Pet Insurance in Connecticut

Pet Insurance in Connecticut

Connecticut ranks 49th for households with pets with 31.9 percent owning cats and 28.3 percent of households owning dogs. This state is actually among the ten states with the least amount of household pets. According to a survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association, they indicate that about 427,000 Connecticut households own at least one cat, and 379,000 Connecticut households have at least one dog. While these numbers are lower than the national average, it’s still enough that many of them might consider pet insurance to help keep their pets as healthy as possible.

Pet Laws in Connecticut

Like most states, Connecticut has many pet laws designed to keep pets safe and healthy.

  • All dogs must be licensed by the age of six months.
  • All dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccination and be able to provide proof of vaccination upon request.
  • The license and rabies tag must be attached to the animal’s collar.
  • Dogs cannot be transported in the box in the back of a pickup truck.
  • All pet shops must have their dogs and cats examined by a veterinarian.
  • Dogs are not allowed to run at large on anyone’s property other than their own.
  • When off their own property, all dogs must be on a leash.
  • Veterinarians in Connecticut can hold an animal if the owner does not pay the bill.

The pet laws in Connecticut are in place not just for residents but also people traveling through or vacationing in Connecticut with their pets.

Pet-Friendly Connecticut

Many pet owners would not even consider leaving home without their pets. Luckily for these owners, Connecticut has many pet-friendly places, including restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks and even pet-friendly places of employment. Here are some Connecticut pet-friendly employers that allow their employees to bring their cats or dogs to work.

  • The Kent in Kent
  • Allon Computer in Norwalk
  • Softchoice in Norwalk
  • Three Dog Bakery in Hartword
  • Bob Beckerer in Bridgeport
  • Canine Company in Wilton

Connecticut Veterinary Costs

Connecticut is one of a dozen states where pet owners pay the highest amounts for veterinary care with Connecticut households paying an average of at least $1,500 annually in vet bills. Surprisingly enough, this amount generally comes from routine veterinary care, including wellness checks, vaccinations, worming, rabies shots, fecal exams, blood work and similar miscellaneous items.

This amount does not cover the cost of serious illness, injuries or terminal diseases. These costs can really add up quickly, especially if the owner doesn’t have pet insurance. Despite dog being man’s best friend, the number of dogs and cats being euthanized because owners can’t afford high veterinary bills continues to increase every year.

It’s not cheap to keep your pet healthy if it’s involved in an accident or develops a serious illness like cancer. According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, an owner with a dog diagnosed with cancer can suddenly find himself facing these kinds of bills.

  • Initial exam for cancer diagnosis – $200
  • Surgical removal of cancerous tumor – $1,500 at a minimum
  • Chemotherapy treatments – $200 to $2,000 depending on severity and type of cancer
  • Radiation therapy – $2,000 to $6,000 or more
  • Additional medications – $50 per month and often for an indefinite period.

If your dog slipped and broke a leg, the cost to surgically repair the fracture can cost $2,000 or more, and this does not include the cost of x-rays, pain medication and aftercare. These are just a couple of the most common ailments that can occur with your dog. Without pet insurance, many of these dogs would not survive or would not be able to be properly treated.

City/Monthly Cost

Below is an example of some quotes for a pet insurance policy on a 5-year old mixed breed medium-sized dog. The policy pays 80% of the bill after customers pay a $250 deductible. This policy is the one chosen by most pet owners.

City Monthly Cost
Hartford $42.43
New Haven $36.73
Bridgeport $39.19
Danbury $42.43
Cheshire $41.05

When choosing pet insurance, pet owners can customize their plan to what works best for them. They can choose higher maximum amounts, increase or decrease deductibles and add additional coverage.

Low-Income Pet Help in Connecticut

Owing a pet is a huge responsibility and keeping them fed and healthy can often become a hardship, especially if the owner is having financial difficulties. Connecticut has several organizations that offer assistance to pet owners.

Connecticut Humane Society in Newington – offers spay/neuter services, assistance with vaccinations and necessary veterinary medical care and also acts as a pet food bank

With Love from Lily – offers financial help for veterinary expenses for disease and illnesses of pets with low-income families

Connecticut Humane Society Fox Veterinary Clinic – pet food pantry that offers veterinary care assistance to pew owners referred by Farmington Valley food bank administrators

STARelief and Pet Assistance – is a veterinary care grant program that offers pet food, pet hospice care and temporary fostering/emergency shelter to pets

Milford Animal Control in Milford – acts as a pet food bank

The Friends of Windsor Animal Care and Control Inc. – offers pet food assistance in Windsor