Pet Insurance in Idaho

​Idaho is a northwestern state that offers many tourist attractions including hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, exploring the mountains or attending family events. Many of these activities can prove to be lots of fun for your pet as well. Whether the owners are taking family vacations, checking out pet insurance or just planning their next adventure, you can be sure their dogs are probably uppermost on their minds. Idaho is also a fun place for travelers to come with their pets. There are many dog-friendly things to see and do.

Pet Laws in Idaho

Many Idaho households have pets, which contributes to Idaho being the top state for dog ownership with 58% of the homes having dogs. Although only 33% of the households in Idaho have cats, this state still ranks on top in terms of cat ownership. With so many pets in Idaho, it’s not surprising to see people vacationing with their pets in Idaho. Whether you’re a tourist or Idaho restaurant, you still need to be mindful of the pet laws in Idaho.

  • All dogs must be licensed. Any unlicensed dogs will be impounded put to sleep after 5 days if their owners cannot be found.
  • Dogs are not allowed to run loose but must be on a leash any time they are off their property. Dogs that are found running at large will be impounded.
  • Dogs must be current on their rabies shots, and owners must be able to provide proof of vaccination upon request.

While most of these laws are statewide, some counties and municipalities have their own separate laws regarding dogs and pets. It’s important for the owner to be aware of the laws in effect in the area in which they’re visiting or living.

Pet-Friendly Things and Places in Idaho

Whether you’re living in Idaho, spending your vacation there or just passing through, you’ll be sure to find plenty of pet-friendly things and places in this state. Here are just a few of the many places your dog will be welcome.

  • Mile High Marina in McCall – offers a dock, watercraft rentals, a gift shop and even an outdoor café where you can bring your dog
  • Nampa Dog Park in Nampa – offers walking trails, drinking water and several fenced-in areas where dogs can run off leash
  • Kirkwood Historic Ranch in Lewiston – offers camping options, a museum, hiking trails and a picnic area where you can spend some quality time with your pet
  • America’s Best Valley Inn in McCall – offers pet-friendly lodging for guests with pets
  • Mountain Valley Resort in Stanley – offers special rooms for guests with dogs
  • Wood River Inn in Sun Valley – offers dog-friendly rooms for guests and their four-legged pals
  • The Sandbar in Boise – offers great food, live music and an outdoor patio for guests with dogs
  • Mazzah in Boise – features delicious Mediterranean food and outdoor eating for the pets

Veterinary Costs in Idaho

Raising a pet is a huge emotional and financial responsibility. Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, it can still cost you money for wellness checks and required services, such as a rabies shot, vaccinations and similar things. It’s estimated that Idaho pet owners spent about $1,100 annually in veterinarian care, and this is without anything serious happening. If the dog required emergency care, the costs could be astronomical.

Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance by City in Idaho

Pet insurance is a relatively cheap way to ensure that your dog will not have to suffer if he needs emergency surgery and you can’t afford the expense. Pet insurance, like most health insurance, charges a monthly fee (premium) in exchange for the coverage you have chosen. Your premium is based on the insurance company, type of animal or dog you have, the animal’s age, your geographic location and the coverage you choose.

Here is an example what monthly premiums might be for a 3-year old, mixed breed medium-sized dog weighing 50 pounds. It’s also for a policy that covers 80% of the bill and leaves you with a $250 deductible.

City Monthly Cost
Boise $33.90
Twin Falls $38.49
Blackfoot $38.49
Idaho City $37.89
Nampa $30.35

Low Income Pet Help in Idaho

Caring for a pet can become costly if something serious suddenly comes up. You never know if your dog is going to have a serious accident or if you could suddenly fall on hard times. When unexpected things happen, it’s nice to know you’ll still be able to care and provide for your pet. Idaho has several organizations that can offer free or low-cost veterinary care.

Idaho Humane Society in Boise – They offer pet food.

Human Society of the Palouse in Moscow – They offer spay/neuter assistance and pet food.

Spay Neuter Idaho Pets in Boise – They offer spay/neuter assistance.

Lewis Clark Animal Shelter in Lewiston – They offer microchip and spay/neuter assistance.

All Valley Pet Clinic in Emerald – They offer low-cost veterinary services.

Affordable Veterinary Care & Spay Neuter Clinic in Boise – They offer low-cost veterinary care and spay/neuter services.