Best Pet Insurance Companies & Plans in North Dakota (2022 Review)


​North Dakota is a rugged state filled with beautiful countryside and an abundance of things to do, and many of these fun activities can be shared with your pet. North Dakota may not be ranked as one of the top states in terms of the number of household pets, but there are many households with dogs and cats, and these pet owners always seem to be looking for places to take their pets and ways to keep them healthy.

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Pet Laws in North Dakota

North Dakota, like many of the other states, has specific pet laws. The municipality or county in which the person lives determines some of them and others are statewide laws.

  • Cats and dogs that are at least 3 months old must be vaccinated against rabies and must have verification of the vaccination with them at all times.
  • All dogs and cats living in this state must be licensed, and the pet owner must show proof of current rabies vaccination before the animal can be licensed.
  • Most city ordinances in North Dakota state that households may not have more than 3 pets (cats and dogs combined).
  • All cats and dogs entering North Dakota and staying for more than 30 days must have a certificate of veterinary inspection.
  • North Dakota does not have a statewide leash law, but dogs are not allowed to be running at large, and owners must be able to control their pets at all times.

Pet-Friendly Things in North Dakota

Whether you’re a resident of North Dakota, a family or individual on vacation or just someone passing through with your pet, you’ll find plenty of places to take your pet. Whether you want a beach, restaurant, park or a place to spend the night, you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly things to do in North Dakota.

  • Kelly Inn in Minot – offers an indoor pool, hot tub, Wi-Fi and a pet-friendly room
  • Country Inn & Suites in Fargo – offers pet-friendly rooms for up to two dogs of any size
  • Fireflour Pizza in Bismarck – features pizza, baked goods, a full espresso and dog-friendly outdoor seating
  • OB Sports Zone in Fargo – offers pasta, pizza and the best appetizers along with outdoor seating for your dog
  • Village West Dog Park in Fargo – This off-leash park has separate areas for small or large dogs, water spigots and a great walking area.

North Dakota pet owners are generally pleased with the pet-friendly places of employment in the state. These employers understand the importance of being happy at your job and having their pets with them often makes them happier and more productive. Here are some pet-friendly employers in North Dakota.

  • Petco in Minot
  • PetSmart in Bismarck
  • Casselton Veterinary Service in Fargo
  • Fetchers in Fargo

Monthly Cost for Pet Insurance in North Dakota

Pet insurance is a great way to ensure that, if an unexpected circumstance occurs involving high veterinary costs, you’ll be able to provide for your pet and help it get well again. Below are examples of the average monthly cost for pet insurance in five different cities. This particular policy is for a three-year-old, mixed breed medium size dog.

City Monthly Cost
Fargo $26.71
Bismarck $29.67
Hettinger $26.71
Grand Forks $29.67
Minot $28.39

These premiums are for a policy that pays 80% of the covered expenses, has $250 deductible and unlimited maximum payouts. Pet insurance is usually for unexpected or larger emergency visits and doesn’t usually cover wellness checks and preventative veterinary care. However, some insurance companies do offer this type of coverage as a rider to the policy and for an additional fee.

North Dakota Veterinary Costs

When compared to other states, North Dakota pet owners don’t pay as much for unexpected veterinary services. Pet owners in North Dakota pay an average of $700 to $900 annually for veterinary care that goes beyond the routine visits for wellness, vaccinations and checkups. This is a relatively low amount when we consider what it could cost if the pet was seriously injured or developed a life-threatening disease.

It’s not unusual to pay between $250 and $1,000 for one emergency visit if the dog requires blood work and x-rays. If a dog requires exploratory surgery or surgery for a broken bone, it can easily cost from $1,000 to $2,000 or more. A serious diagnosis like cancer can require chemotherapy or radiation, which often costs at least $1,000 per treatment with up to 10 treatments required. Nothing can take away the pain of watching your pet suffer, but pet insurance can lessen the stress of having to pay high vet bills.

Low-Income Pet Help in North Dakota

North Dakota has a few different organizations that help pet owners by providing low-cost veterinary services as well as food and pet supplies. Their goal is to ensure that pet owners can continue to care for their pets even if they might be going through difficult times.

Spay Dakota – offers low-cost spay/neuter assistance and referrals

Circle of Friends Humane Society in Grand Forks – offers emergency medical assistance and spay/neuter assistance

Minn-Kota Paws in Fargo – offers spay/neuter and veterinary services

Central Dakota Humane Society in Mandan – offers low-cost veterinary services

Animal Health Clinic in Fargo – offers low-cost veterinary services

West Dakota Veterinary Clinic in Dickenson – offers low-cost veterinary services