Pet Insurance in Oregon

​Oregon is a pet-friendly state, with Portland leading the way in dog parks, doggie daycares and pet food stores. In fact, Portland has more dog parks per capita than any other city – 5.7 dog parks to every 100,000 residents. It’s even been ranked on numerous websites as the most dog-friendly city in the country. That’s nothing to woof at!

Dog (and cat!) Friendly Oregon

The most recent official data puts Oregon at fourth-highest in the country, with 64 percent of households owning a pet, according to the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook.

Many employers, from marketing agencies to companies working out of WeWork in Portland, allow you to bring your dogs to work. Also, G5 Real Estate in Bend, and Kimpton Hotels in Portland allow pet owners to bring their dogs to work. And for pet owners who can’t bring their dogs to the office? Not to worry, there are at least 30 dog daycares just in the Portland area. Your dog can play, nap, socialize and learn tricks, all while you earn a living.

Veterinary Costs in Oregon

The State of Oregon offers a lot of assistance to pet owners. While the cost of pet care is variable by state, the average pet owner in Oregon will spend around $1100 annually on their pet, according to a recent study from Petplan. Advancements in pet care mean that the costs are also on the rise.

Pet insurance is an excellent way to supplement these costs. While pet insurance usually will not cover 100% of the veterinary bill, and typically works instead on a reimbursement model, the savings and improved access to quality veterinary care is still of utmost importance to pet owners, particularly in Oregon, where pets are members of the family.

Additionally, where you live in the state matters. We put together sample quotes from Embrace to find out how much it would cost to cover a dog with pet insurance in several main cities in the state. We chose the Comprehensive Accident and Illness plan which is their middle-level plan. We used a three-year-old dog, mixed breed, 31-55 pounds, neutered male, with no previous health issues. Typically, the bigger dogs, puppies, and senior dogs cost more, where dogs (and cats) right in the middle are roughly the same rate.

Portland is often considered the most expensive city in Oregon to live, and pet insurance there is also more expensive than in other cities. With our sample, we were able to find a plan at $37.28 per month. The same plan with the same variables is only $19.52 in Medford and capitol city Salem. Bend and Eugene are the same at $24.00 a month for the exact same plan. No matter what, the monthly cost is still much lower than a surprise vet bill in an accident or illness scenario.

City Monthly Cost*
Portland $37.28
Eugene $24.00
Bend $24.00
Medford $19.52
Salem $19.52

*we used a mixed-breed, 3-year-old male dog, 31-50 lbs. for the sample quotes

For some pet owners, pet insurance is still more than they can spend every month. In other cases, their pet may have a pre-existing condition that is not covered, or they may want access to funds to help cover the difference between what pet insurance covers and their out of pocket responsibility. Here, the State of Oregon steps in with resources to help pet owners.

Low-income pet health help in Oregon

Burlingame Vet Clinic – Offers low-cost spay/neuter for dogs and cats.

Spay & Save – $15 spay/neuter for cats, $80 spay/neuter for dogs (limited number). Available through Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland to residents of Clark, Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah counties who receive government assistance. Call (503) 802-6755 to sign up.

Oregon Spay & Neuter Fund – Non-profit dedicated to ending overpopulation of animals.