Pet Insurance in Louisiana

​Since the 1970s, pet ownership in the United States has almost tripled, and Louisiana is no exception. Although only about 25% of the households in Louisiana have cats, a much larger percentage own dogs, and 9 out of 10 dog or pet owners claim they consider their pet as part of the family. If their pet becomes seriously ill, they want to do everything possible to ensure the pet is well taken care of. In many cases, this may not be possible without pet insurance.

Pet Laws in Louisiana

Like most of the other states, Louisiana has pet laws that apply to pets that are visiting or living in the state. The most common pet law in Louisiana is the leash law, which states that a dog must be on leash any time it’s off its property and are not be allowed to run at large.

  • All dogs must be licensed by the age of 6 months.
  • All dogs and cats must have a rabies shot by the age of 3 months. Owners must be able to show proof of vaccination if requested.
  • Owners must pick up after their dogs on public property.

Pet-Friendly Things in Louisiana

With so many households owning pets and considering them part of their families, it’s not uncommon for them to not want to leave the pet at home. Luckily, there are many pet-friendly places to go and things to do in Louisiana, including parks, beaches, boarding establishments and employers.

  • Fat Cow Burgers and Salad – a pet-friendly restaurant that offers signature burgers and special seating for your pet
  • Brec’s Bluebonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge – features 101 acres of land you and your dog can explore.
  • DeQuincy Railroad Museum Park – offers a playground, picnic area, pavilion and trails for you and your canine friend
  • Cameron Parish Beaches – offers your dog a great place to splash and frolic in the water
  • Smooch My Pooch – offers pet care in Greenwell Springs for pet owners who need a little break need to leave their pet behind for the day

Pet owners who really have a difficult time leaving their pet at home have the option of find work with a pet-friendly employer, of which there are many in this state. Here are a few.

  • Joule Energy in New Orleans
  • Transport America in New Orleans
  • iSeatz in New Orleans
  • Nestle Purina in Louisiana
  • Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue in New Orleans
  • Off Leash K9 Training in New Orleans
  • Petsmart in New Orleans
  • Tulane University in Covington

Louisiana Veterinary Costs

Louisiana ranks as one of the highest states in terms of veterinary costs for pet owners. Louisiana households pay an average of at least $1,500 annually for vet bills. This is not for routine visits like wellness checks, annual physicals and immunizations but is for unexpected vet bills. Many of these unexpected vet expenses may be covered by pet insurance.

Although pet insurance doesn’t usually take care of routine office visits or wellness checks, these are not usually the expenses that can hurt family financially. Imagine if your dog slipped and broke its leg or was diagnosed with cancer. As a loving owner, you would probably want to do whatever it took to ensure he is healthy again, but could you afford it?

The cost to surgically repair your dog’s broken leg, including medication and after-care, can easily be $2,000 to $5,000. The cost for cancer treatment is even higher because this includes office visits, blood work, x-rays, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Radiation alone can easily be $1,000 per treatment, and the dog may need five to six treatments. Surgery to remove a cancerous tumor can cost $2,000 or more, and that’s not including the several thousand dollars more for chemotherapy.

Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance in Louisiana

To give you an example of what a good pet insurance policy might cost you, I have the premiums for a pet insurance policy in five different cities in Louisiana. This policy, which is the preferred policy by most customers, pays 80% with a $250 deductible. It’s based on a 6-year-old medium-sized mixed breed male dog. Remember that your monthly amount may be different depending on where you live or what type of dog you have.

City Monthly Cost
New Orleans $38.86
Morgan City $43.18
Hammond $43.18
Lafayette $51.51
Youngsville $47.50

Low-Income Pet Help in Louisiana

With the fluctuating economy we’re all experiencing today, many people find themselves having financial difficulties from time to time. When an unexpectedly large medical bill comes along, sometimes the only answer is to part with their beloved pet. Fortunately, there several organizations in Louisiana that offer assistance and low-income pet services to help pet owners.

While some of the businesses only state spay/neuter services, they may offer additional veterinary care services. Many humane societies participate in a mobile spay/neuter service that travels around the state. These groups also offer a wide variety of shots, vaccinations and microchipping.

Southern Animal Foundation in New Orleans – offers low-cost veterinary services

Cat Haven in Baton Rouge – offers spay/neuter services for cats

Spay Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge – offers spay/neuter assistance

Baton Rouge Spay/Neuter – offers sterilization assistance

Lafayette Animal Aid in Carencro – offers spay/neuter assistance

Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans – offers spay/neuter assistance

The Spay Spa in Port Allen – offers spay/neuter assistance

St. Martin Humane Society in Breaux Bridge – offers spay/neuter assistance