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Pumpkin Pet Insurance Company is an insurance agency that offers pet health insurance to pet owners. The United States Fire Insurance Company underwrites the insurance policies offered by Pumpkin Pet Insurance. Pumpkin Pet Insurance is not available in all the states at the present time. Pet owners can choose policies for their dogs, cats or any covered pet.

Underwriter: The United States Fire Insurance Company


Pumpkin Pet Insurance provides coverage against the following services.

  • Diagnostics and Treatments
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency and Hospitalization
  • Accidents and Illnesses
  • Specialized Care
  • Surgical procedures

They also offer extensive coverage for services not always paid by other companies, such as:

  • Illness examination fees
  • Dental and gum disease
  • Prescription food to treat an illness or accident
  • Advanced care such as chemotherapy
  • Behavioral issues
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Alternative therapies

Pumpkin Pet Insurance also offers a Preventive Essential Pack that offers extra coverage not found with many other companies. As a pet owner, you’ll be able to get three essentials visits per year for fully covered for things like:

  • Annual wellness exam
  • Lab tests for parasite detection
  • Annual vaccinations including rabies shot
  • Blood tests for heartworm or Lyme or similar tick illnesses

This coverage will pay for one wellness exam per animal and four vaccines for puppies, two for dogs and one for cats. The waiting period is 14 days for accident or illness, which means the policy has to be in effect for 14 days before they’ll pay on any claim. They also pay for things like microchip implantation, end-of-life services and prescription supplements to cover certain conditions.

There are no restrictions on where pet owners can take their pet for treatment. The pet can be seen by any licensed veterinarian in the United States or Canada.


There is an annual limit or a lifetime limit depending on the company and policy the customer chooses. In most cases, this annual limit is $7K per year for cats and $10K per year for dogs. Every pet insurance company has a limit as to what they will or will not pay.

For example, prescription pet food is covered if it’s used to treat an injury or sickness but is not covered for dietary or weight management purposes. Here are some exclusions or things that Pumpkin will not cover in their policies.

  • Aesthetic dental or orthodontic services
  • Dental cleanings
  • Accidents or illnesses related to gross or intentional negligence
  • Non-veterinary services
  • House call fees
  • Boarding
  • Breeding, pregnancy or nursing
  • Grooming or grooming supplies
  • Cosmetic services like shampooing, declawing, ear cleanings and nail trims
  • Experimental treatment
  • Funeral services or burials
  • Conditions that occur during the waiting period
  • Pre-existing conditions or conditions that occurred within the 14-day waiting period

Here are some sample quotes for policies to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay and for what type of pet insurance policy for different animals.

Dog insurance on a two-year-old female German Shepherd with a 90 percent reimbursement rate and $10K annual limit – $67.19 for a $100 deductible; $51.49 for $250 deductible and $40.06 on a $500 deductible. The Preventive Essential Pack for this same dog would be $18.95.

Cat insurance on a three-year-old mixed breed cat with a 90 percent reimbursement rate and $10K annual limit – $23.90 for a $100 deductible; $17.73 for $250 deductible and $13.15 on a $500 deductible. The Preventive Care Pack for this same dog would be $11.95.


Pet owners will have to pay an annual deductible. Pumpkin Pet Insurance offers pet owners the choice of a $100, $250or $500 deductible, and it’s an annual deductible and not a per-visit deductible. The deductible is the amount the customer must pay before the insurance company pays. The company also has a 90 percent reimbursement rate, which means the pew owner only pays 10 percent of the bill after the deductible is paid.

For example, on a $1,000 vet bill and a policy with a $250 annual deductible and a 90 percent co-payment, the pet owner would be required to pay $325 ($1,000 – $250 deductible – $15 co-payment (10 percent of $750). The deductible is an annual deductible, so once that $250 is met, pet owners are not required to pay any more on the deductible for the remainder of the year.


The claim process with Pumpkin Pet Insurance is relatively simple and straightforward and can be completed 100 percent online. When you bring your pet to the vet, you pay the bill. You then submit the bill to Pumpkin and they will reimburse you for 90 percent of the bill after the deductible is taken out.

If your vet does not require instant payment, the vet can submit the bill for you after you pay your deductible and 10 percent copay. Unlike some pet insurance companies that require you to mail in your bill or invoice, Pumpkin allows you to submit it online through your smart phone or smart device.

What Makes Pumpkin Pet Insurance Special

Pumpkin Pet Insurance also offers customers a 30-day money back guarantee in case they are unhappy with the policy for any reason. There are several reasons why Pumpkin is an ideal pet insurance company. They will not refuse insurance on a pet just because they are old. Pumpkin pet insurance is available to any pet that is at least eight weeks old. They also will not provide a lower reimbursement rate on certain breeds of dogs or to senior dogs. Pumpkin also does not have a longer waiting period for certain common conditions such as dysplasia.

Some pet insurance companies refuse to pay for services if they feel the injury or illness could have been prevented. Pumpkin Pet Insurance does not have this exclusion. They also do not require an examination prior to offering coverage. Pumpkin also offers a 10 percent discount if you have coverage on more than one pet. It’s not just one discount; it’s 10 percent off for each pet you have insured with them. This makes them one of the best options for those with multiple pets.