Pet Insurance in Nevada

Nevada Pet Insurance

Nevada Pet Insurance isn’t just an option in the first place you think of – Las Vegas. Nevada is home to just as many small towns and places where you can take your dog hiking through the desert and you can get pet insurance in any part of Nevada. The wild animals and bugs in the desert can cause significant damage to your pet and bite or scratch the poor pup. With the right health insurance and resources, you can get your dog help anytime that it needs it.

Nevada Pet Insurance

Health insurance is something that many pet owners don’t think they need until a crisis occurs. If your dog suffers dehydration on a hike or gets bitten by a wild animal, it might cost thousands of dollars that you don’t have to treat the animal. To help you see how affordable health insurance is for your pets, we got quotes from one of the top pet health insurers for owners in different parts of Nevada.

Pet Insurance Costs by Nevada City

City Monthly Cost
Ely $32.92
Virginia City $32.92
Las Vegas $36.03
Reno $36.03
Laughlin $36.03

*We obtained all the quotes shown here from FIGO Pet Insurance. You can get a free quote after listing the name of your dog and its age and size. For the purposes of this section, we picked a three-year-old dog in the medium weight category, which includes dogs up to 70 pounds. If you make any changes to those criteria, you’ll usually receive a different rate.

Owning a Pet in Nevada

Clark County is the county that surrounds Las Vegas and Henderson. Those living in this county can only own a maximum of three cats and three dogs that are three months old or older. If you have a larger number of dogs, you need to request a kennel license and get approval for those animals. The county generally wants to make sure that you have the necessary resources to care for those pets. Las Vegas increases this amount to include three ferrets in addition to the cats and dogs.

Las Vegas also has a law that the city council passed in 2010 that requires all pet owners to spay or neuter animals that are over the age of four months. You can get an exemption if you are a breeder and have the proper licenses. Vegas and other parts of Clark County also have leash laws that require you keep your pup leashed when outdoors.

Things to Do in Nevada with Dogs

Most of the top dog parks in Nevada are located in and around major cities such as Reno and La Vegas. Reno is home to the Off-Leash Dog Park, which lets your pup have some fun and roam free without feeling tethered to a leash. The fences in the park keep your dog safe from predators. Sunset Dog Park and Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park are some of the top parks in Las Vegas.

The Valley of Fire State Park is one of the largest state parks in Nevada and one that welcomes your four-legged family members. This park has on-site camping for those who bring tents or motorhomes and allows you to camp with your pup. You must keep your dog on a leash and on your campsite. Some of the hiking trails inside the park allow you to take your dog too.

Whether you want to capture photos you can share online or just grab a bite to eat with your dog, you can choose from a range of different restaurants. The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is a popular spot among Instagram celebrities who want to have a night out with their pets. Located in Las Vegas, the restaurant is close to other restaurants that accept pups, including the Grape Vine Cafe and Big Dog’s Brewing Company.

Low-Cost Pet Help and Resources in Nevada

There may come a day when you feel as though you cannot afford to take care of your dog any longer. Before you surrender your pet to a local shelter, consider using some of the following resources until you can get back on your feet again.

Pets of the Homeless – As the homeless population in Las Vegas grows, this organization strives to help those without homes care for their pets. It provides free food for all types of dogs.

Kendall’s Kupboard – Another pet food pantry that provides free food is this organization, which bases the amount of food and other supplies that you get on the number of dogs in your home and their sizes or breeds.

Spay & Neuter Center of Southern Nevada – With several locations to choose from across the southern region of the state, this organization makes it easy to get your pets spayed or neutered at a price you can afford.

SPCA of Northern Nevada – Located on the opposite region of the state, this branch of the SPCA offers affordable rates for those who need their pets spayed or neutered and can offer other simple health care services.

Clark County Animal Control – Animal Control in this Nevada county offers affordable prices on packages that let you get your dog spayed or neutered and vaccinated against common diseases for a low cost.