Best Pet Insurance In Michigan (2023 Review)

by | 10/31/2022

Your pets are part of the family but seeking medical treatment for them can get pricey. Pet insurance – similar to the human version of health insurance – is the answer for many pet owners for these main reasons:

  • The majority of medical veterinary services are covered, meaning you no longer have to stress about how, or if, to pay for medical care for your pet
  • Flexible options on how to pay: monthly vs. quarterly premiums
  • Enable you to promptly treat your pet since there is no need to look at finances

Purchasing pet insurance can be an overwhelming experience, especially the first time around. Prices and coverage can vary greatly from one area to another. So, this is why we’ve researched the best pet insurance companies in Michigan. First, here’s how they stacked up against each other, as well as who we picked as a front runner.


Provider Waiting Period Money-back Guarantee Maximum Enroll Age BBB Rating
Spot 14 days* Yes No age limit A
Lemonade 14 days for illnesses*, 48 hours for accidents No 14 years old N/A
Embrace 14 days for illnesses*, 48 hours for accidents Yes 14 years old A+
Healthy Paws 15 days* Yes 14 years old A-
ASPCA 15 days* Yes No age limit N/A
Prudent Pet 5 days for accidents, 14 days for illnesses* Yes No age limit A+
Figo 1 day for injuries, 14 for illness* Yes No age limit B
Wagmo 15 days for accidents and illnesses* No 15 years old N/A
Trupanion 5 days for injuries, 30 days for illnesses* Yes 14 years old A+
*Certain conditions, such as cruciate ligaments or orthopedic conditions, may have longer waiting period times, usually six months to a year. This is common among many pet insurance providers, but most illnesses will be covered after the waiting period listed above.

Top 9 Best Pet Insurance Companies In Michigan

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about pet insurance in Michigan to help you pick the best coverage for your furry friend. In this article, you’ll read about how some of the top companies stacked up against one another in terms of:

  • Cost
  • What’s covered under their policies (and what’s not)
  • What add-ons are available
  • How much the deductible is 
  • Annual caps on cost
  • Waiting periods
  • Discounted rates

Read on to see a few pros and cons of each company, as well as any plan highlights that stood out to us. 

Spot Pet Insurance

Spot comes in first as our best overall pet insurance provider. The company also offers the best wellness package that we’ve seen so far and has coverage for extras in the base plan that are usually only offered in the add-on wellness packages with other companies. 

What Does Spot Cover?

The base coverage for Spot pet insurance comes in two separate options. The accident-only plan has some pretty impressive coverage with items like prescription pet food, end-of-life expenses, microchipping implantation, stem cell therapy, and tooth extractions, as well as diagnostic imaging, surgery and hospitalizations, and lab tests. 

Its accident and illness policy additionally covers cancer, cancer treatments, and behavioral issues. The waiting period is 14 days across the board for accidents, illnesses, and ligament issues. This is a relatively long waiting period for accidents but an overall short waiting period for ligaments. 

How Much Does Spot Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

Currently, Spot only provides coverage for cats and dogs. The average coverage for dogs runs anywhere from $30-$50/month, and cat coverage is about $18-25/month. The annual limit can range from $2,500 to unlimited, depending on the chosen plan.


  • Base plan covers extras like behavioral issues, microchip implantation, and exam fees for accidents and illnesses
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • While they don’t cover pre-existing conditions, they will cover pre-existing conditions that are curable and treatable and have been symptom-free for 180 days


  • Doesn’t cover boarding or grooming costs
  • Some plans have deductibles as high as $1,000

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Lemonade Pet Insurance

Lemonade came in as our next contender, and we rated it 4.8/5 for the most affordable coverage. What sets Lemonade apart from other competitors is its extensive array of customizable add-on packages. These customizations help ensure your four-legged friend is fully covered and that you aren’t wasting money on things you don’t need. 

What Does Lemonade Cover?

Its basic package offers a full list of diagnostic services such as bloodwork, X-rays, and ultrasounds. Your pet will also be covered for any outpatient and specialty treatments as well as emergency care and hospitalizations. You can expect surgeries, injections, and medications to be covered as well. 

Lemonade does not cover pre-existing conditions, bilateral conditions (meaning something that affects both sides, legs, ears, etc.), things that aren’t considered an illness or accident, experimental treatments, or things that could have been prevented. 

How Much Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

Dog and cat insurance coverage starts as little as $10/month, with most plans averaging about $37/month for dogs and $15/month for cats. Coverage limits can be as low as $5,000 to as much as $100,000. Lastly, Lemonade does not cover exotic animals.


  • Ability to save money with various discounts
  • Low annual deductibles
  • Easy to use app for submitting and checking claims, adding additional pets, and accessing policy information


  • Low BBB rating 
  • Has a six-month wait for cruciate ligament events

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ASPCA Pet Insurance

Next up on the list is ASPCA, which we’ve rated a 4.5/5. It’s earned its spot on the list for offering the most customizable plans. Regardless of your pet’s needs for insurance, you’ll be able to find a plan that serves you well.

What Does ASPCA Cover?

The accident-only plan ASPCA offers covers all new injuries and emergencies related to accidents such as broken bones, bite wounds, abscesses, lodged foreign objects, and toxic ingestions. ASPCA’s most comprehensive plan is its complete coverage plan which includes coverage for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease and hip dysplasia, and behavioral issues. 

Not covered are pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, breeding costs, and preventative care.

How Much Does ASPCA Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

Average dog coverage costs run around $48/month, and average cat costs are around $29/month. Preventative care is an add-on option with two different tiers of customization. The basic plan will run an extra $9.95/month, and the prime plan will run around $24.95 extra/month. The basic plan doesn’t cover all vaccinations and yearly tests, but the prime plan does. The prime plan has higher coverage for dental cleanings as well. ASPCA pet insurance currently only covers dogs and cats.


  • All coverage begins 15 days after the policy is purchased
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low deductible


  • Plans are a little more expensive than competitors
  • Annual claim limit is capped out at $10,000

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Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace ranks third on our list with a rating of 4.7/5 for offering the best deductible. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and donates $2 to charity for every policy sold. Its coverage is limited to dogs and cats and does not include exotic animals. 

What Does Embrace Cover?

Embrace takes several things into consideration when determining the cost of your plan, such as your pet’s age, gender, breed, species, and where you live. The basic plan covers exams and consultation fees, procedures such as diagnostic imaging, surgeries, hospitalizations, ER visits, dental illnesses, and medications. The wellness add-on, while expensive, has quite a list of extras, including grooming, toenail clipping, microchipping, vaccinations, anal gland expression, cremation and burial, massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care to name a few.

Its plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, breeding and pregnancy costs, deliberate injuries, injuries caused by cruelty, fighting, or neglect, cosmetic procedures, DNA testing/cloning, stem cell therapy not deemed medically necessary, or Avian flu.

How Much Does Embrace Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

The average price for dog coverage is between $30-$40/month, while the average price for cat coverage will run you around $15-$20/month. Reimbursement plan prices for the wellness add-ons range from $18.75/month with a $250 allowance to $52.09/month with a $650 allowance.


  • Have 24/7 access to coverage via MyEmbrace and mobile app
  • Offers Healthy Pet Deductible meaning your pet’s annual deductible decreases by $50 for every year you don’t receive an insurance claim reimbursement
  • 10% multiple pet discount and 5% military discount offered


  • The annual reimbursement limit ranging from $5,000-$30,000 is on the low end compared to other companies
  • The add-on wellness coverage plans are pricey

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

We’ve rated Healthy Paws at a 4.6/5 and recognized it as the best company for chronic conditions. Healthy Paws is also a very charitable pet insurance company due to its work with the Every Quote Gives Hope and Refer-A-Friend grant programs which results in donations of over 1.5 million dollars per year to various shelters. Healthy Paws prides itself on offering one simple plan to keep things easy to understand.

What Does Healthy Paws Cover?

Healthy Paws covers new accidents, illnesses, cancer, genetic conditions, alternative, and emergency care. It also covers diagnostic treatments and imaging, emergency care, prescription medication, hospitalization, surgeries, specialty care, and bloodwork.

Not covered by its pet insurance are pre-existing conditions, examination fees, parasite control, dental cleaning, spaying/neutering, and anal gland expression. It also does not cover behavioral therapy or boarding costs. 

How Much Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

The cost of coverage depends mainly on your pet’s age as Healthy Paws has different deductible options, with the lowest deductibles going to the youngest pets. Dogs are insured up to 14 years old and average around $39/month. Cats are also insured up to 14 years of age and average about $12/month to be insured. Healthy Paws does not insure exotic animals.


  • Maximum payouts are unlimited
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Most claims processed within two days


  • Doesn’t offer any wellness or preventative plans
  • Has a 12-month waiting period for illnesses related to hip dysplasia
  • No multi-pet discounts offered

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Prudent Pet Insurance

We found Prudent Pet offers the best comprehensive plans for all-around coverage and gave it a rating of 4.4/5.

What stands out to us about Prudent Pet is the impressive level of options you have when choosing your plan, including a budget-friendly accident-only plan, an essential plan which covers accident plus illnesses including behavioral disorders, or the ultimate plan which has an unlimited annual benefit. The ultimate plan also offers extras like a $1,000 mortality benefit, $500 for boarding fees, and $500 for lost pet advertising. 

What Does Prudent Pet Cover?

Prudent Pet’s accident-only plan covers things such as bite wounds, hospitalizations, broken bones, emergencies, radiology services, and surgery. Its essential plan also covers illnesses such as cancer, congenital defects, hereditary conditions, hip dysplasia, urinary infections, and some behavioral disorders. For an additional fee, preventative care can be added, which covers things like well-check visits, vaccines, and microchipping.

Prudent Pet does not cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, grooming or grooming supplies, herbs/natural remedies, vet house calls, travel expenses, anal gland expression, boarding fees, or cruciate ligaments when prior issues were present on the opposite knee. 

How Much Does Prudent Pet Insurance Cost In Michigan?

You can expect accident-only plans to be as low as $10/month and essential plans around $16/month. The average monthly cost for dog coverage is $39/month and $23/month for cat coverage. Annual deductibles range anywhere from $100-$1,000, and you can take an additional 10% off for a multi-pet discount if insuring more than one pet. 


  • Offers unlimited 24/7 vet chat
  • Discounts available for insuring multiple pets
  • Customizable plans that include things like behavioral disorders and cost of boarding fees


  • Six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament injuries
  • Only offers coverage for dogs and cats

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How Does Pet Insurance Work in Michigan?

In Michigan, pet insurance provides coverage for your pet as agreed upon in the terms and conditions of your contract. In other words, your pet is sick and/or hurt, and you take it to the vet. You then submit your receipt and claim, and your pet insurance company will reimburse you for the cost (which is where easily accessible mobile claim apps come in handy). The amount of reimbursement you will receive varies from company to company and what coverage plan you’ve selected but is usually somewhere in the ballpark range of 60-90%. 

Pet insurance differs from human health insurance because your insurance company pays you directly for reimbursement, not the vet’s office. So what does this mean for you? You have free rein to choose whatever licensed veterinarian you please without having to worry about the vet being out of network.

How To Choose the Best Pet Insurance in Michigan for You

There’s a lot to consider when choosing coverage for your pet, from the type of coverage to price of the premium to ease of submitting a claim. You want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck while making sure your pet has access to the care they need. 

Accident Only plans:

  • Typically only reimburses for accident-related costs of treatment
  • Think emergency surgeries, X-rays of a broken leg, wound care from animal bites, etc.

Accident + Illness plans:

  • Will provide any accident coverage plus reimbursements for costs associated with illnesses
  • Think cancer care and treatments, hereditary conditions like heart and kidney disease, and sometimes behavioral issues

Preventative Plans

  • Usually an add-on option around $10-$40 extra
  • These plans usually cover vaccination costs and well checkups

Other factors to consider:

  • Age and breed of pet 
  • What the annual limit is for coverage
  • Percent of reimbursement each plan provides

How Much Is Pet Insurance in Michigan?

Pet insurance costs can vary from state to state and from company to company. Michigan offers several great options for pet insurance coverage and should have something to fit the bill. Several factors determine how much you will end up paying, such as the type of coverage you have selected, whether you’ve purchased any add-on wellness coverage, your pet’s age, and gender and breed.

If money is tight, your best bet may be a customizable plan that allows you to only select the coverage you need and helps save you money on the things you don’t need. We’ve rounded up the average prices of the top-performing companies in Michigan to help you narrow down your choices and hopefully make your decision a little easier. 

Provider Sample Monthly Cost For Dogs Sample Monthly Cost For Cats Sample Monthly Wellness Cost 
Spot $40 $22 $9.95- gold

$24.95- platinum

Lemonade $37 $15 $10 for cats

$15 for dogs

Embrace $35 $18 $35
Healthy Paws $39 $12 Not offered
ASPCA $49 $29 $9.95 (basic), $24.95 (prime)
Prudent Pet $39 $23 $7.95-19.95 for cats

$11.95-29.95 for dogs

According to FIGO Pet Insurance, the amount you pay each month for coverage can also vary significantly based on the city. We received pet insurance quotes for certain cities to help you estimate how much coverage will cost.

City Monthly Cost
Detroit $27.53
Lansing $28.43
Grand Rapids $29
Flint $43.37
Kalamazoo $40.61

*All quotes include $10,000 in annual coverage and a deductible of $250. We received quotes for mixed breed dogs weighing 21 to 70 pounds. Larger and smaller dogs, as well as senior dogs and puppies, may receive different quotes.

Final Thoughts

Now that pet insurance has been around for a few years, more people are investing in it than ever before. It seems there is a policy for every need and budget to ensure your pet will always be covered, and you will never have to deny your pet a much-needed treatment due to financial strains.

Consider the type of coverage you need, then find a plan that fits in your budget. Several deciding factors that will likely play a part in your decision are your pet’s age and the breed. For instance, an older pet will likely face more health issues than a younger one. And certain breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia than others. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet has access to the healthcare services they need, when they need it, is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. 

Information for Pet Owners in Michigan

Michigan’s miles of coastal shorelines, pristine forests, and scenic waterfalls provide ample opportunities for fun in the great outdoors. It’s no wonder that more than half of Michigan residents own one or more pets. Included below are some of the current pet laws that exist in the state, as well as some fun things your pet is allowed to do with you. Read on to find more info on what you need to do when your pet is six months old, as well as some dog-friendly restaurants where the whole family can go out to eat. 

Michigan Pet Laws

The state of Michigan has several laws in place to help protect not only pets but the residents of Michigan as well. Under the dog law, it is illegal to own a dog over six months old unless it is licensed. Under this same law, all dogs six months and older must wear a collar and tag at all times. Additionally, female dogs in heat cannot leave the owner’s premises unless on a leash.

Cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor have laws in place limiting the number of dogs you may own within city limits, usually two to three. However, this law is not applicable to puppies and gives owners the chance to find good homes for them.

Fun Things To Do With Your Pet in MI

Michigan offers unique outdoor activities for the whole family, and your pet can tag along for many of them. Stroll along one of its pet-friendly beaches, visit a microbrewery or winery, or hike along a winding trail to glimpse a view of a mesmerizing waterfall. Go grab a bite to eat at Art’s Tavern in Glen Arbor or Crane’s in the City in Holland. Another restaurant option is Julienne Tomatoes in Petoskey. 

After you’ve filled your bellies, walk it off at a trail at one of the many state parks that are pet friendly – just make sure to keep your furry friend on a leash less than six feet long to comply with local state park regulations.

Michigan Pet Resources

If you need help providing for your pet, visit one of these resources available in the Wolverine State.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance in Michigan

Does pet insurance cover all veterinary expenses? 

No, pet insurance won’t cover all expenses you build up at the vet’s office. However, insurance will typically cover accidents and illnesses that aren’t pre-existing. Some policies will even offer wellness and preventative care add-ons that add additional benefits to your policy, like wellness exams and vaccines.

Do pet insurance policies have waiting periods in Michigan?

Yes, pet insurance policies more than always have waiting periods. between your initial enrollment period and when coverage officially begins for the plan. Across most providers, the standard is around 14 days for accidents and illnesses, but some others, including Lemonade and Embrace, can shorten your waiting period to as low as two days for accidents.

Does pet insurance only cover dogs and cats? 

Most pet insurance providers only cover dogs and cats. To date, the only pet insurance provider that covers birds and exotic pets in the United States is Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide can cover your pet pig, lizard, parrot, chinchilla, and other exotic animals. Exotic pets need excellent veterinary care just as much as dogs and cats, so consider looking into a pet insurance plan for them today if you have an exotic pet.

Our Methodology

​​Here at 365 Pet Insurance, our research team looks to examine all pet insurance policies and comes up with reviews based on:

  • Coverage
  • Plan options
  • Cost 
  • Reputation
  • Customer service 
  • Species available
  • Wellness benefits 

We’ve created a 5-star rating system to score pet insurance brands based on a 100-point scale. To develop a list of the best pet insurance plans, we looked into plans, rating coverage, claims handling, reimbursements, deductibles, and limitations. 

Each factor is weighted differently based on the following factors:

  • Monthly Pricing (25 points): How each pet insurance company charges for their plans is a crucial part of the decision-making process of the customer. Affordable rates and comprehensive coverage are the defining characteristics of providing the best pet insurance.
  • Coverage (20 points): We scored companies based on the treatments and procedures they cover. Providers offering broader coverage and more unique treatments received more points.  Pet insurance policies are not offered by all companies for older pets. Providers who have an age limit on the pets they cover were deducted points.
  • Plans (15 points): Pet insurance providers offer accident-and-illness plans, accident-only plans, wellness add-ons, and pet preventive care add-ons, so customers can choose the right plan for their pets. We also factored in costs to achieve the most comprehensible review for your pet’s needs.
  • Customization Options (10 points): You can ensure your pet only gets what they need by customizing your policy. A higher score was earned by providers who offered a greater range of annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.
  • Customer Service (10 points): We scored companies based on their website accessibility and usability, mobile apps, and grating points to companies with the most customer experience options.
  • Industry Reputation (10 points): We assessed each company’s industry reputation by reviewing up-to-date BBB ratings and accreditation information, as well as their years of experience in the industry.
  • Waiting Periods (10 points): Companies with shorter accident and illness waiting periods scored higher than companies with longer waiting periods.

Our team revisits each company’s information at the end of every month to make updates and ensure the information is as accurate as possible.