Progressive Pet Insurance Review

Progressive Pet Insurance Review

Progressive Pet Insurance Review
Best For:
Pet parents who want to bundle with other Progressive products.
BestWellness adds wellness to all plans.
Can have annual limits on some policies.
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About Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet Insurance is a new way for pet insurance seekers to gain coverage from Progressive with the policy really going through Pets Best. Progressive does not underwrite these policies and claims no affiliation with Pets Best, but this program allows people who may already have Progressive to save a bit on the overall policy or to bundle this policy with other Progressive products.


Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best has three types of coverage: Accident-only, BestBenefit Accident and Illness and Wellness Routine Care plans. All of the plans differ slightly in what they cover, and have either a 70%, 80% or 90% reimbursement after you meet your deductible.

Once you go in to pick your plan, you will see Essential, Plus and Elite plans. With Essential, you get coverage for accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, emergency care, surgeries and prescription medications. With the Plus level, you also get coverage for accident and illness exam fees (wellness is separate). With Elite, you get all of that plus rehabilitative, chiropractic and acupuncture care.

Typically covered items include:

  • Accident & Illness Exam Fees (depending on plan)
  • Emergency care
  • Hospitalization and surgeries
  • Prescription medications
  • MRI, CAT and X-ray
  • Specialist care
  • Outpatient care
  • Medication injections
  • Lab tests
  • Cancer treatments (with higher plans)
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions (with higher plans)
  • Alternative therapies – such as, but not limited to acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy (some limitations may apply)

For accident-only plans, you can have peace of mind for as little as $10 a month, but this coverage only extends to accidents such as your dog getting hit by a car, trauma, poisoning, breaking a bone, getting bit by another animal or a snake, wounds or foreign body ingestion. Anything related to the diagnosis and treatment of an accident may be covered, including exams, X-rays, surgeries, hospitalization and medications.

Vet Fees

Vet fees are included with the Plus and Elite plans under BestBenefit.

Wellness Care

Progessive by Pets Best has two levels of wellness care offered as an add-on. There is the EssentialWellness which is $14/month and that covers: Spay/neuter, Rabies, Flea/Tick/Heartworm prevention, Vaccinations, Exams, Heartworm and Fecal Screens, Microchip, Urinalysis and Deworming up to a certain amount, with no deductible. The higher level of wellness care, called BestWellness, covers about $230 more annually toward the same things.


These policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. It is always best to insure a puppy or a kitten since they won’t have pre-existing conditions and you can cover them over the course of their life.

Annual Limits

With Progressive by Pets Best, you can either have an unlimited annual limit (usually more per month) or a $5,000 annual limit.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods for these plans are three days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses. These are in place with all pet insurance policies to ensure that people aren’t waiting until their pet is sick to get a pet insurance plan.


Annual deductibles (separate from the annual limit) range from $50 to $1000 per year. This means that regardless of your coverage level, you will have to pay this deductible before any of your coverage will kick in. Remember that selecting a lower deductible will make your monthly payment higher and selecting a higher deductible will make your payment lower.


Progressive Pet Insurance offers three different reimbursement amounts. These work in a similar fashion to the deductible. The more you expect the insurance company to pay, the higher your monthly payment will be. For instance, in our usual example of Bob the 7-year-old Standard Poodle, you will pay anywhere from $32 to $47 a month for the Essential plan based on your reimbursement level.