Illinois Pet Insurance

Illinois is an exciting state to live in and a fun place to visit. Surprisingly enough, Illinois is not a state where many people own pets. Of the 50 states, it’s the state with the lowest number of households with dogs and it has the 5th lowest number of households with pets in general according to data by Dogtime. Despite these low numbers, it’s still a state that welcomes visitors and their canine friends. Although it does have its dog laws, it also offers many pet-friendly establishments.

Pet Laws in Illinois

Whether you’re an Illinois resident and pet owner or a tourist visiting the Windy City with your pet, you will encounter pet laws throughout the state. One of the most common pet laws in Illinois is the leash law, which states that dogs are not allowed to run at large. They must be on leashes any time they are out of their houses or cars. They must also have a current dog license tag and be up-to-date on rabies and vaccinations.

Owners must keep records of any veterinarian treatment within the previous five years. If a dog bites another individual, regardless of the reason, the incident must be reported to law enforcement and the dog quarantined for ten days. There may be other dog or pet laws that are specific to certain cities or jurisdictions and may not necessarily be state laws.

Pet-Friendly Things and Places in Illinois

If you live in Illinois and are just getting a family dog or are visiting Illinois with your four-legged friend, be assured that there are plenty of places you can go with your dog and plenty of fun things to do. Dogs are not only welcome at beaches and hiking trails but also in many hotels and eating establishments.

  • Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago is a great place to take your dog if it enjoys the water. It’s an off-leash beach with a fenced in area, and it includes a dog/wash area.
  • Mercury’s Canine Cruise in Chicago – Put your leash on your dog, hop in the ship and take your dog on a cruise. They offer water bowls, safe seating for dog and a doggie restroom.
  • Beck Lake Dog Park in Des Plaines – This fenced-in park consists of 44 acres that include trails, open land, swimming pool, drinking fountains and training arenas.
  • Best Friends Pet Care in Chicago – If you need to get some free time from Fido, drop him offer here for the day (or a few hours) and know he’ll be well cared for.
  • Captain Morgan Club in Chicago offers outdoor seating for you and your dog.
  • Amato’s Pizza in Aurora – offers excellent outdoor seating for your dog.
  • Virgin Hotel in Chicago – not only doesn’t charge extra for dogs but allows provides your dog with its own bed, water and food dish
  • Chicago Athletic Association – Also offers free lodging for dogs along with a special dog menu

Veterinary Costs in Illinois

Every year, the cost of keeping your pets healthy seems to go up higher and higher. In Illinois, the average annual cost for veterinary costs is about $1,300. While this amount may not seem like a lot when you break it down over 12 months, it’s mostly for routine visits and simple illnesses. Pet owners with serious health problems end up with much higher bills, especially those who own cats and dogs. Statistics and reports indicate that every six seconds an American pet owner gets a veterinary bill for more than $3,000.

Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance by Illinois City

With the high cost of pet care, many dog owners are lucky enough to have pet insurance, which pays a good portion of the bill. Pet insurance may seem like just another monthly payment until you consider the high amount of help it provides in covering veterinarian costs. The rates for pet insurance in Illinois vary from city to city. Here are some examples of monthly premiums for pet insurance for a 4-year old medium-sized mixed breed dogs in 5 different cities.

City Monthly Cost
Chicago $46.02
Peoria $37.44
Gurnee $38.04
Aurora $36.84
Rockford $36.28

Low Income Pet Help in Illinois

Most of us find ourselves in a tough situation from time to time. A temporary situation shouldn’t have to result in a permanent solution like having to part with your pet because of finances. Illinois has many low-income pet assistance programs that offer veterinary options to pet owners either free or at a discounted price.

Fox River Animal Wellness Center in Elgin, IL – Offers discounted veterinary services for pet owners on a fixed income.

Timber Trails Low Cost Veterinary Services in Murphysboro, IL – offers a full line of veterinary services, including sterilization, immunizations, wellness checks and emergency visits at low cost prices

Brown Dog Foundation – Offers assistance in paying for veterinary prescriptions and medications

Animal Care League in Oak Park – offers assistance in paying for microchipping, spaying/neutering and wellness checks

Catsnap in Champaign – offers spay/neuter assistance

The Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge – offers pet food, spay/neuter assistance and wellness check assistance

Humane Society of Central Illinois and Southern Illinois – both places offer discounted rates for spay/neuter services

Best Buddies Pet Pantry – offers pet food, low-cost spay/neuter services and veterinary care