Pet Insurance in Kansas

​With flat spaces and loads of farms, Kansas is a great place to own a pet. The Sunflower State is home to thousands of pets, with dogs slightly outnumbering cats. Pet owners such as yourself treat those animals as members of their families and care for them as much as they do their children. You may find that your pet needs spayed or neutered or that it suffers from certain medical conditions as the animal ages. Now is a great time to learn more about some of the programs and laws that can impact your pets in Kansas.

Pet Laws in Kansas

One thing to consider when you own a pet in Kansas is some of the local laws that apply to you. While the state itself does not have any strict laws on the books, many small towns and large cities do. Wellington passed a law in 2013 that prohibits residents from owning more than four cats. A similar law is on the books in Wichita. According to Wichita law, you can only have four dogs at any given time and can only own two pit bulls.

Kansas also has a state regulation that applies when someone abandons an animal. This law states that if you leave a pet unclaimed with a veterinarian or any other professional for a period of 10 days or more, you abandoned that animal. There are also laws against dogfighting and animal cruelty. Anyone caught violating these laws will face heavy fines and possible jail time. The state can also remove the animals from the individual’s care.

Have Fun with Pets in Kansas

No matter where you live in Kansas, you can have some fun with your pets. The Sunflower State is home to some great dog parks that let you take your dogs off their leashes. These parks have fenced areas that allow dogs to run and play without you worrying about those animals getting away from you. Murfin Animal Care Campus Dog Park in Wichita and Heritage Park in Olathe are some of the best dog parks. The Department of Parks and Recreation in Kansas City maintains a few nice parks too.

If you want to grab a quick bite to eat with friends or enjoy a solo dinner with just your pet, you’ll find restaurants in Kansas that let you bring your dog. Dairy Queen in Lansing is a great place to grab a cold treat, and you can pick up a few treats for your dogs at the same time. Rack & Brews in Overland Park has a relaxing atmosphere and tons of delicious foods. Not only can you sample some of the top beers made in Kansas, but you can relax with your dog too. Other restaurants in Kansas that welcome dogs include the Gaslight Tavern in Lawrence and The Other Place in Olathe.

Pet Insurance Costs in Kansas Cities

Do you have thousands of dollars reserved that you can use in case of a medical emergency? If your dog runs out into traffic or falls down an old well on your property, it can cost thousands or more to get that pet the care that it needs. A better way to care for your pets is with insurance designed just for them. Pet insurance is available for a low monthly fee that insurers base on the age of those animals. You can check out the quotes that we got for Kansas pet owners below.

City Monthly Cost
Topeka $32.60
Kansas City $34.20
New Cambria $35.32
Wichita $35.48
Bonner Springs $35.48

*Each of the quotes we found includes preferred coverage. Those plans come with $14,000 in annual benefits and have a $250 deductible. You’ll also get 80% of your payment reimbursed from the insurer. We also requested quotes for medium breed dogs of between 21 and 70 pounds that are three years of age. Getting insurance for a puppy or an older dog as well as for dogs of different ages can change your quoted price.

Low-Income Pet Help for Kansas Pet Owners

Owning a pet in Kansas is a serious investment. In addition to the money you spend on dog food and toys, you also need to pay for check-ups and veterinary appointments. Luckily for you and other residents of the Sunflower State, there are some great programs that can help you cover those costs.

Spay – Neuter Kansas: Offers affordable options for pet owners, including flat rates for spaying and neutering pets and options for getting microchips and vaccinations.

Kansas Humane Society – Provides low-cost spaying and neutering programs for households that make less than $40,000 a year.

Cowley County Humane Society – Has a spaying and neutering program that is open to residents of the state who meet the society’s income requirements.

First Metropolitan Community Church – Offers a pet food pantry through its Table of Hope organization that provides locals with free dog and cat food. The food pantry is open on the third Friday of every month from 11 am to 1 pm or until the food runs out. Visitors may have the chance to get leashes, shampoos, beds and other items.

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City – Provides low-cost spay and neuter programs for Kansas City residents and has a pet food bank.