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Trupanion vs. Nationwide Pet Insurance (2022)


If you’ve shopped for insurance, you know there’s an overwhelming number of options on the market. Pet health insurance is no exception, and finding the perfect coverage for your furry, scaly, or feathery friend is a tedious task. In this comparative review, we’ll put Trupanion vs. Nationwide head-to-head. We’ll look at each company’s features to help you choose the best option. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • Costs and premiums
  • Discount options
  • Coverage levels
  • Coverage exclusions
  • Add-on availability
  • Real customer reviews
  • FAQs

Pros and Cons of Trupanion and Nationwide

Like all pet insurance companies, Trupanion and Nationwide each have pros and cons. 

Trupanion pet insurance offers two add-on packages to cover your pet’s rehabilitative care and some non-veterinary costs you might incur. Trupanion doesn’t offer a wellness add-on, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for preventative care coverage.

Trupanion provides an unlimited annual benefit on all pet insurance plans, giving you higher reimbursement rates and annual payouts. In exchange for Trupanion’s high coverage, you’ll pay higher monthly premiums. In this regard, Trupanion might not be the best choice for pet parents seeking a lower-cost option.

Nationwide pet insurance offers multiple plan options to help you select a more personalized policy. Along with a wellness care add-on for routine costs, Nationwide also covers birds and exotic pets. Trupanion and most other pet insurance companies just cover dogs and cats.

Nationwide has lower customer satisfaction rates due to slow claims processing. We looked deeper into negative customer reviews and found that many customers’ claims were delayed because they required more documentation or weren’t eligible for coverage. The best way to avoid frustration with any pet insurance company’s claims process is to read the fine print and fully understand what is and isn’t covered.

Trupanion vs. Nationwide: What Are the Main Coverage Differences?

Plan Features Trupanion Nationwide
Our Rating 4.1/5 4.1/5
Average Monthly Cost

$70 per month for dogs

$40 per month for cats

$45 per month for dogs 

$25 per month for cats

Annual Limit Unlimited $10,000 or per incident
Deductible $0-$1,000 $250
Reimbursement 90% 50% or 70%
Preventative/Wellness Option No Yes
Pre-existing Condition Coverage No No
Multi-pet Discount No Yes

Trupanion Coverage Overview

What Does Trupanion Cover?

According to Trupanion’s website, it offers only one comprehensive plan with no breed, gender, or age restrictions to ensure that every pet gets an optimum level of care. You can enroll your pet any time before its 14th birthday and coverage won’t decrease by age.

Trupanion covers any medical procedures and treatment costs associated with your pet’s unexpected illnesses and injuries. Trupanion’s accident/illness plan also covers:

  • Chronic illnesses
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prescription medications
  • Prescribed vitamins/supplements
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Herbal therapy
  • Prosthetic devices and carts

Trupanion’s Recovery and Complementary Care add-on covers your pet’s rehabilitative and non-clinical treatments, such as:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture

Trupanion’s Pet Owner Assistance add-on helps cover the costs of:

  • Advertisement and reward for a lost pet
  • Burying or cremating your pet
  • Boarding your pet if you’re hospitalized
  • Holiday/vacation cancellation costs
  • Liability for third-party property damage

What Does Trupanion Not Cover?

No pet insurance provider will cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions or any conditions that develop during your waiting period. A waiting period is a time frame at the beginning of your policy during which coverage has not kicked in. 

For Trupanion coverage, you must wait five days to make any accident claims and 30 days for illness claims.

Along with pre-existing conditions and waiting periods, Trupanion doesn’t cover:

Wellness care services are your pet’s routine checkups and treatments. These visits are crucial in helping the vet ensure your pet is healthy and protected against disease. 

At wellness visits, the vet will probably run routine blood work on your pet and catch it up on vaccinations and parasite preventatives. At checkups and all other vet clinic visits, you’ll also pay an office or exam fee, which is a charge just for coming to the clinic. 

Trupanion doesn’t offer routine care or exam fee coverage because these fees are predictable.

How Much Does Trupanion Cost?

On average, Trupanion costs $70 per month for dogs and $40 per month for cats. 

Trupanion is one of the pricier pet insurance providers on the market. Its high prices result from its lack of plan customizability. Most providers allow you to mix and match deductibles, reimbursement rates, and yearly limits for a personalized premium. 

Trupanion only allows you to customize your deductible, with choices ranging from $0-$1,000. Otherwise, every Trupanion plan has a 90% reimbursement rate and an unlimited coverage cap.

Trupanion provides a high level of coverage and will reimburse you a high percentage for every qualifying claim. The set rates aren’t necessarily bad; you just need to be aware of them if customization is important to you.

Trupanion’s deductibles aren’t annual; they are lifetime condition deductibles, which means you’ll pay a deductible only when your pet develops a new condition. Once you reach your deductible on one of your pet’s conditions, your 90% reimbursement will kick in for that condition going forward, even if you enter a new policy period.

Lastly, Trupanion charges a one-time $35 administrative fee at initial enrollment.

Discounts Available

Trupanion offers a discount for registered service animals. This discount doesn’t apply to emotional support animals and pets in Washington

You can earn up to $100 per year by referring friends and family members to Trupanion. You’ll earn a $25 bonus for each person who buys a policy through your unique referral link.

Trupanion doesn’t provide a multi-pet discount, so you won’t save any money by enrolling more than one pet.

Sample Monthly Pricing

Here are sample prices for a 2-year-old pet. We chose Trupanion’s Most Popular Choice plan with a $200 deductible, 90% reimbursement rate, and unlimited annual payout for these quotes.

Species/Breed Sample Price for Medium Mixed Breed Dog Sample Price for Golden Retriever (Dog) Sample Price for Domestic Shorthair Cat Sample Price for Domestic Mediumhair Cat
Accident and Illness Plan $67.66 $83.99 $38.08 $38.08
Accident and Illness Plan With Pet Owner Assistance $72.61 $88.94 $43.03 $43.03
Accident and Illness Plan With Physical Therapy Coverage $75.97 $94.54 $42.34 $42.34
Accident and Illness Plan With  Pet Owner Assistance and Physical Therapy Coverage $80.92 $99.49 $47.29 $47.29

Nationwide Coverage Overview

What Does Nationwide Cover?

Nationwide offers four main pet insurance plans and two stand-alone wellness plans.

The Major Medical plan offers base accident/illness coverage with a $250 annual deductible and per-incident benefit caps. 

The Major Medical with Wellness plan covers accidents, illnesses, and preventative care items. The plan also has a $250 annual deductible and per-incident benefit caps.

Nationwide provides a benefit schedule detailing payout maximums for individual services. It limits benefits on your pet’s primary diagnosis and its second diagnosis. This means you’ll receive an allowance for the primary condition your pet is being treated for and another allotment for any accompanying secondary conditions or procedures.

If you don’t want to purchase a plan with per-incident limits, Nationwide’s Whole Pet plan might be a better option. The Whole Pet plan is a more customizable version of the Major Medical plan. You’ll have a set $250 deductible, $10,000 annual limit, and can choose from 50 or 70% reimbursement rates.

In addition to accidents and illnesses, Whole Pet provides coverage on:

  • Exam fees
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries
  • Cancer
  • Specialty and emergency care
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Scans and X-rays
  • Prescription medications
  • Prescription food and supplements
  • Dental illness
  • Blood disorders
  • Eye disorders
  • Skeletal disorders
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Behavioral exams and treatment

For optimum coverage, Nationwide offers the Whole Pet with Wellness package, which covers accidents, illnesses, and preventative care items. This pet insurance policy reimburses 90% of your vet bills and has an unlimited annual benefits cap.

Nationwide offers two standalone wellness plans if you want wellness coverage without pet insurance. Wellness Basic costs $12-$18 per month and provides up to $400 in wellness coverage. Wellness Plus costs $17-$22 per month and reimburses up to $500 per year. 

Both wellness plans offer per-item coverage on the following services:

  • Two physical exams
  • Behavioral exam and treatment
  • Vaccination
  • Heartworm or FeLV/FIV test
  • Fecal test
  • Deworming
  • Nail trim
  • Microchip
  • Health certificate
  • Flea/tick or heartworm prevention
  • One blood screen, X-ray, or EKG

Trupanion only provides pet insurance for dogs and cats. Nationwide covers dogs, cats, and many exotic pets, including amphibians, rodents, birds, reptiles, and more. Furthermore, Nationwide’s Bird and Exotic Pet plan covers accidents, illnesses, exam fees, prescriptions, scans, and hospitalization.

What Does Nationwide Not Cover?

None of Nationwide’s pet insurance plans cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Items incurred during the waiting period
  • Elective or cosmetic procedures
  • Wellness and preventative care, unless an add-on is purchased

Nationwide’s waiting periods are 14 days for accidents and illnesses and 12 months for cruciate ligament events. If you buy a wellness plan by itself, coverage will kick in after a 24-hour waiting period.

Nationwide doesn’t cover bone and joint conditions associated with hip dysplasia. Trupanion covers hip dysplasia conditions as long as they aren’t pre-existing.

How Much Does Nationwide Cost?

Nationwide pet insurance costs about $45 per month for dogs and $25 per month for cats. These costs vary by your pet’s species, age, breed, and location. On average, you’ll pay $25-$30 less for a Nationwide plan than a Trupanion plan. 

Keep in mind that a Trupanion plan provides higher reimbursement rates and an unlimited annual benefit, which could make up for higher monthly premiums if your pet has frequent, costly vet visits. 

Nationwide’s Major Medical and Major Medical with Wellness plan prices will vary based on your pet’s demographic. Nationwide’s Whole Pet plan prices will vary by demographic and the reimbursement rate you select. The monthly cost of a Whole Pet plan can range from about $35-$70 for dogs and $15-$35 for cats.

Discounts Available

  • 5% multi-pet discount
  • 5% Nationwide member discount
  • Pay annually for about $20 in savings
  • Refer a friend to Nationwide Pet Insurance for a $20 gift card

Sample Monthly Pricing

We retrieved these quotes for a 2-year-old pet in Dallas using Nationwide’s Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, and Whole Pet plans.

Species/Breed Sample Price for Medium Mixed Breed Dog Sample Price for Golden Retriever (Dog) Sample Price for Domestic Shorthair Cat Sample Price for Domestic Mediumhair Cat

Major Medical – 

Accident and Illness Plan

$25.93 $36.80 $14.16 $14.16

Major Medical with Wellness – 

Accident and Illness Plan With Preventative Care

$45.73 $56.60 $33.96 $33.96

Whole Pet* – 

Accident and Illness Plan With Vet Fees and Physical Therapy Coverage

$49.38 $68.81 $21.14 $20.40

*For these quotes, we selected the Whole Pet 70% reimbursement rate.

Why Choose Trupanion?

Most customers approve of Trupanion’s customer service team and claims process. Trupanion’s team processes most claims submissions in about 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait on reimbursement, Trupanion can help you pay your vet bill at the time of checkout. 

This feature is exclusive to Trupanion and enables you to avoid paying out of pocket for costly veterinary bills. If your vet is connected to Trupanion’s software, the provider can cover the copay before you leave the vet’s office. With Nationwide and most other providers, you’ll have to file a claim and wait for reimbursement.

On the other hand, Trupanion doesn’t offer wellness or exam fee coverage, which causes some pet owners to look elsewhere. Overall, Trupanion is a good option if you want comprehensive accident/illness coverage without all the add-ons.

Take a look at some real customer reviews. These policyholders give the scoop on the good and bad aspects of Trupanion pet insurance coverage.

“Great customer service. The agents always make you feel like your pet is part of their family. We had our first claim experience with them, and it was a breeze to submit a claim and the approval came back so quickly. Great work! You changed the way I feel about the insurance industry. Thanks for making a difficult time easy.” –Tania D., TrustPilot.

“Recently, we had to submit a claim for our sweet fur baby, Mona. Our vet was able to submit the invoice while we were in the office, and it was preapproved before we left the office. I found this extremely efficient, which decreased our anxiety regarding the financial cost of the vet visit. Overall, our experience with Trupanion has been a positive one.” –Bonita D., TrustPilot.

“Trupanion has the best customer service! During these times, if you need more time to pay your monthly charges, they’ll work with you. I would have given it five stars, but my only issue is that they don’t cover wellness visits, exams, teeth cleaning. I’ve checked out what’s on the market and many insurance companies cover those. I hope that Trupanion reconsiders the coverage to remain competitive.” –Lestat, TrustPilot.

Why Choose Nationwide?

Nationwide policyholders are happy overall with the provider’s coverage. One customer said her rates didn’t increase despite submitting many claims. Another customer said Nationwide’s coverage is good, and you won’t have any surprises as long as you carefully read the company’s policies before purchasing.

Many customers expressed frustration with Nationwide’s claims process, saying the company took too long to process claims and reach out about reimbursement. Customers seem to want more straightforward communication regarding what is needed for the claims process and how to speed it up.

On the bright side, every Nationwide pet insurance member gets access to Nationwide’s vethelpline®. This service provides members 24/7 access to veterinary professionals for questions and guidance on urgent care needs.

Nationwide’s pet insurance is good for pet owners who don’t mind reading the fine print for coverage details and limitations. Before signing a plan, you need to understand the provider’s per-incident limits fully. Luckily, if you purchase a plan and have reservations, Nationwide offers a 10-day, 100% money-back guarantee on all policies.

We’ve compiled some real customer reviews below. These pet parents give insight on the positive and negative aspects of Nationwide pet insurance.

“We had Nationwide Pet Insurance for our English Bulldog, Hines, for 12 and a half years before he passed away. We always joked that they should have canceled our policy for all of the claims we submitted. However, they never did, and the slight premium increases were due to the age of our dog. My understanding is that they never increase premiums based on claims submitted. I just submitted a quote request for our new rescue English Bulldog, Doug. The premium for a comprehensive plan was surprisingly reasonable, considering we don’t know the history of Doug. I highly recommend them to anyone with a pet. It’s peace of mind when you need it most.” –Melissa L., Yelp.

“Nationwide is like any provider, and if you read the fine print and the coverage for your pet, you will be well informed as to what they do or do not cover. Then you will not be disappointed in your reimbursement.” –Terry P., Yelp.

“My dog got sick and had to go to the ER. I was grateful that I now had insurance and I would be able to get her the care she needed. When she was released, I paid the bill and then filed the claim. Weeks later, I went online to check the status, and it was still open. So, I called and was told I needed to upload records, which I did. Weeks after that, I found out the company had not uploaded them properly, and I needed to resend.” –Katie D., Yelp.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Trupanion vs. Nationwide comparison provides you with helpful insights about each company. 

We think Trupanion is a better option for pet parents who want comprehensive base coverage without having to purchase add-ons or worry about per-incident limits. 

Nationwide is a good choice for customers seeking various plan options and more customization. It’s also one of the best pet insurance options for exotic animals.

Before settling on any pet insurance company, we encourage you to read our pet insurance reviews to get a complete picture of what’s on the market. By understanding your options, you’ll be on your way to protecting your pet’s health and your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nationwide cover vet visits?

Nationwide’s Whole Pet and Major Medical plans cover your pet’s veterinary exam fees. These are administrative costs you’ll pay each time you take your pet to the vet clinic. Wellness visits are only covered if you select one of Nationwide’s wellness add-on options.

Does Trupanion cover vet visits?

According to Trupanion’s website, it “was founded to help pets get the emergency veterinary care they need, not to help pet owners with routine payments.”

For this reason, Trupanion doesn’t cover fees for vet visits or wellness checkups since you can expect these expenses annually.

Does Nationwide pet insurance have a limit?

For benefits, Nationwide limits coverage by condition or caps it at $10,000 if you select the Whole Pet plan. Nationwide won’t limit coverage based on your pet’s age as long as you enroll your pet before its 10th birthday and keep your policy updated.

Does Trupanion pet insurance have a limit?

Trupanion doesn’t allow plan customization, but it does have unlimited payouts on all plans. This means your reimbursement won’t be capped once you hit a specific dollar amount. 

As for age limits, Trupanion won’t limit your pet’s coverage just because it gets older. However, you can only enroll your dog or cat if it’s 13 years old or younger.

Our Methodology

The 365 Pet Insurance research team looks at all pet insurance policies and comes up with our reviews based on coverage, plan options, cost, reputation, customer service, and species eligibility. We’ve also created a rating system to score pet insurance brands.

We’ve consulted with pet experts and dug into plans to develop what we think are the best overall plans, complete with ratings on coverage, how they handle claims, reimbursements, deductibles, limits, and more.

To make our list, pet insurance companies must have:

  • A variety of plan options
  • Affordable monthly rates

Our team revisits each company’s information at the end of every month to make updates and ensure the information is as accurate as possible.