Toto Pet Insurance Review (2022 Review)

Toto Dog Insurance

About Toto Pet Insurance

Toto Pet Insurance, part of Independence American Insurance Company, is a pet insurance company that offers affordable pet insurance to pet owners who want to provide their pets with the best possible medical care. Toto Pet Insurance’s goal is to provide your pet with the insurance your pet needs and not sell you plans you don’t need. They offer various pet plans so pet owners can choose the option that best meets their pet’s needs and pocketbook. Read this Toto Pet Insurance Review to discover why Toto is so popular among pet owners.


One of the unique and beneficial things about Toto Pet Insurance is that its policies are not all the same. They allow you to choose the coverage, limits, and deductibles you need at an affordable price. Here are some examples of possible coverage amounts for your pet based on type, age and gender, and location.

For pet insurance on a three-year-old female German shepherd dog, the premium is $38.60 per month. This plan will pay up to $7,500 per year, has a $250 deductible and an 80 percent reimbursement rate. The same policy but with a $15,000 annual payout limit, a $100 deductible, and a 90 percent reimbursement rate is $56.79.

Pet owners on a budget can choose a plan that has a $2,500 annual payout, $500 deductible, and 70 percent reimbursement rate for only $21.76 per month. For an additional $16 to $27 per month, pet owners can add a Wellness Basic or Wellness Prime policy that covers routine and preventative visits.

For pet insurance on a four-year-old female mixed breed cat, the premium would be $23.02 per month. This plan pays up to $7,500 per year, has a $250 deductible and an 80 percent reimbursement rate. The same policy but with a $15,000 annual payout limit, a $100 deductible, and a 90 percent reimbursement rate is $33.45.

If they wish to save money, they can choose a policy with a $2,500 annual limit, $500 deductible, and 70 percent reimbursement rate and pay only $13.36 per month. Cat owners can also choose to add a Wellness Basic or Wellness Prime for an additional $12 to $22 per month.

Looking at the various coverage amounts, deductibles, and reimbursement rates, you can see that Toto offers many options so pet owners are not forced to choose and pay for more than they need. There are many services that the pet insurance will not pay for with their basic pet insurance, including preventive care, wellness checks, alternative medicine, or wellness checks, among others. However, pet owners can obtain this coverage by purchasing the Wellness packages.

They offer three different plans. The most popular plan covers the following things.

  • Illnesses and accidents
  • Hospitalization
  • Examinations
  • Chronic conditions
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Emergencies
  • Cancer treatments
  • Congenital or inherited conditions
  • Final respects
  • Alternative therapies

Pet owners who have more than one pet insured will get a five percent multi-pet discount. Another benefit of choosing Toto Pet Insurance is that the pet owners can get their money back if they’re not satisfied with the coverage within 30 days of purchasing the policy. You can also choose to change your coverage at any time as long as the company agrees. Pet owners can pay their premiums with an electronic check, credit cards, or paper check if they’re paying annually.


As is the case with all pet insurance companies, there are some limitations and exceptions with Toto Pet Insurance as well.

  • Pet insurance is available if your cat is under ten weeks old and your dog is under eight weeks old at the time of enrollment.
  • You can only get the Final Respects coverage if your pet is under five years old when the plan was purchased.
  • Congenital and inherited coverage can only be used if your pet was under nine years old when the plan was purchased.
  • Toto Pet Insurance covers all breeds of cats and dogs.
  • If your dog or cat is over nine years old at the time of enrollment, they are not eligible for the accident and illness plan but can be enrolled in the accident-only policy.
  • There is a waiting period for certain services. What the waiting period means is that so many days must go by before the company will start paying. For illnesses, it’s 14 days; for accidents, it’s two days; for behavioral problems and alternative therapies it’s 30 days and for intervertebral disc disease and cruciate ligament injuries, it’s 180 days. The waiting period is only during the first year of coverage or if you choose to increase the coverage.
  • There is no coverage on pre-existing conditions or conditions that occurred before you purchased the policy.


Toto Pet Insurance offers you a choice of three different deductible amounts: $100, $250, and $500. You also have a choice of three different reimbursement rates: 70, 80, or 90 percent. The deductible amount is the amount you will have to pay before the insurance company pays. This is not to be confused with the annual payout amount or the reimbursement amount.

Say you have a policy with a $250 deductible and an 80 percent reimbursement rate, and you receive a bill for $1,000. You would pay $250 for the deductible, and the insurance company should pay $750. Since you have an 80 percent reimbursement rate, the insurance company would pay 80 percent of the $750 or $600, and you would be responsible for the 20 percent of the $750 or $150. In summary, on this particular policy, you would pay a total of $400 ($250+$150) and the insurance company would pay $600.

An interesting fact worth noting is that Toto subtracts the deductible first and then the reimbursement rate. Some insurance companies subtract the reimbursement amount first and then the deductible, which results in you paying more and the insurance company paying less.


Another thing that pet owners like about Toto Pet Insurance is that submitting claims is very easy. The easiest method is to go to the company’s website and log on to their account. The customer can upload the invoice or take a picture of the bill and submit it to the company. Another option is to download the claim form, fill it out and send the form with the actual bill to the insurance company.

Some pet owners make the mistake of not submitting the bill if it’s smaller than the deductible. They often figure, why bother? By submitting even small bills, even if they won’t be paid this time, they will go towards you meeting the annual deductible. You also have up to 180 days from the date of service to submit your bill.

Once your claim and bill have been submitted to the company, you should have payment in three to four days. You can choose to receive a check or have the money deposited directly into your bank account. Toto’s fast and easy claim process is one of many reasons why a Toto pet insurance review ranks them so highly.

Additional Facts

  • When your pet experiences pain from an accident or illness, time is of the essence. With Toto Pet Insurance, you won’t have to wait for hours. Policyholders can access the company 24/7.
  • When you purchase a policy from Toto Pet Insurance, the company will donate to a charity in your name. You can choose the charity from the various charities to which Toto donates regularly.
  • Toto Pet Insurance is available in all 50 states.