Pet Insurance in Iowa

The Hawkeye State loves pet owners almost as much as those owners love their pets. Though Cedar Rapids and Des Moines are among the state’s largest cities, you might prefer living in another city or in a completely different part of the state such as Waterloo or Ames. Regardless of where you live, you can find some great things to do and places that welcome your dog.

Good pet owners know that they can protect their pets with an insurance policy that provides the same coverage that their own health insurance policies do. You can opt for one that includes annual check-ups and emergency appointments. We collected information to help you see some of the laws relating to pets in Iowa and the resources that are available to you as well as the cost of pet insurance.

Pet Laws in Iowa

Like many other states, Iowa has laws that prohibit residents from owning exotic animals. Most forms of exotic canines are illegal except for wolf hybrids. Title XVI bans dog fighting and animal cruelty and outlines and penalties for those convicted of violating these laws. Animal cruelty laws also apply to animal hoarders who are those who have an unhealthy number of pets in their homes.

When you own one or more dogs, you must have those pets vaccinated and licensed. There are laws that prohibit owners from letting their dogs run wild. Even if you have a fenced yard and your dog gets out, it must have a license on its collar. The law allows shelters to take a loose dog into custody and contact the owner. If you do not have a tag and cannot show proof that your dog has its vaccinations, you will need to do so before taking ownership again. There are no local laws regarding how many animals you can have, though state law does require that you have adequate resources to care for each pet you own.

Pet-Friendly Things to Do in Iowa

One of the dog parks in Iowa with the highest ratings is the Thornberry Dog Park in Iowa City. Many pet owners love how much space it offers and that it has a fenced area for dogs to roam without their leashes. Dubuque is home to the Dubuque Dog Park, which offers just as much space. Some of the other popular dog parks in Iowa include Ames Dog Park in Ames, Raccoon River Dog Park in West Des Moines and K9 Acres Dog Park in Marion.

Other popular destinations in the state let you bring your pup too such as the High Trestle Trail. This long and winding trail offers some great views of the surrounding nature. Though it’s safe for dogs, you’ll want to make sure you bring water for the pup. The Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch is another popular attraction. It lets you roam the prairies and see real buffalo with your dog right by your side. Some of the restaurants you can visit with that dog include the Bluebird Diner and Big Grove Brewery, both of which are in Iowa City.

Pet Insurance for Iowa Dog Owners

Pet insurance might sound like something only the rich have, but you can easily afford coverage for any dog in your home. We found quotes that apply to those living in the state, which you can view below.

City Monthly Cost
Des Moines $30.52
Waterloo $30.52
Cedar Rapids $31.49
Iowa City $33.22
Ames $33.22

*When requesting free quotes for health insurance, we turned to FIGO. All the quotes listed above apply to medium sized dogs of up to 70 pounds that are mixed in terms of the breed. If you have a dog that is older or younger, one that weighs more or less or a pure breed, your quotes will differ.

Low-Income Help for Iowa Pet Owners

When you lose your job or face other issues and can’t afford the food and care that your pets need, you might feel helpless. Help is available from a number of different resources in major cities such as Des Moines and other parts of Iowa. The following resources help you get your pets spayed or neutered and offer low-income spaying and neutering programs.

Spay Iowa – Open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, this nonprofit organization works with local clinics and can provide you with a list of resources available in your area.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. – The three veterinarians on the staff of this organization offer affordable spaying and neutering services for pet owners in need and offer packages that include microchipping and some vaccinations.

ARF Pet Food Pantry – As part of the Animal Resource Foundation of Iowa, this organization receives donations of more than 30,000 pounds of pet food on a regular basis and offers that food to owners and other organizations.

The Pet Project Midwest – The Pet Project offers resources for pet owners living in Iowa and other Midwestern states and can provide you with supplies and food to get your pets through the next four months.

Iowa Humane Alliance Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic – This clinic is part of the Iowa Humane Alliance and offers affordable vaccines and other services for dog and cat owners.