Best Pet Insurance Companies & Plans in Delaware (2022 Review)


Known as both The First State and The Small Wonder, Delaware is the smallest state in the country. Many of the people who live here work for some of the state’s colleges and universities or for the state government, but others also commute to jobs in other states. The wild animals who roam through Delaware are a potential threat to your pets because those animals carry rabies and other diseases. You may also worry about the health of a new puppy you just brought home or an older dog as it ages.

A good way to get the peace of mind that you need is with pet health insurance. You can choose from plans that include preventative care such as annual check-ups and those that cover emergency care that you might need in the middle of the night or during the weekend when your regular veterinarian isn’t available. Now is a good time to consider the pet laws in Delaware as well as the cost of pet insurance and some of the things you can do with your beloved dogs.

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Pet Laws in Delaware

Delaware requires that dog owners obtain licenses for their pets by the first of January every year. Dog wardens patrol some of the large cities and small towns. They have the right to take in any dogs that they find on the streets. If your dog has a license, the shelter will contact you and let you know that you need to pick up your pet. Pets that do not have a license can remain in the shelter until the owner presents proof of ownership and vaccinations. There are also laws that require all dogs remain on leashes when outside their homes and yards.

If you have a pit bull or a pit bull mix, you don’t need to worry that your pup is prohibited by the state. Delaware was one of the first states to eliminate laws that restrict certain dog breeds. The law also prohibits discrimination based on the look of the dog, though landlords and property owners can still prohibit you from renting apartments and homes because of your dog. Other laws ban animal abuse, neglect and cruelty, which can include dogfighting.

Delaware for Pet Owners

One of the best places you can visit with your dog is one of the top beaches in Delaware. Some of the more popular beaches prohibit dogs from the beginning of May through the end of September, but others welcome pups during those months. Most of the beaches that do not have a lifeguard on duty allow dogs. You’ll need to keep the dog on a leash and have a license on its collar during your visit.

Dogfish Head Brewery has a welcoming environment that appeals to both dogs and their owners. This brewery in Milton is one of the best places to grab a pint and watch the world go by with your four-legged friend. If the temperature is high and the sun is out, you may want to check out Woodside Farm Creamery to grab an icy treat for you and one for your dog. Rockwood is one of the state’s top cultural landmarks. Though you can’t take your dog into the on-site mansion, you can roam the grounds with your best friend.

Pet Insurance Plans in Delaware

As more than 30% of households in Delaware have at least one dog, you’re not alone in your love for canines. Many dog owners in The First State purchase pet insurance because they worry about the future. If you aren’t sure if you can afford coverage for your pets, you can check out the rates that we found. Though the cost varies quite a bit in larger states, the rates for Delaware pet owners usually only vary by a few dollars every month.

Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance in Delaware

City Cost
Middletown $29.35
New Castle $29.35
Dover $30.95
Newark $31.95
Wilmington $31.95

*To find good coverage for Delaware pet owners, we obtained quotes for a mixed breed dog of a medium size from FIGO Pet Insurance. The company considers a medium size as a dog that weighs more than 20 pounds but no more than 70 pounds. When you request a quote, you may find that yours differs based on the information you provide and the type of coverage that you want.

Delaware Low-Income Pet Help

If you have issues carrying for your dog for any reason, you can use the following resources to get some help.

Delaware Spay & Neuter Program – Offered by the state, this program offers low-cost spaying and neutering for feral and wild animals as well as your faithful companion.

Delaware SPCA – The spay and neuter clinic offered by the Delaware SPCA bases prices on the size of your dog rather than your total household income.

Faithful Friends Pet Food and Supply Bank – This nonprofit organization offers free pet supplies and food to Delaware pet owners who need help. It also offers affordable vaccinations and weekly clinics.

People Care Pet Pantry – A special program is available for homeless people who need help caring for their pets, but the organization also has a food pantry that provides food and supplies for other pet owners.