Pet Assure Review (2022)

Pet Assure Review

Pet Assure Review (2022)
Best For:
Pet owners whose pets have pre-existing conditions
Covers 25% of any and all conditions, including emergencies
Limited number of vets in the plan
Not insurance so you are still on the hook for major bills

Pet Assure was founded in 1995, after owners were denied a pet insurance claim when their pet’s disease was “inherent to the breed.” Their mission is to provide affordable, quality pet care to all who need it.

Pet Assure is not a health insurance plan; it is a veterinary discount plan, touted as the nation’s largest. With Pet Assure, you get 25% off all vet bills from participating vets.


There is no need to file a claim with the Pet Assure plan, simply provide your card to a participating veterinarian and 25% will be taken off your bill right at the time of service. It is important to note that you must use a veterinarian that is participating in the Pet Assure program

What’s Covered?

Everything is included in the discount plan. You can get 25% discounts on ALL medical care, including pre-existing conditions. Some of the conditions covered include: dental cleanings, dental exams and x-rays, spays and neuters, routine care and vaccinations. Pet Assure also covers cancer care, diabetes treatment, hospitalization, wellness, emergency care, sick visits, tumor removal, ultrasound, parasite screenings, allergy treatments, surgical procedures and much more, if you use one of their in-network vets. That means 25% off the bill, regardless of pre-existing conditions or other exclusions you may face with other policies.

Exotic Pet Care Coverage

While Pet Assure is not a comprehensive coverage plan, you can get 25% off of medical care for your exotic pet. If you have an exotic pet, you will need coverage like this so your expenses at the vet don’t add up.

With Pet Assure, you can get the pet discount plan for one small animal for $6.58 a month, and one large animal for as low as $8.25. Pet Assure’s Unlimited plan is $16.58 a month, and that can cover all of your critters, from two legs to four.

Plan Options

Pet Assure is coverage for all in-house medical services that is available to use immediately. You can sign up easily online and get your coverage right away. Pet Assure is one company that covers all types of pets, from domestics to exotics, as well as all conditions, even pre-existing and hereditary conditions. Pet Assure is currently accepted by thousands of veterinarians, with more joining all of the time.

With Pet Assure, there are four options: Single Cat, Single Dog, Family and Unlimited.

Single Cat (or small animal)

Annual Plan: $6.58/month, billed once as $79

Monthly Plan: $9.95/month, billed monthly

Single Dog (or large animal)

Annual Plan: $8.25/month, billed once as $99

Monthly Plan: $11.95/month, billed monthly

Family (2-4 animals, any size)

Annual Plan: $12.42/month, billed once as $149

Monthly Plan: $16.95/month, billed monthly

Unlimited (every pet in your household)

Annual Plan: $16.58/month, billed once as $199

Monthly Plan: $21.95/month, billed monthly

As you can see, you save money by buying an annual plan.


No exclusions

Since comprehensive pet insurance plans have a lot of exclusions for pre-existing conditions and age limits, a pet discount plan may be what you are looking for. If you have a pet over the age of 14, some pet plans won’t cover you, and there are also restrictions on types of pets with other plans. There are definite limitations if you are looking for a pet insurance plan for your exotic pet, and a pet discount plan may be your only option.

Multiple pets included

On Pet Assure’s Unlimited Plan, every pet in your household is covered for just $16.58 a month. This means, all dogs, all cats, all covered. Other companies have multiple pet discounts or make you pay separately for each pet.

No deductibles

With Pet Assure, there is no limit to how many procedures or how often your pet needs to see the vet. They will simply pay 25% of your vet bill no matter what.

No waiting periods

Some insurance plans have waiting periods of five days to 18 months, depending on the condition. With Pet Assure, there are no waiting periods. Simply apply online and you will receive your discounts that week.


Not true pet insurance

Since Pet Assure is a discount plan, there is not the comprehensive coverage you would hope for from a pet insurance company. Therefore, a $10,000 bill will still be $7,500, even with the discount. With a pet insurance policy, this bill could only be $200, depending on your deductible. Depending on what health issues arise with your pet during their lifetime, full coverage pet insurance might make more sense.

Coverage only at in-network vets

While Pet Assure does cover 25% of all vet visits, you still must use a vet that is in their network. Make sure you check their website so you can take them to a vet that is covered. If you want to use a certain vet and you do not see them listed, then you can request that your vet become a part of the Pet Assure Participating Veterinarians program.

Pet Assure FAQ

Can you combine pet insurance and a pet discount plan?

Yes! You can combine a pet discount plan like Pet Assure with a more comprehensive plan if you still want discounts on things your pet insurance plan won’t cover, like dental care, wellness or pre-existing conditions. Twenty-five percent savings is still a great deal off your vet bill. Since you also have to pay for all vet visits out of pocket, even if you do have a pet insurance plan, Pet Assure can lower the cost of that plan for you.

Why do a discount plan vs. a traditional pet insurance plan?

With Pet Assure covered 25% of the bill, some people wonder why that is a good choice, when pet insurance claims to cover 70-90% of the bill. In these cases, it is important you read the fine print of your pet insurance policy. While you can get really good coverage from pet insurance, if anything is not covered, you will be stuck with the entire bill and have to fight with the claims department to determine coverage.

Is Pet Assure worth it?

If you are not expecting pet emergencies (who is?) and you enjoy the thought of having 25% of your pet’s care covered at every single vet visit, then Pet Assure is a great option for you. Remember that most pet emergencies cost upwards of $5,000, and this is still a large chunk of out-of-pocket cost. If you are planning on complementing Pet Assure with a traditional pet insurance plan, that is a common strategy. After all, what better way to make sure your pet is taken care of no matter what?

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