Pet Insurance in Kentucky

Kentucky is a state filled with sunny skies, green grass, horse ranches and many things to do. It’s also a state where travelers love to stop and sightsee, and many of these travelers are with their pets. Kentucky ranks 3rd in the nation in pet ownership so, at any given time, you may find many pets out and about, increasing the need for pet insurance. As dogs today are now playing a large role in the family dynamics, more pet owners are choosing pet insurance to protect their precious pet from serious illnesses.

Pet Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky ranks 3rd in the nation for dog ownership and on the top ten for cat ownership. With so many animals residing in this state, it makes sense that the state would also have pet laws in force. These pet laws apply to pets residing and visiting the state.

  • Veterinarians have the right to keep a pet they treated until the bill is paid in full. If the dog is left there for ten days, the vet has the right to sell the animal.
  • Kentucky has breed-specific laws stating which dog may be banned in a certain area.
  • All dogs must be licensed and be current with rabies shot.
  • Any dogs found running at large may be seized and destroyed by animal control.
  • Any female dog in heat must be confined and kept away from other male dogs except in the case of planned breeding.

Pet-Friendly Kentucky

With so many pets owned in Kentucky, it makes sense that there would be many pet-friendly places and things to do in Kentucky, including beaches, parks, hotels and even places of employment. Here are just a few:

  • Masterson Station Dog Park in Lexington – a large pet-friendly park with a water fountain, benches, swings, pavilion and occasional dog events
  • Kentucky Horse Park – horse lovers can enjoy their love of horses and time with their dog at this large pet-friendly park and amusement center
  • 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville – offers amenities for your pet during your stay

Pet-friendly employers in Kentucky include:

  • Bardstown Rd Animal Clinic
  • Soar Transportation Group
  • Petco
  • VIA Studio
  • Kentucky Humane Society
  • Cinemark

Kentucky Veterinary Costs

Raising and caring for a pet is a wonderful experience but also one that requires occasional trips to the vet. Kentucky ranks as one of the less expensive states in terms of veterinary costs for unexpected veterinary care. Kentucky pet owners pay an average $900 annually for veterinary care. As pet owners, we can always expect expenses like annual visits, wellness checks, rabies vaccinations, immunizations and fecal exams.

However, what happens if your dog suddenly becomes sick and requires emergency medical services, surgery or cancer treatments? It’s often these unexpected costs that can make it difficult to not only provide your dog with the necessary care but also, in some cases, to even keep the dog. Here are some examples of veterinary expenses for serious conditions.

Treatment Estimated Cost
Surgical repair for broken leg $2,000 or more
Surgery for tumor removal $2,500 to $6,000
Chemotherapy treatments $1,000 each with total possibly ranging from $6,000 to $10,000
Radiation treatments Between $5,000 to $7,000 total for treatments

Pet Insurance Cost by City in Kentucky

Unless you’re one of the lucky pet owners with a pet that never gets sick or injured and requires emergency care, you will have a need for pet insurance and will be glad you purchased a policy. Pet insurance can be the difference in your dog getting the medical services it needs to stay alive and remain healthy.

Here are some examples of premiums for a pet insurance policy that pays 80% with a $250 deductible, which is the most popular policy among pet owners. The rates are for five different cities and are based on a medium sized (31 to 59 pounds), mixed breed male dog that’s 6 years old.

City Monthly Cost
Louisville $38.88
Lexington $39.15
Bowling Green $32.03
La Grange $35.59
Glasgow $32.03

Low-Income Pet Help in Kentucky

Sometimes, even the most devoted pet lover can face financial difficulties and have trouble keeping up with not just unexpected veterinary care but also the everyday expenses of pet ownership. Fortunately, Kentucky has many organizations that offer assistance to pet owners.

Anderson Humane Society in Lawrenceburg – offers spay/neuter assistance

Friends of the Shelter in Middleboro, Campbell, Boone, Kenton and Grant counties – offers spay/neuter assistance

Holly’s Place in Lawrenceburg – offers spay/neuter assistance

Scott County Humane Society in Georgetown – offers spay/neuter assistance

Animal Refuge Center in Vine Grove- offers spay/neuter assistance

Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society in Bowling Green – offers microchip, vaccination and spay/neuter assistance

Mercer Humane Society in Harrodsburg – offers spay/neuter assistance

Glasgow Barren Animal Shelter in Glasgow – offers spay/neuter assistance

Kentucky Humane Society in Louisville – offers spay/neuter assistance

Hope for Pets in Mt. Washington – offers veterinary care and pet food assistance to seniors with senior pets

Humane Society of Oldham County in LaGrange – offers spay/neuter assistance

Humane Society Animal League for Life in Richmond – offers spay/neuter assistance

Although most of these organizations only advertise spay/neuter assistance, many of them also offer other pet services, such as low-cost vaccinations and pet food.