California Pet Insurance

California Pet Insurance

There are a lot of pets in California, and it’s a great place for them to live, with beaches, mountains and cities all a part of this great state.  According to data by Banfield, there are 286,405 dogs and 57,659 cats in The Golden State. In fact, Californians own more dogs than anywhere in the United States!

Not only does California have all kinds of unique pet resources, like Pet Communicators (yes, they call your pet and talk to your pet on the phone!) but they take civic action with their ban on puppy mills, making California an awesome state to be a pet.

Dogs and cats in California also have lower-than-average cases of arthritis and dental disease, and they have less obesity issues than pets in the rest of the country. Fleas and ticks can be problematic in the state, as can intestinal parasites, so regular well-checks are important.

A lot of people think that the Pit Bull is the most common dog in California, but in reality, the Chihuahua and the Lab are the most common dogs. Domestic long and shorthair cats are the most common.

Pet Friendly California

Dogs are living the high life in California. Even if they are not explicitly welcome somewhere, such as a farmer’s market, you are still apt to see them in a stroller or a baby carrier right near their human. In California, dogs can kayak, visit the beach, go to a national park, glamp, stay in a hotel and much more.

It’s probably safe to say that California leads the way with pet-friendly companies, where there are literally hundreds of companies that welcome pets to the workplace. Tech giants such as Google are dog-friendly (they will take cats, too, but at your own risk) and many startups like Grindr and MeUndies and other established businesses all over Los Angeles also welcome pets.

California Veterinary Costs

California leads the way with the highest annual cost for veterinary care for dogs and cats at an average of $1521.18, according to data from Petplan. Luckily, pet insurance can cover up to 100 percent of those costs, depending on your policy and plan.

Where you live in California makes a difference in your monthly rate. San Diego is the most expensive, followed by San Francisco, then Los Angeles, Redding and Sacramento.

City Monthly Cost*
Los Angeles $46.04
San Diego $57.50
San Francisco $47.54
Redding $39.28
Sacramento $33.49

*Quotes are for $14,000 annual coverage, $250 annual deductible and 80% reimbursement, for three-year-old mixed breed dog, 21-70 pounds through Figo Pet Insurance. If you have a puppy, a senior dog, purebred or large dog, your quote will vary.

Sometimes pet owners find themselves in situations where pet care is too costly, and California has a wealth of resources to help in these cases.

Low-Income Pet Help for Californians

The ACME Foundation – Provides assistance for quality medical care to pets of seniors and the disabled.

Actors and Others for Animals – Spay/neuter services for pets, emergency medical help and pet assisted therapy.

Animal Assistance League of Orange County – No kill humane society dedicated to aiding homeless and lost pets.

Bad Rap – Owner support for Pit Bull owners in San Francisco area.

PALS – Pets Are Loving Support is an organization dedicated to providing animal companionship to people suffering from AIDS.

PAWS – Assists owners suffering from AIDS with dog walking, pet food, vet care and more.

VET SOS – Veterinary outreach services for homeless pets.

California residents want the best for their pets, and they will pay to have the top level of care. Luckily, pet insurance is there to cover a lot of the costs to give you peace of mind.