleston offers gourmet dishes in an old gas station and welcomes pets.

Pet Insurance for South Carolina Dog Owners

Do you keep putting off looking at health insurance for your pup because you think that it will cost too much money? Affordable plans are available and can cover all the health needs of your family. You can take a look at some of the quotes that we found for dog owners such as yourself. The cost refers to the amount you will pay each month.

City Monthly Cost
Greenville $28.63
Columbia $28.63
Rock Hill $28.63
Charleston $36.92
Myrtle Beach $36.92

*To find prices that apply to different types of pet owners, we used the free quote system available from FIGO Pet Insurance. We requested quotes for a dog that was three years old and a mixed breed that weighs 21 to 70 pounds. Changing the zip code allowed us to compare the rates offered in different cities. When you enter exact information about your dog, you can get a custom quote.

Pet Help in South Carolina

There are few things worse than realizing that you cannot care for your pet. As long as you live in South Carolina though, you can turn to different local organizations to get both food and health care. We found some of the following resources that offer help.

Greenville County Spa/Neuter – Operated by the local government, this agency offers free spaying and neutering of dogs that are at least 40 pounds and puppies that will grow to that same size. Low-cost spaying and neutering are available for other dogs as well as cats.

Animal Allies Spay & Neuter Clinic – Located in Upstate, South Carolina, this clinic performs more than 16,000 surgeries every year and offers affordable rates for pet owners based on their incomes.

The Spay Neuter Clinic – This organization offers affordable spaying and neutering services for residents of certain counties in both Georgia and South Carolina. Owners can also opt for vaccinations and tests for common diseases.

Pawmetto Lifeline – Free spaying and neutering are available from this clinic for those who meet certain requirements and can put down a small deposit. It also operates a mobile vaccine clinic that goes to cities across South Carolina. A pet food pantry is also offered by the organization.

Columbia Humane Society – This humane society offers free pet food and other supplies for pet owners who live in Columbia. It also offers spaying and neutering rates that are very affordable.

Pet Helpers – Designed to assist pet owners in various states, this organization has food pantries in major parts of South Carolina that provide dog owners in need with supplies as well as treats and food.