Pet Insurance in Maryland

It’s often said that you don’t need a big budget to have fun in Maryland because there is so much to see and do. Whether it’s riding down the highway checking out the many charming cities, taking a cruise or checking out a museum, this state is filled with exciting things to do. You can even bring your dog (or cat!) with you because Maryland offers many pet-friendly options.

Owning a Pet in Maryland

There are various pet laws in effect in Maryland. Some of them are for individual counties or municipalities while others are statewide. Whether you’re a resident and pet owner or an individual visiting Maryland with your pet, it’s important to know the laws in the area in which you’ll be. Here is a rundown of some of the most common pet laws.

  • Pooper Scooper law states that if your dog does its duty anywhere other than at home, you must pick it up and dispose of it. Failure to do so can get you a $100 fine.
  • All dogs and cats must be licensed and must be vaccinated if at least 4 months old.
  • All dogs and cats over one year old must be registered with the county.
  • The Animal at Large law states that your dog or cat must be confined or on a leash if they are off your property.
  • The Unwanted Contact law states that dog owners must keep their dog away from situations where its presence could cause fear or harm to another individual.
  • The state has specific requirements regarding tethering a dog.

Pet-Friendly Things and Places in Maryland

When traveling with our pets, or specifically a dog, one of our major concerns is where we can go with the dog and where the dog will be allowed and welcomed. The good news here is that Maryland has many pet-friendly establishments for eating, walking, swimming or sleeping.

  • 2nd Sunday Hikes at Baltimore Humane Society – Bring your dog, your kids, your friends, or just yourself and join an hour hike through one of the trails on Baltimore Humane Society’s 365 wildlife sanctuary grounds. Led by shelter staff, usually the Medical Director.  $2, 10am, second Sunday of each month excluding Jan-March.
  • Ocean City Dog Playground in Ocean City – This doggie playground has one fenced-in area for large dogs and one for small dogs.
  • Cruised on the Bay by Watermark Annapolis – This pet-friendly cruise allows pets and owners to take a nice cruise together. Dogs have their own bed.
  • Lake Roland Park in Baltimore – This large wilderness park offers open fields, plenty of water and some walking trails.
  • Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill in Ocean City – This dog-friendly open-air bar and restaurant offers American pub food and beachfront tables.
  • Riptide by the Bay in Baltimore – This seafood place specializes in seafood and crabs, offers live music and caters to your canine friend.
  • Prime Outlets in Hagerstown – This huge shopping paradise offers more than 100 stores and a very big welcome to dogs.
  • Annapolis Trolley Tours – Imagine touring the entire city and sightseeing with your dog.
  • America’s Best Value Inn in Princess Anne – This lodging place offers rooms for up to two dogs.
  • Super 8 in Frederick – This hotel welcomes pets and allows up to two dogs.

Pets at Work in Maryland

Working in Maryland, you don’t always have to leave your pet at home. Some workplaces, especially in Baltimore, allow pets (mostly dogs) in the office. Some key companies of note are Maryland Institute College of Art, The Humane Society and Key Technologies, who all allow well-behaved dogs, cats, rabbits and even guinea pigs at work.

Veterinary Costs in Maryland

Caring for your pet is more than just petting him and showering him with love. He also needs veterinary care at times. Veterinary costs in Maryland can vary depending on if it’s for routine wellness checks or emergency medicine. Here is an example of some fees at a Maryland veterinary service. Remember, these costs are just wellness care and don’t take into account the high cost of surgery or cancer treatment.

Veterinary Service Cost
Physical exam $50
Comprehensive exam $63
In-patient care $40 exam fee (additional for treatment)
Urgent care $75 exam fee (additional for treatment)
Telephone consult $30
Annual vaccinations $45
Rabies shot $20
Puppy shots protocol $200

City/Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance

Owning and caring for a pet is a big responsibility, and it can become costly if the unexpected happens and your pet is injured or develops a serious illness. Pet insurance can take a big dent out of these medical bills. Pet insurance is relatively cheap when you consider all the medical expenses it pays. The cost of your premium is based on several factors.

  • Insurance company
  • Type of pet
  • Breed of dog
  • Age of dog
  • Geographic location
  • Type and amount of coverage

Below are some examples of monthly premiums pet insurance policy on a 4-year old mixed breed, 55-pound dog. This policy, which is the most preferred, covers 80% of the bill and includes a $250 deductible.

City Monthly Cost
Baltimore $35.68
Annapolis $42.78
Rockville $34.67
Frederick $38.63
Beltsville $38.63

Low Income Pet Help in Maryland

Maryland has several organizations and businesses that provide low-cost veterinary services and supplies to pet owners in need. Some are income-based while others are just low-cost services available to any pet owner.

Baltimore Humane Society – offers spay/neuter services and affordable veterinary services

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County – offers spay/neuter assistance

Talbot Humane Society – offers pet food and spay/neuter services

Thankful Paws, Inc. – This is a pet food bank.

Shanklin Fund for Seniors – offers wellness checks and vaccinations to pets of owners who are over 65 or on fixed incomes

Spay Now, Inc – offers vaccination and spay/neuter assistance

Frederick County Humane Society – offers pet food, spay/neuter assistance and help with veterinary care

Caroline County Humane Society – offers pet food and spay/neuter assistance

Help for Pets in Charles County – offers shelters, pet food and veterinary services and supplies to disabled, elderly, homeless and low-income pet owners.