Trupanion vs Healthy Paws

Trupanion vs Healthy Paws

If you are a pet owner or a prospective pet owner and you are looking into pet insurance for your pet(s), then you probably have some questions. Some of the terminology can be confusing, and the fine print often needs explaining.

Here, we take a look at two of the major pet insurance companies – Healthy Paws and Trupanion – so you can see the similarities and differences between them. Both located in Seattle, where it is said there are more dogs than kids, that is where most of the similarities stop. For our breakdown, we look at Coverage, Customer Service, Claims, Cost and we do some sample quotes. Both companies are members of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, which was actually founded by Trupanion.

Trupanion vs Healthy Paws Coverage

Healthy Paws and Trupanion are similar in terms of coverage, but Trupanion has things like Vet Direct Pay that works more like medical insurance and reimburses all qualified claims to 90%, while Healthy Paws has a shorter waiting period for illnesses. Both providers don’t cover exam fees, but Trupanion does offer more add-ons like wellness coverage and pet parent care for things like vacation cancellation and end-of-life arrangements.

Coverage Chart 

  Healthy Paws Trupanion
Reimbursement Levels 70%, 80%, 90% 90%
Deductible Options $100, $250, $500 $0 to $1000
Waiting Period 15 days for accidents and illnesses 5 days for accidents, 30 days for illnesses
Wellness Coverage Not covered Add-on
Exam Fees Not covered Not covered
Annual Cap No No
Claim Processing 10 business days 60% in 24 hours
Upper age limits No No
Hip Dysplasia Before age 6, 12-month waiting period Covered

Coverage winner: Trupanion

We like their customizable deductible, and while the monthly may be slightly higher in some cases, they offer coverage for exam fees, wellness care and more options for alternative care than Healthy Paws.

Sample Quotes/Cost

Coverage will vary based on your location (they get this via your zip code when you do a quote), the age of your pet when you apply, the type of pet you have, breed, size, etc. We used a few different options so you could see the difference in the quotes.

To better show some of the rate differences, we did sample quotes for the most common dog breeds in America – a French Bulldog and a Labradoodle. We used a three-year old pet as an example, Phoenix zip code 85008.

French Bulldog, Age 3, Sample Quote

Healthy Paws Trupanion
$500 deductible $500 deductible
70% reimbursement 90% reimbursement
$65.20 monthly $103.56 monthly

Labradoodle, Age 3 Sample Quote

Healthy Paws Trupanion
$500 deductible $250 deductible
90% reimbursement 90% reimbursement
$34.80 monthly $43.04 monthly

Cost Winner: Healthy Paws

While Healthy Paws wouldn’t let us modify the deductible options for the French Bulldog, most owners know getting in that Frenchies can be costly when it comes to health issues. We like Healthy Paws is for their single deductible, whereas Trupanion has what’s called a per-incident deductible which can really add up.


One of the most important deciding factors for pet parents looking for pet policies are the claims. Everyone wants a guarantee that a pet insurance policy will cover all ailments. The good news is that if you follow the dictates of the policy and read the fine print, your pet’s vet visits should be covered. However, if you wait until your pet is sick or injured to get a policy, you will not get coverage for claims that include these pre-existing conditions.

Both Healthy Paws and Trupanion have a Vet Direct Pay option, where the vet charges based on a fee schedule and the pet insurance company pays directly to the vet. In these cases, you will not have to pay more than your deductible at the time of the visit.

Trupanion Claims

Trupanion, as all of the other companies, is strict on preexisting conditions and holds its pet parents to all of the clauses in the policy. For a claim, you can’t submit exam fees. That includes getting an exam at your vet and then another one at an optometrist. You can only submit claims for the other services rendered. Also, with Vet Direct Pay, you may pay more a month, but if you have a participating vet, this should take some of the headache out of claim approval.

Healthy Paws Claims

Healthy Paws claims to pay out claims within 10 days, but this time could extend depending on if they need more paperwork or if they have questions about past veterinary care. They encourage you to do everything online and it’s even been stated in several online reviews that pet parents that sent documents via mail or fax had extended delays.

Claims winner: Trupanion

For both providers, they are strict on the fine print. Just because you think something should be covered doesn’t mean it will meet their criteria. However, since Trupanion has a fast-growing network of vets in their Direct Pay program, we pulled them ahead as the winner.

Customer Satisfaction

Both Healthy Paws and Trupanion have the good, bad and ugly when it comes to consumer reviews. It can be hard to tell from these sites and what is real and what isn’t, and we know that more people review things when they are unhappy.

Here are the common themes we found when analyzing each company’s Yelp reviews:

Healthy Paws

Common issues include problems with paperwork and needing to find more and more paperwork to get a claim processed along with raising the rates every year even with no claims filed. Customers like the general customer service but not the person behind the claim denials (they even name her!).


People claim that Trupanion takes a long time to cover claims and raises premiums every year – not due to the pet’s age but due to ‘cost of coverage in your area.’ Customers say that customer service reps are nice but that they can classify symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea as pre-existing, including things relating to those conditions in claim denials.

Here’s how to get the best customer satisfaction out of your pet policy:

  • Enroll your pet as early as you can
  • Keep track of all of your vet bills
  • Try to stay with the same insurance company
  • Get the best plan you can, going ‘up’ in coverage makes you need to get recertified
  • Research your breed and their associated conditions
  • Read the fine print again and again

Customer Satisfaction winner: Trupanion

Since they have such a large network of vets that they work with, we believe this will take out some of the claim denials that consumers have to deal with.

Overall winner: Trupanion

While we can see why people like Healthy Paws, our analysis shows that their claim pay rate and customer service were about the same. We found that Trupanion is more straightforward, and more affordable on a monthly basis.

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