Pet Insurance in New Mexico

​New Mexico is a great place to live or visit with your pet. According to Albuquerque Business First, more than 70 percent of households in New Mexico own dogs, which makes it the second-largest state in the nation in terms of dog ownership. In general, dogs in New Mexico have about a 16 percent higher chance of being obese than the national average. They are also 50 percent more likely than the national average to suffer from kidney disease and 23 percent more likely to suffer from diabetes.

Pet Laws in New Mexico

Pursuant to New Mexico Statute § 3-18-3, each municipality is able to make its own rules and regulations governing requirements to keep a pet on a leash. Each municipality generally requires that dogs out in public be kept on a leash that does not exceed between eight to 12 feet, depending on the specific rules of the municipality. Pet owners are also required to keep pets contained in some way if they are left outside in a yard.

New Mexico is a fairly progressive state when it comes to enacting anti-animal cruelty provisions. It is a fourth-degree felony in New Mexico to inflict extreme cruelty on any animal.

The ADA and New Mexico’s Service Animal Act require businesses and areas accessible to the general public to allow admittance of a service animal as long as it does not behave in a way that endangers others.

Pet-Friendly New Mexico

There are plenty of outdoor and indoor dog and cat-friendly places to take your pets in New Mexico. One of the most popular destinations to take your dog is the White Sands National Monument, which boasts more than 275 square miles of beach area with white sand dunes. Your dog can run and play to its heart’s content. There are also specific walking trails that you can enjoy with your on-leash pup.

If you are looking forward to a day of eating out, shopping and walking around with your pet, then look no further than Santa Fe, New Mexico. This city is home to countless restaurants that allow your pet to hang out with you while you dine outdoors. Many shops even allow you to bring your dog or cat inside while you browse, although you will likely be required to keep it on a leash. The public green spaces have plenty of bench and shade areas so that you and your pet can cool off and relax between exploring new shops and restaurants.

New Mexico Veterinary Costs

New Mexico actually ranks in the top five for highest annual veterinary costs, according to data from PetPlan. The average cost of veterinary care in New Mexico tops $1400 each year, so it can make sense to get a pet insurance policy to cover these costs. Each city has a little bit of a different monthly rate when it comes to pet insurance, as evidenced by our example below:

Pet Insurance Costs by New Mexico City

City Monthly Cost
Albuquerque $40.35
Santa Fe $40.61
Farmington $36.91
South Valley $33.22
Las Cruces $33.22

For these estimates, we based our data on a three-year-old mixed breed male dog of medium size. If you have a puppy, more mature dog or a dog of a significantly different weight or size, this can influence the monthly amount you can expect to pay in veterinary costs.

Low-Income Pet Help in New Mexico

Taking care of an unexpected medical expense for your dog or cat can cause a serious financial strain. If you are a low-income resident of New Mexico, there may be financial assistance available to help with the veterinary care of your cat or dog. Check out some of the resources listed below, which offer a wide range of pet services, including spay and neuter options as well as medical care and food assistance for pets.

Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic provides low-cost veterinary services for pet owners who qualify for low-income status. However, they do not provide urgent or emergency care.

Deming Animal Guardians assists with vaccinations, spay and neuter services, pet education and pet food for low-income residents of Luna County, New Mexico.

Spay Neuter New Mexico provides spay and neuter services at a low cost to all residents of New Mexico.

The Doña Ana County Humane Society provides financial assistance in the form of vouchers for senior citizens who adopt a pet to use towards veterinary care and pet food in Doña Ana County, New Mexico.

The OSCAR Foundation LLC offers financial aid to those who need assistance in seeking funds for pet surgeries or physical rehabilitation in New Mexico.

Through the Max & Tucker Fund, the Santa Fe Community Foundation gives grants to low-income seniors over the age of 60 to help cover the medical treatment expenses for their companion dogs.