Pet Insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina Pet Insurance

North Carolina pet insurance is just one of the reasons that North Carolina is quite possibly one of the best places in the world to own dogs. Not only can you camp in state parks to spend time with your dogs in the great outdoors, but you can take them to many of the beaches along the coast as well. Though you might worry about a jellyfish stinging your dog or the pup scraping its paws on rough shells, pet health insurance plans cover the cost of getting your dog treated after an accident or illness. You can find out more about North Carolina pet insurance rates and some of the great resources available for pet owners in the Tar Heel State.

North Carolina Pet Laws

One of the only states in the country with laws regarding keeping pets in hot cars is North Carolina. The law states that pets cannot be in any vehicle when there are dangerous issues, including both freezing cold and scorching hot temperatures. Law enforcement has the legal right to break windows and go to extreme lengths to save dogs in danger.

A recent study found that 70% of people living in Charlotte did not have licenses for their pets, which is illegal. The city has laws that require you to get a license and tag for your dog. You can only get that license if you present proof that your dog is up to date on its rabies vaccination. Other cities have similar laws in place. When you travel around North Carolina, you will also need to keep the tag on your dog, and have it leashed.

Fun Things to Do with Your Pet in NC

When you travel around North Carolina with your dog in tow, take the time to check out some of the top beaches. Duck Beach not only allows dogs to frolic and play in the sand, but it also allows dogs to roam free without their leashes. Kitty Hawk is where the Wright Brothers first took flight and is also home to a dog park that lets dogs play without being leashed. Other top dog parks include Atlantic Beach and Nags Head Beach.

After a long day of playing, you may want to slow down and grab something to eat at a restaurant that also serves meals suitable for dogs. The Dog Bar in Charlotte is a popular choice, but you may want to head to Angry Ale’s and take a seat outside with your dog. Some pet owners also like Posana and the Sunny Point Cafe. Both restaurants are in Asheville and allow dogs.

Pet Insurance for North Carolina Dog Owners

Health insurance for North Carolina dog owners includes plans that cover some of the issues of owning a pet. You can choose a deductible of between $100 and $750 that you pay when your dog gets treated or sees a vet, but you can also select the amount of reimbursement that you want from the plan. FIGO Pet Insurance offers plans that let you add regular check-ups too. The cost of getting health insurance can vary based on your city, but most dog owners in North Carolina will pay less than $40 a month.

North Carolina Pet Insurance Costs by City

City Monthly Cost
Wilmington $32.40
Raleigh $32.95
Winston-Salem $32.95
Charlotte $34.01
Greensboro $34.01

*When we requested estimates from FIGO Pet Insurance, we entered information about an average dog that weighs at least 21 pounds and is three years old. The rates above include 80% reimbursement and a $250 deductible with $14,000 in annual benefits. FIGO offers exam fees for just a few dollars more. The quote you get may depend on factors such as what you want in a plan and the age of your dog as well as its size and where you live.

Pet Resources in North Carolina

If your cupboards are bare but you still need food for your dogs, you can use any of the pet pantries in North Carolina to stock up. The Tar Heel State also offers some affordable spaying and neutering services for locals. You can use the resources listed below to get your dog some help.

Fuzzy Friends Pet Food Pantry – Created by a local church, this pet food pantry provides low-income households with free pet food and other supplies. It’s open to retired and older pet owners as well as those with limited funds.

Carolina Pet Pantry – Located in Indian Trail, this organization offers assistance for pet owners who need both food and treats. You can often get other types of supplies too.

Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina – This Raleigh organization provides dog owners with help getting their pets spayed and neutered. Though it has some guidelines that you must meet, it can also provide vaccinations and other simple services.

Gaston Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic – Designed to help those living in and around Gaston with pet help, this organization offers low rates on spaying and neutering as well as other medical services that pets need.

Pet Food Pantry of Eastern North Carolina – This nonprofit organization feeds more than 500 pets each month and hands out thousands of tons of pet food every year. In addition to providing pet owners with food and other supplies, the organization also offers affordable spaying and neutering.