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Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

Pets Best Pet Insurance Review
Pets Best Pet Insurance Review (2020 Update)
Best For:
People who want a trusty plan from people constantly updating to make things better for the customer.
No annual limits or upper age limits
Super fast reimbursement
Routine care is an additional add-on


About Pets Best

A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jack Stephens, founded Pets Best in 2005. He is highly regarded as the “father” of the pet insurance industry in North America. He started Pets Best because he saw too many owners unprepared for the financial burden of helping their pets with serious illnesses, who were faced with euthanizing their beloved pets instead.

Pets Best now offers their coverage through contracts with other insurance companies such as Farmer’s and Progressive, so you can bundle pet insurance with other types of insurance such as car and homeowner’s insurance.


Pets Best has Accident and Illness plans, as well as just Accident plans. Their Accident and Illness plans are in three levels: Essential, Plus and Elite, and the prices vary depending on the plan you choose. Prices tend to range for Pets Best depending on where you live and the breed and size of your pet.

All Pets Best Accident and Illness plans cover accidents, illnesses, cancer treatments, hereditary and congenital conditions, emergency care, surgery and hospitalization, prescription medications. The Pets Best Essential plan covers all of the above and specialist and outpatient care, medication injections, lab tests, ongoing and chronic conditions, diagnostic tests like MRI, CAT and X-ray, older pets, dental care, prosthetic devices and euthanasia. The middle plan, the Plus, also covers exam fees, while acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy are covered in the Elite plans, but this can be adjusted to fit your budget.

You can purchase accident only plans starting at $9 a month depending on where you live and if you are insuring a dog or a cat.

Routine Care Coverage

Pets Best has two routine care plans: The Essential Wellness plan at $16/month and the Best Wellness plan at $26/month. These plans have no deductibles and cover a certain amount toward things like spay/neuter, wellness exams, deworming, teeth cleaning, Rabies, flea/tick prevention, microchip, urinalysis, and more. These plans can’t be purchased alone, they must be added on to an existing Accident and Illness package (not available with Accident Only).

Routine Care Coverage as of 2019

Essential Wellness Best Wellness
Essential plan will pay up to this amount for services: Best plan will pay up to this amount for services:
Spay/Neuter – Teeth Cleaning – $0 Spay/Neuter — Teeth Cleaning – $150
Heartworm Prevention – $30 Heartworm Prevention – $30
Vaccination/Titer – $30 Vaccination/Titer – $40
Flea/Tick Prevention – $50 Flea/Tick Prevention – $65
Rabies – $15 Rabies – $15
Wellness Exam – $50 Wellness Exam – $50
Heartworm test or FELV screen – $25 Heartworm test or FELV screen – $30
Microchip – $20 Microchip – $40
Deworming – $20 Deworming – $20
Blood, fecal, parasite exam – $50 Blood, fecal, parasite exam – $70
Urinalysis or ERD – $15 Urinalysis or ERD – $25
Total of annual benefits: $305 Total of annual benefits: $535


Pets Best excludes pre-existing conditions, elective and preventive procedures, parasites, special foods and alternative care and treatments.

There are no upper age limits for your pets and your pet will not get kicked out of the plan at a certain age.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods are three days for accidents, next day for Routine Care packages, and 14 days for illnesses.


Pets Best has a variety of deductibles: $50, $100, $200, $250, $500, $1000 which is the amount you will have to pay before your reimbursement takes effect. You can choose either a $5,000 annual limit or unlimited with any of the plans. Choosing the $5,000 option only lowered our monthly payment by $5, so it may not be worth it to you to do this.

Pets Best will reimburse 70%, 80% or 90% of your total bill, depending on the plan you choose, after you meet the deductible you select.


You can get your claims processed in as little as five days, and even have your funds direct deposited. Pets Best makes it easy to submit claims through their online portal or their mobile app. Everything can be done digitally, and they get funds back to you quickly. You must include your proof of payment, signed claim form, and original paid invoice.

Pets Best also prides itself in its charity work and works with many rescues and other organizations to help change the lives of as many animals as they can.



Sample Quote

We love the Pets Best quote engine – it is super user friendly, and it is very clear what you get – and what you don’t get – when you get this insurance. We did a sample quote (we use the same variables across all providers) just to see what we could get. We used a Seattle-area zip code (admittedly a pricier place to own an animal) a mid-sized, mixed-breed dog and came up with $39.29 per month for the Essential plan, $45.84 per month for the Plus plan and $47.97 for the Elite plan.

Pets Best Quote




  1. Josh

    Good company. We have been with Pets Best for several years now and have nothing but nice things to say about them. Customer support is great!

    • 365

      Thanks for the feedback Josh. :o)


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