Best Pet Insurance in Maine: Top Companies & Plans (2023 Review)

by | 11/21/2022

Situated at the tip-top of the U.S., Maine is a stunning location filled with lobsters, lighthouses, and rocky coastlines. If you live in Maine, you already know that the cost of living is high – the 15th highest in the U.S. 

Maine is also no exception when it comes to the nation’s rising vet costs. Simple visits like routine checkups are pricey, and emergency vet care can easily cost four figures. 

A pet insurance plan can help you curb hefty emergency vet expenses and avoid financial pressure in an already stressful situation. Spending monthly for a pet insurance plan is worthwhile, even if you never have to use it.

Continue reading to learn more about the following pet insurance providers so that you can choose the best one for your needs: 


Best Maine Pet Insurance Companies & Plans

Provider Visit Site Waiting Period*  Money-back Guarantee Maximum Enroll Age BBB Rating
Spot Site Link 14 days Yes No age limit A-
Healthy Paws Site Link 15 days Yes 14 years old A-

Pet Insurance Companies in Maine Reviews

Even if your pet is happy and healthy, emergencies happen. You’ll want a financial cushion for those unexpected veterinary visits, and your pet will be glad to receive top-notch, timely care. Luckily, the pet insurance market is full of trustworthy providers offering a variety of price points and plan options.

Below, we’ll review some of Maine’s best pet insurance companies. As you read, consider how each provider’s coverage and cost options can benefit your pet’s healthcare and your budget.

Note: These providers only cover dogs and cats, so you’ll need to check elsewhere for bird and exotic animal coverage.

Spot Pet Insurance

Spot provides accident and illness coverage to dogs and cats nationwide. Spot has no upper age limits, so you can enroll your pet no matter how old it is.

Spot’s traditional pet insurance plan covers illnesses, accidental injuries, hereditary conditions, behavioral issues, cancer treatments, and hospitalization. On average, this plan costs $30-$50 per month for dogs and $18-$25 per month for cats.

For simpler coverage, you can purchase Spot’s accident-only plan for your pet’s unexpected mishaps. The accident-only plan reimburses you for vet costs associated with diagnosing and treating accidental injuries.

You can customize your monthly rates by choosing from Spot’s annual limits, reimbursement rates, and deductible options. 

Spot offers two add-on packages for your pet’s routine care.

The Gold Preventative Care package reimburses you for dental cleanings, annual exams, deworming, canine heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests, fecal testing, and two vaccines. This package costs about $10 per month and covers up to $250 per year for your pet’s routine veterinary needs. 

For $25 per month, the Platinum Preventative Package reimburses up to $450 for yearly heartworm/flea prevention, urinalysis, blood work, health certificates, an additional vaccine, and all items in the Gold plan.

Spot doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, exam fees, breeding costs, grooming services, or training.


  • Wellness plan add-on
  • No upper age limits


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation provides accident/illness coverage to dogs and cats nationwide. The foundation portion of the company donates to rescue organizations to support the veterinary care of needy animals. As of 2021, the Healthy Paws Foundation had donated nearly $1.6 million to shelters and animal rescue groups.

To help pet parents afford veterinary care for their pets, Healthy Paws offers a comprehensive and customizable accident/illness plan. The plan covers unexpected accidents and illnesses, emergency care, congenital conditions, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and chronic conditions.

You’ll pay about $40 per month for dogs and $20 for cats. Healthy Paws doesn’t offer any add-ons for preventative care or office fees, so you only pay a premium for pet insurance. 

If you want simple accident/illness coverage for your pet, Healthy Paws is a good choice. Its easy-to-understand plan has no annual, per-incident, or lifetime caps. This means the provider won’t stop reimbursing you for covered items, no matter how many claims you have to submit.

Like other providers, Healthy Paws won’t cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions. It also excludes exam fees, preventative care, spay/neuter procedures, and dental illness treatments.


  • Unlimited coverage on all plans
  • Dedication to animal welfare


  • Coverage and customizability are limited by age
  • No preventative care add-ons

How Does Pet Insurance Work in Maine?

Pet insurance in Maine works on a reimbursement system. This means you’ll pay for veterinary services, and your pet insurance agency will reimburse you for covered items after the fact.

Unlike human health insurance, pet health insurance doesn’t operate through networks, so you can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian you like. Without networks, you don’t run the risk of your particular vet denying insurance based on your plan or provider.

This system also helps you focus on your pet during stressful emergencies instead of trying to decipher the ins and outs of your pet insurance plan. At the vet, you’ll have to cover the entire bill upfront, so make sure you have emergency vet savings on hand just in case. Otherwise, you can rest assured knowing your pet insurance provider will pay you back for covered services.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance in Maine for You 

It’s no secret that vet care is expensive. Among the long list of other monthly expenses you have, the last thing you need is an astronomical vet bill to blow your budget. Luckily, the pet insurance providers we’ve discussed offer plans that can help you curb high and unexpected veterinary costs. 

You have to pay a monthly premium to earn coverage, and you want that payment to be worth it. But, how do you know which plan will get you the best coverage for the best price? Luckily, most provider websites generate free pet insurance quotes for your pet’s characteristics, location, and a variety of rate options.

Using Embrace’s quote calculator, we’ve generated some sample prices for a dog in Maine. Take a look at how different plan customizations change coverage levels and monthly rates.

Policy Options Monthly Price
Reimbursement percentage – 70%

Annual reimbursement limit – $5,000

Annual deductible – $1,000

Reimbursement percentage – 80%

Annual reimbursement limit – $8,000

Annual deductible – $750

Reimbursement percentage – 80%

Annual reimbursement limit – $10,000

Annual deductible – $500

Reimbursement percentage – 90%

Annual reimbursement limit – $30,000

Annual deductible – $200


You might be tempted to choose the lowest cost option available, but remember that you’ll get the coverage you pay for. If you choose a plan with a high deductible and low reimbursement, you’ll pay more out of pocket to meet the deductible and might never get any money back before your policy period ends. 

If your pet is prone to accidents and illnesses, paying higher monthly premiums might be worth it. A low-deductible and high-reimbursement plan means you’ll pay less before coverage kicks in, and you’ll get more money back on every claim.

Again – any insurance plan is all about risk, so you need to weigh your options to choose the best plan for you and your furry family member.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost In Maine?

On average, pet insurance in Maine costs $30-$50 per month for dogs and $20-$25 per month for cats. Your monthly premium will vary depending on the rates you choose, as well as your pet’s species, age, breed, and location. Before buying any pet insurance plan, compare different costs for your specific pet and location.

Using Spot’s online quote calculator, we found that an accident/illness plan for a 4-year-old mixed-breed dog costs $26 per month in Freeport and $31 per month in Bangor. This isn’t a huge price jump, but it shows how prices vary depending on where you live.

Most pet insurance companies charge extra for wellness plans and exam fee coverage, so be sure to factor those costs into your monthly budget.

Take a look at some sample quotes for a 2-year-old Standard Poodle and British Shorthair cat living in Portland, Maine.

Provider Sample Monthly Cost For Dogs Sample Monthly Cost For Cats Sample Monthly Wellness Cost 
Spot $31 $19 $10-$25
Embrace $50 $25 $19-$52
Healthy Paws $36 $21 No wellness option
ASPCA $42 $25 $10-$25

Final Thoughts

We don’t think you should ever have to choose between your finances and your pet’s health. With pet insurance, you’ll pay a predictable monthly fee for coverage of your pet’s unpredictable mishaps. It doesn’t matter if you’re up in Madawaska or down in Kittery; you deserve the peace of mind knowing your pet can get the care it needs.

If you’re still unsure about which plan to choose, look at our comprehensive pet insurance reviews. You’ll get a deeper look into each provider’s average monthly costs, plan customization options, add-on packages, discounts, state availability, and more.

Information for Pet Owners in Maine

Between all the lighthouses and lobster rolls, you can find plenty of pet-friendly activities in Maine. The Pine Tree State is full of wag-worthy destinations and scenic towns that will have you feeling right at home.

If you’re enjoying Maine’s great outdoors with your pet, be sure to follow local and state regulations. We’ve noted a couple of Maine pet laws below to keep you and your buddy out of trouble. We’ve also dropped some helpful resources that make pet ownership in Maine a little easier.

Maine Pet Laws

In Maine, you must register your dog with your municipal clerk’s office each year. You’ll receive a pet license certifying that your dog is vaccinated against rabies and stating whether your pet is spayed or neutered. The fee you pay for dog licensing supports the state’s animal control officers, animal cruelty investigation, animal welfare law enforcement, and efforts to return lost dogs to their owners.

You must keep your dog on your property or a leash at all times in Maine unless you’re using the dog to hunt. If your dog bites or injures another person or their pet, you’re required to secure medical assistance for that person and provide them with your contact information.

Cat owners must also vaccinate their cats against rabies. Law enforcement personnel can request proof of vaccination at any time.

Visit Maine’s exotic animal laws website for more information.

Fun Things to Do With Your Pet in ME

Maine is a fantastic destination for nature lovers. You and your dog can hike up to stunning waterfalls or hunt in Maine’s vast wilderness. Before you strike out on any adventures, be sure to review Maine’s hunting laws and rules.

L.L. Bean, a popular outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, was founded in Freeport, Maine, in 1912. Its headquarters welcomes all leashed and well-mannered dogs. Your pup can tag along as you grab a drink from the in-store cafe, shop for some new gear, and snap a picture in front of the famous Bean Boot. While you’re there, you can grab your furry friend a treat from L.L. Bean’s wide selection of pet products.

To show some love to your feline friend, you can visit the Pussums Cat Company in Turner, Maine. This family business provides Maine kitties with premium catnip toys, treats, and accessories. It also sells adorable merchandise for you and the cat lovers in your life.

Maine Pet Resources 

No matter where you live in Maine, you need access to a reliable 24/7 vet clinic for your pet’s emergency needs. The Maine Veterinary Medical Association has compiled a list of after-hours clinics throughout the state, complete with website links, phone numbers, and addresses. You can keep this list on hand as you travel throughout Maine or use it to find a trustworthy emergency clinic near you.

Action for Animals Maine is a pet owner assistance foundation in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The foundation provides pet owners with financial assistance for emergency veterinary care. With the help of donations, Action for Animals Maine also provides resources for pet food, emergency boarding, pet cancer support, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance in Maine

Do all vets take pet insurance? 

In short, yes. Your pet insurance provider doesn’t work with your vet, so you don’t have to worry about your vet being in-network like a human health insurance plan. Instead, you submit your claim directly to your pet insurance provider, which will reimburse you based on your coverage. This allows you to go to any licensed veterinarian, whether they are at a clinic or animal hospital, to get your pet the care they need. As long as the treatment is covered under your plan, you’ll be covered.

Does pet insurance cover all veterinary expenses? 

No, pet insurance won’t cover all expenses you build up at the vet’s office. However, insurance will typically cover accidents and illnesses that aren’t pre-existing. Some policies will even offer wellness and preventative care add-ons that add additional benefits to your policy, like wellness exams and vaccines.

Do pet insurance policies have waiting periods?

Yes, pet insurance policies more than always have waiting periods. between your initial enrollment period and when coverage officially begins for the plan. Across most providers, the standard is around 14 days for accidents and illnesses, but some others, including Lemonade and Embrace, can shorten your waiting period to as low as two days for accidents.

Our Methodology

​​Here at 365 Pet Insurance, our research team looks to examine all pet insurance policies and comes up with reviews based on:

  • Coverage
  • Plan options
  • Cost 
  • Reputation
  • Customer service 
  • Species available
  • Wellness benefits 

We’ve created a 5-star rating system to score pet insurance brands based on a 100-point scale. To develop a list of the best pet insurance plans, we looked into plans, rating coverage, claims handling, reimbursements, deductibles, and limitations. 

Each factor is weighted differently based on the following factors:

  • Monthly Pricing (25 points): How each pet insurance company charges for their plans is a crucial part of the decision-making process of the customer. Affordable rates and comprehensive coverage are the defining characteristics of providing the best pet insurance.
  • Coverage (20 points): We scored companies based on the treatments and procedures they cover. Providers offering broader coverage and more unique treatments received more points.  Pet insurance policies are not offered by all companies for older pets. Providers who have an age limit on the pets they cover were deducted points.
  • Plans (15 points): Pet insurance providers offer accident-and-illness plans, accident-only plans, wellness add-ons, and pet preventive care add-ons, so customers can choose the right plan for their pets. We also factored in costs to achieve the most comprehensible review for your pet’s needs.
  • Customization Options (10 points): You can ensure your pet only gets what they need by customizing your policy. A higher score was earned by providers who offered a greater range of annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.
  • Customer Service (10 points): We scored companies based on their website accessibility and usability, mobile apps, and grating points to companies with the most customer experience options.
  • Industry Reputation (10 points): We assessed each company’s industry reputation by reviewing up-to-date BBB ratings and accreditation information, as well as their years of experience in the industry.
  • Waiting Periods (10 points): Companies with shorter accident and illness waiting periods scored higher than companies with longer waiting periods.

Our team revisits each company’s information at the end of every month to make updates and ensure the information is as accurate as possible.