Pet Insurance in Indiana

​If you’re not lucky enough to live in Indiana, it’s definitely a great place to visit. There is so much to see and do, whether it’s the Covered Bridge Festival, the Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indiana Caverns or one of the many other attractions and events. Many of these places even allow pets, which bodes well for the many Indiana residents who own pets as well as travelers visiting with their pets.

Pet Laws in Indiana

Like most states, Indiana has specific pet laws that residents and visitors must follow. Unlike many other states, Indiana does not have a statewide leash law. They leave it up to each city or municipality to make their own regulations. However, most cities do have a law requiring that dogs be on leashes anytime they are outdoors, and cats are not allowed to run at large.

Indiana residents can have just about any animal they want as a pet as long as they obtain a permit. All dogs must have a dog license and proof of current rabies vaccination.

Pet-Friendly Things and Places in Indiana

Whether you and your pet are vacationing in Indiana, passing through or a resident with a pet, there are more than enough pet-friendly things to do, places to go and places to stay.

  • Indiana Dunes in Chesterton – offers on-leash dogs a large beach to run around in as well as a beautiful sunset
  • TCL Pet Care in Yorktown – If you have plans that don’t include your pet, you can drop them off at this pet care center.
  • Swiss Heritage Village and Museum in Linn Grove – This 22-acre spot offers a museum, 12 historical buildings, wildlife exhibits and plenty of trails your dog will love.
  • Holliday Park in Indianapolis – This beautiful park includes walking trails and beautiful river and nature at its finest.
  • Ivanhoe’s Drive-in in Upland – This pet-friendly drive-in restaurant makes your dog feel right at home with outdoor seating.
  • Taste Café in Indianapolis – This family style eating establishment allows you and your pet to sit and dine together outdoors.
  • Holiday World Theme Park Kennel in Santa Claus – This amusement park is not for the dogs, but this establishment has indoor and outdoor kennels with attendants so you and your family can go on some rides and not worry about your pet.
  • Plump’s Last Shot in Indianapolis – This pet-friendly eatery is a casual pub with good food, friendly atmosphere and a spacious patio.
  • Fire by the Monon in Indianapolis – This dog-friendly restaurant is a casual pub with grub food, warm atmosphere and an outdoor patio.
  • Comfort Suites is a pet-friendly hotel located in several cities in Indiana.

Veterinary Costs in Indiana

The number of pet owners is increasing every year with dogs being the most popular pet. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Indiana is the state with the 6th highest number of households with pets with 69% of the households having pets. Unfortunately, this high number of pets generally also means many veterinary bills.

Routine office visits, vaccinations, wellness checks can easily run hundreds of dollars. The average annual cost for veterinary care in Indiana is about $1,100. An unexpected event can have the owner leaving with an $800 to $1,600 vet bill. Having pet insurance can take a big dent out of the bill and relieve a lot of stress pet owners feel.

City/Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance

When considering pet insurance, many people feel they’re already insurance poor. They can’t imagine paying additional money for pet insurance – that’s until their pet suddenly needs costly but necessary veterinary service. The cost of pet insurance can vary from city to city. Things that can determine your premiums include:

  • Insurance company
  • Where you live
  • Type of pet
  • Age of dog
  • Breed of dog
  • Amount of coverage

Here are some examples of monthly premiums for pet insurance in different Indiana cities. These rates are based on the most popular policy, which pays 80% of the bill with a $250 deductible. It’s also based on a mixed breed, 55-pound dog that is 4 years of age.

Pet Insurance Cost by Indiana City

City Monthly Cost
Indianapolis $48.12
Terre Haute $34.74
South Bend $41.43
Lafayette $34.48
Fort Wayne $34.74

Low Income Pet Help in Indiana

Indiana has many organizations that offer financial help to pet owners who need assistance, whether they’re just going through a tough time or are suddenly hit with unexpected veterinary bills. A temporary situation should not result in your pet not getting the medical services it needs.

Animal Rescue Coalition – offers low-cost vaccinations, wellness checks, spay/neuter services and microchipping for cats and dogs

Best Buddies Pet Pantry – offers pet food, low-cost spay/neuter referrals and low-cost vaccinations

Brown County Humane Society – offers assistance with spay/neuter services and pet food

Vanderburgh Humane Society – offers low-cost and affordable pet food

Spay Neuter Indiana Pets, Inc. (multiple locations) – offers spay/neuter assistance

Kokomo Humane Society – pet food bank

Hamilton County Low-Cost Clinic – offers vaccination and spay/neuter assistance

Hope for Pets Food Pantry – offers pet food

The Monroe County Humane Association – offers discount microchipping and vaccinations; necessary veterinary medical care assistance and spay/neuter assistance

FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic – offers vaccination, spay/neuter and microchip assistance