Pawp Pet Insurance Review

pawp pet insurance review
Pawp Pet Insurance
Best For:
Pet parents who don’t anticipate a lot of claims and would take advantage of the virtual vet visits.
Focus on telehealth
$3000 max to use per year

About Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp is a privately held pet insurance company that was founded in 2019 and is located in New York, New York. Pawp is not only an affordable pet insurance company but is also a low-cost alternative to traditional but more costly pet insurance companies.

The premium is only $19 per month, but this premium does not offer the same type of coverage offered by other pet insurance policies. It’s more of an emergency plan in that it covers what they determine to be emergency visits. Here is a Pawp pet insurance review that offers more information on Pawp pet insurance and telehealth options.


Pawp pet insurance coverage is more limited than what pet owners get with traditional pet insurance plans. For instance, if you bring your dog to the vet for a sore leg, Pawp will not cover this cost. However, they will cover the bill if you bring the dog in with a life-threatening situation.

Pawp is more about offering coverage for serious accidents or emergencies, but they will only pay for up to $3,000 for any emergency. Rather than offering coverage for everyday illnesses and injuries, Pawp offers coverage for emergencies. They do not limit your vet visits to only certain vets. You can go to any licensed vet in the United States.

Pet insurance can be very expensive especially if you have more than one pet. While Pawp doesn’t offer the type of comprehensive coverage as other pet insurance companies, it is an affordable way for pet owners to get some financial help with their pet emergencies, which can be very expensive. You can insure up to six animals, even if they happen to have pre-existing conditions.

When you sign up for a Pawp policy, you pay the $19 monthly fee, and Pawp provides you with a $3,000 emergency fund. There is a 14-day waiting period before you can begin using your funds. Things that Pawp will cover include:

  • Breathing difficulties and choking
  • Toxic ingestion
  • Severe external and internal injuries
  • Life-threatening blockages

Examples of what they won’t cover include:

  • Regular or annual examinations
  • Scheduled surgeries
  • Routine procedures
  • Pregnancy or pregnancy-related issues
  • Vaccinations
  • X-rays or ultrasounds
  • Prescription drugs unrelated to an approved emergency visit
  • Deworming
  • Follow up appointments
  • Dental cleanings


Pawp pet insurance doesn’t have a pile of limitations like so many other pet insurance companies. The monthly fee is $19 regardless of if it’s a cat or a dog. It also doesn’t matter what age or breed the animal may be or even your location. The $19 per month premium is the same for every animal. This pays for up to $3,000 for emergency visits per year.

When a new year starts, you get the $3,000 all over again. Another thing that makes Pawp different from other pet insurance companies is that they will not refuse coverage if the animal has a pre-existing condition. There are not out-of-pockets for the pet owner to pay.


There are no deductibles or co-pays with Pawp pet insurance. They pay the exact amount of the bill up to $3,000 as long as it is an emergency visit. Not having a deductible is a huge feature. We don’t ever want our pets to get sick or injured. However, wouldn’t it be nice if when they did need a vet, it would be when we’re financially ready?

Deductibles can make it really hard for a pet owner to provide their pet with the vet care they need when they need it. If you were with a pet insurance company that required a $500 deductible, you would have to pay the $500 BEFORE the insurance company would pay anything. In addition, it might be $500 per year or $500 per incident. With Pawp there is no concern about deductibles of any kind.


The claim process for Pawp pet insurance is very simple because there are no claims to submit. You suspect your pet may have a need for emergency vet care. You contact one of the many vets through Telehealth and talk to them via video call. A video call is a requirement of Pawp. Their vets will confirm that it is an emergency.

They activate the funds, and you go to the vet within four hours. They release the money for the bill. Unlike other pet insurance companies that reimburse you days later, Pawp pays the vet bill directly and pays it on the same day as service. All you have to do is have the vet or his assistant contact Pawp, and the money will be released.

And more

In addition to providing coverage for emergency visits, Pawp offers telehealth visits, which allows pet owners to talk to licensed vets 24/7 and address their pet concerns or ask health-related questions. Pet owners have unlimited access to text messages and video calls. There is no waiting, and no appointment is needed.

They offer valuable information on all sorts of pet-related topics, including nutrition, behavior, and overall pet health. Pet owners find this invaluable. Many pet owners have said, “If I could only speak to a vet, I might not have to bring Fido in and pay for an office visit.”

This is exactly the type of help you get with Pawp. In many cases, after talking to one of their vets, the pet owners realizes there is no need for an emergency visit. Pet owners who read the Pawp pet insurance review are often more impressed with their Telehealth and emergency fund features than anything else!

Pawp uses their own criteria to determine if the pet has a life-threatening condition, and they only pay for life-threatening situations. Other situations that are critical, urgent, or non-urgent are not covered under the plan.

However, this is where Telehealth comes in handy because one of the professional vets will talk to pet owners and advise them as to the best care for their pet based on the information they’re given. Pet owners often love this because they give information on how to care for their pets without having to pay for a vet visit.