Pet Insurance in Michigan

​Michigan is one of the best states to live in if you have pets. More than 50% of those who live in the Wolverine State have one or more pets, and more than 34% of residents own at least one dog. That accounts for more than two million dogs alone across the state. Whether you live in the Upper Peninsula or closer to the state’s border with Ohio or Indiana, you know that winters are quite rough. Those winters can limit the time you spend outside with your dog and reduce the exercise that your dog gets. This can increase the pup’s risk of becoming obese and of suffering from conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. You can help your dog live a long and healthy life and save some money with pet insurance and knowledge of the things you can do with your pup.

Pet Laws in Michigan

The Wolverine State has some strict laws designed to protect dogs and their owners. Many major cities such as Detroit and Ann Arbor have laws regulating the number of dogs you can have within the city limits to two or three. These laws do not apply to puppies though. If your dog has a litter, you can legally keep those puppies until you can find them their forever homes. Most of the rural areas of the state do not have any limits on how many dogs you can have.

There are also laws about how you can own dogs. You typically need to purchase a license and have that tag on your dog once it reaches the age of six months. Failure to do so can result in a large fine. Kent County offers dog tags through the Kent County Animal Shelter, which is open most days. You also need to keep your dog on a leash when you’re out in public. Michigan has several laws on the books that ban dog fighting and owning wolf-dog hybrids.

Pet-Friendly Attractions in Michigan

U-Haul and other companies hire employees and allow them to work from home around their kids and pets. If you’re not lucky enough to work in one of those positions, you can still find jobs with companies that let you bring your dogs into work. Eiler Communications in Ann Arbor and Conveyor Components in Chesterfield both allow workers to bring in their dogs. Other employers with dog-friendly policies include Health Care Compensation Strategies and Trainers Academy.

If you want to take your dog out to eat, you’ll find some great restaurants in Detroit that give you this option. Traffic Jam and Snug, Woodbridge Pub and Jolly Pumpkin are some of the best options. You’ll also want to check out parks such as Lyon Oaks Dog Park in Wixom, which has wetlands that dogs love trampling through and different types of play equipment. The Mill Dog Park in Saline has tons of space and lets your dog make some new friends. Some of the state’s best off-leash parks include Prairie View Dog Park in Kalamazoo and Hill Crest Dog Park in Grand Rapids.

Michigan Pet Insurance

While the cost of a simple appointment or checkup with your dog’s veterinarian can cost a few hundred dollars or less, a medical emergency can leave you worried about how you’ll pay for the care that the animal needs. If your dog gets a plastic bag stuck in its stomach or has an encounter with a wild animal on a walk, you might spend thousands of dollars in a few days or less. Pet insurance can cover a significant portion of your costs and is more affordable than you might think.

According to FIGO Pet Insurance, the amount you pay each month for coverage can vary significantly based on where you live. We received pet insurance quotes to help you get an idea of how much coverage will cost.

City Monthly Cost
Detroit $27.53
Lansing $28.43
Grand Rapids $29
Flint $43.37
Kalamazoo $40.61

*All quotes include $10,000 in annual coverage and a deductible of $250. We received quotes for mixed breed dogs weighing 21 to 70 pounds. Larger and smaller dogs, as well as senior dogs and puppies, may receive different quotes.

Low-Income Pet Help

Michigan offers assistance for low-income households that own pets. Some of the resources you can use include:

PAWS of Michigan – The clinic offers low-cost spaying and neutering for pet owners in Detroit and surrounding areas.

West Michigan Spay and Neuter Clinic – An affordable option for those who need their pets or spayed or neutered who cannot afford the costs.

Michigan Humane Society Food Bank – The MHS Food Bank operates in conjunction with the Humane Society to provide free food for pet owners in need.

PAWS of Michigan’s Pet Food Bank – PAWS has its own food bank that provides resources for pet owners who would otherwise need to surrender their animals to local shelters.

Michigan 211 – This local nonprofit organization offers help to pet owners through pet food and other supplies they might need for their pets and/or their families.

Pet owners living in Michigan can use these resources with pet insurance to keep their pets safe and healthy for years to come.