Hawaii Pet Insurance

Hawaii is a beautiful place to live or to visit and is a popular vacation choice. Today, more and more people treat their dogs like family members and choose to take them with on vacation. If you’re planning on visiting Hawaii with your four-legged friend, or maybe already live there, it’s important to know the pet laws as well as what type of pet-friendly established are available. Hawaii must be a state that loves animals since there are hundreds of pet-friendly restaurants in Hawaii. As a responsible pet owner, you will want information on veterinary services, which may also bring up the topic of pet insurance and its benefits.

Pet Laws in Hawaii

Like any state, Hawaii has many pet laws regarding what you can do with or to your pet as well as what you cannot do. Some of the laws may refer to residents of Hawaii while others may apply to tourists visiting the state with their pet. Here are some of the most commonly used pet laws.

  • All dogs in public must be leashed.
  • All dogs must be licensed once they reach the age of 7 months. Dogs not licensed may be impounded.
  • All outdoor cats must be neutered.
  • The owner must remove all solid waste from a pet if not on the owner’s property.
  • All pets must be current with required immunizations whether residents or visitors of Hawaii

Pet-Friendly Things in Hawaii

When we think of Hawaii, what comes to mind first are the many beautiful beaches – beaches that you and your dog may want to explore. There are many pet-friendly beaches in Hawaii where dogs are allowed not just on the beach but also off leash when they’re in the water. Here are a few popular choices.

  • Turtle Bay Beach – North Shore
  • Hau Tree Beach Park – Ewa Beach
  • Barbers Point Beach Park – Barbers Point
  • Kaluahole Beach – Diamond Head
  • Kailua Beach Park – Kailua

If you love spending time outdoors just walking, soaking up the sun and enjoying nature, you and your dog will love the various hiking trails open to dogs in Hawaii. Here is a few worth checking.

  • Aiea Loop Trail – Aiea
  • Manoa Falls – Honolulu
  • Old Pali Road – Honolulu
  • Waimano Ridge Trail – Pearl City
  • Waimano Valley – Waimalu

Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku and Paradise Bay Resort are just two places that offer excellent lodging for you and your 4-legged friend. You must notify them ahead of time that you are bringing a dog so they can make arrangements. You will have to pay an additional fee, but your dog will feel more than welcome in either of these places.

You have to eat, and Wahoo’s Fish Taco and Nico’s at Pier 38 are two of several pet-friendly restaurants that offer outdoor lodging and even offer water to your pet.

Hawaii Veterinary Costs

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spent about $15.9 billion on vet care in 2016, and it’s gone up each year. Whether it’s the increasing cost of veterinary care, the increasing number of services that are now required by law or just that pet owners are providing better health care to pets, the amounts increase every year. Hawaii ranks as one of the top four states in terms of high vet care bills with Hawaiian pet owners paying about $1,400 annually on pet care.

City/Monthly Cost

Often keeping up with routine exams and checkups can be doable until something unexpected comes along. Emergency visits or life-threatening injuries and diseases can become costly. Unfortunately, many pet owners are forced to put their animals down because they can’t afford high veterinary costs. In many cases, pet insurance could have made a difference.

Unlike in other states, pet insurance costs were pretty much the same from city to city. Below is the average cost for a pet insurance policy based on a medium-sized, 4-year old mixed breed dog.

City Monthly Cost
Honolulu $33.22
Pearl City $33.22
Mililani $33.22
Kaneohe $33.22
Ewa Gentry $33.22

These premiums are for a pet insurance policy that charges a $250 deductible and pays 80% of covered costs, which is the most preferred plan by pet owners.

Low-Income Pet Help in Hawaii

Whether you’re living in Hawaii or enjoying the beautiful scenery as part of your vacation with your pet, you may not have to worry about an outrageous vet bill if the pet becomes ill or needs the care of a veterinarian. There are many agencies, clinics and organizations that offer free and/or low-cost veterinary services throughout the state. Here are just a few places.

Hawaiian Humane Society – offers low cost sterilization of pets to pet owners in Honolulu

Poi Dogs & Popoki – offers a low-cost mobile spay/neuter clinic that travels throughout Hawaii as well as affordable wellness checks and vaccinations

Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services – offers low-cost veterinary services for routine and emergency-based veterinary services

Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic – offers low-cost veterinary services to pet owners

Kalihi Pet Clinic – offers affordable veterinary services to pets on a first-come-first-served basis

Oahu SPCA – offers low-cost fees for routine veterinary treatments and wellness checks