Lemonade Pet Insurance Waiting Period

During your research of pet insurance coverage options, wellness packages, and price points, you probably also learned about waiting periods – a plan limitation enforced by even the best pet insurance companies

This article will review Lemonade pet insurance waiting periods to help you understand how they affect your buddy’s coverage and vet visits.

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • What is a waiting period in pet insurance?
  • What is Lemonade’s waiting period?
  • Can I use my pet insurance immediately?
  • FAQs

What Is Lemonade Pet Insurance’s Waiting Period? 

All pet insurance companies enforce waiting periods, and Lemonade is no exception. Luckily, Lemonade’s waiting periods are comparable to those of other top providers, so you won’t be missing out on essential insurance coverage. 

Lemonade’s waiting periods are:

  • Two days for accidents
  • 14 days for illnesses
  • Six months for cruciate ligament events

Can You Use Your Lemonade Pet Insurance Plan Immediately? 

The simple answer to this question is – no. Your waiting periods will begin on the start date of your Lemonade policy, and you aren’t eligible for claims coverage until after they’ve passed. 

Take a look at some veterinary items that aren’t reimbursable during waiting periods:

Accidents Illnesses Orthopedic Conditions
  • X-rays, MRIs, CT scans
  • Ultrasounds
  • Injections
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Dental injuries
  • Blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic lab work
  • Cancer treatment
  • Emergency care
  • Specialist care

Lemonade will cover any items listed above as long as they develop after your waiting periods and aren’t related to pre-existing conditions. You can begin filing claims for new conditions once the periods have ended.

Lemonade’s optional wellness plans don’t have waiting periods. If you purchase a preventative care package, you can start using your benefits the day after sign-up. 

Without waiting periods, you can start saving immediately on routine care items like vaccinations, microchipping, heartworm medications, spay/neuter procedures, internal parasite fecal tests, routine dental care, wellness exams, and more.

What Is a Waiting Period In Pet Insurance?

A waiting period is a time frame at the beginning of your pet insurance policy before coverage kicks in. Waiting periods help pet insurance companies ensure your pet doesn’t have any pre-existing conditions before coverage begins.

The most important thing to understand about waiting periods is that any events that occur during these time frames will not be covered in the future. 

For example, if your pet suffers a torn cruciate ligament in the first six months of your policy, Lemonade will consider it a pre-existing condition moving forward. Costs associated with that medical issue won’t be eligible for reimbursement even after the waiting period has ended.

Why Are Waiting Periods Important?

Waiting periods are important because they help pet insurance companies protect themselves from misuse.

If providers didn’t enforce waiting periods, pet owners could purchase policies as soon as an accident or illness occurs just to get coverage for that one event. They could hypothetically get reimbursement for a costly vet bill and then drop their policy. 

Waiting periods might seem like a pain for policyholders, especially those anxious about getting coverage ASAP. However, these rules are essential for creating a fair, legitimate pet insurance community.


Can you get pet insurance if your dog is already sick?

Yes – you can enroll your dog in a pet insurance plan at any time. However, the sickness your pet has during enrollment won’t be covered. Since the illness developed before your policy officially began and before waiting periods ended, your provider won’t be able to reimburse associated costs. 

Don’t let a sick pet deter you from buying pet insurance. Even though that one condition won’t get coverage, any future developments will.

We recommend buying pet insurance early in your pet’s life while it’s healthy. Younger pets typically have lower monthly pet insurance premiums and have had less time to develop pre-existing conditions. You can get through waiting periods while your buddy is at a lower risk of getting sick or hurt.

What is a normal waiting period for pet insurance? 

If waiting periods are a top concern for you, look at different pet insurance providers to determine your options. In general, waiting periods are 2-14 days for accidents and illnesses and 6-12 months for orthopedic conditions.

Here are some waiting periods from Lemonade’s competitors:

Spot Pet Insurance:

  • 14 days for accidents, illnesses, and orthopedic conditions

Embrace Pet Insurance:

  • 14 days for illnesses
  • Two days for accidents
  • Six months for orthopedic conditions*

*Embrace Orthopedic Exam and Waiver Process: Embrace allows you to reduce your pet’s orthopedic waiting period to as little as 14 days by having the vet conduct an orthopedic exam and sign an Orthopedic Report Card.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

  • 15 days for accidents and illnesses
  • 12 months for hip dysplasia

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:

  • 14 days for accidents, illnesses, and orthopedic conditions

How long does Lemonade take to pay?

According to Lemonade’s website, it has a “hassle-free digital experience” and “lightning-fast claims payment.” Lemonade’s mobile app utilizes AI technology to pay out eligible claims in seconds. If the app instantly approves your claim, you’ll receive a deposit directly into your bank account. 

If the AI system doesn’t instantly approve your claim, Lemonade’s customer service team will take it from there. Claims handled by the Lemonade team typically take one to two business days for approval and payout. 

About Lemonade Pet Insurance

Lemonade Inc. is a publicly traded insurance agency based in New York City. Founded in 2015, Lemonade offers renters insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, and pet insurance.

Lemonade utilizes AI technology and a chatbot feature to give policyholders a user-friendly digital experience. The company boasts a quick claims process across its services, providing customers with speedier reimbursement.

Lemonade aims to “transform insurance from a necessary evil into a social good.” With its Lemonade Giveback program, the company donates a portion of its funds to charitable organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, the Born This Way Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

In 2020, Lemonade launched its pet insurance service, intending to provide pet parents with a fully-digital, affordable way to protect their furry family members. 

Lemonade provides customizable pet health insurance plans to dogs and cats in 35 states. The company offers competitively affordable pricing with low monthly premiums, multi-pet discounts, and bundling discounts.

Lemonade also allows you to customize your animal’s accident/illness coverage by choosing from various rates, wellness packages, and add-on plans for physical therapy and exam fee coverage.

You can mix and match Lemonade’s annual coverage limits, annual deductibles, and reimbursement rates for the protection and price that fit your needs.

Read our comprehensive Lemonade pet insurance review to learn more about the company’s plans, coverage features, exclusions, and more.

Our Methodology

The 365 Pet Insurance research team looks at all pet insurance policies and comes up with our reviews based on coverage, plan options, cost, reputation, customer service, and species eligibility. We’ve also created a rating system to score pet insurance brands.

We’ve consulted with pet experts and dug into plans to develop what we think are the best overall plans, complete with ratings on coverage, how they handle claims, reimbursements, deductibles, limits, and more.

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