Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost Guide (2023)

Lemonade is one of our top picks for its comprehensive coverage options. It also offers some of the lowest rates among other leading pet insurance companies, which are accessible to dog and cat owners alike through a short and sweet, hassle-free enrollment experience via its mobile app or desktop portal.

This Lemonade pet insurance cost guide outlines everything you need to know about this provider’s month-to-month pricing framework, including: 

  • Average cost 
  • The impact of species, breed, age, and location
  • Monthly premiums for dogs
  • Monthly premiums for cats
  • Coverage cost by state

Interested in learning more about Lemonade? Read our complete Lemonade pet insurance review for additional information on Lemonade’s coverage options, claims process, inclusions and exclusions, waiting periods, and other key policy details. 

How Much Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost?

Lemonade’s standard accident/illness coverage for dogs and cats starts at $10 per month. Yet, after plan customizations, we’ve found that the average Lemonade policyholder typically pays around $37 per month for dog insurance and $15 for cat insurance. 

Lemonade also offers a few elective wellness plans for pet parents looking to maximize their coverage. By enhancing your policy with preventative care coverage, you’ll be covered for a select number of annual wellness exams, routine diagnostics, blood work, heartworm tests, fecal tests for internal parasites, core vaccines, and an exclusive medical advice chat line. Puppies and kittens will also be insured for spaying/neutering, routine dental cleaning, and microchipping costs. 

The cost of wellness coverage through Lemonade ranges as wide as $10 to $34+ per month for kittens and cats and $15 to $40+ for dogs and puppies. 

Suppose you’d like to add coverage for vet visit fees or physical therapy (including acupuncture, chiropractic care, and hydrotherapy) to your Lemonade pet insurance policy. In that case, you can select these as individual riders for another $1 to $3 per month. 

What Factors Affect the Cost of Lemonade Pet Insurance?

Aside from how you customize your coverage options, several other factors unique to you and your pet will impact the price of your Lemonade pet insurance plan, including:


Cats are generally less expensive to insure than dogs because felines are naturally less prone to genetic health issues than their canine counterparts. Most kitties are also kept indoors where they’re safe from outdoor risks that dogs are easily exposed to, like transmissible diseases, traffic, and fighting with other animals. 


Purebred cats and dogs have higher incidences of hereditary conditions due to selective breeding practices, leaving pedigree pets with less genetic diversity than mixed breeds, which have a heartier genetic makeup. Like most other pet insurance providers, Lemonade groups popular pet breeds in high-risk premium pools, translating into a slightly more expensive pet insurance policy. 


Like people, dogs and cats begin to experience more frequent health problems with age. Therefore, senior pets tend to incur a higher monthly premium as they are more likely to use their coverage. Your Lemonade premium may increase in accordance with your pet’s age, but likely not by much until it enters its double digits. 


All pet health insurance providers, including Lemonade, largely curate your premium around regional vet care costs. So, for instance, if you live in Portland, Oregon, your monthly rate will be a bit more expensive just because of a higher cost of living than, say, a pet owner living in the outskirts of Kansas. 

How Much Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost for Dogs?

The average dog owner will pay an average of $37 per month for standard Lemonade accident/illness insurance coverage. 

Without any add-ons, Lemonade’s standard policy will reimburse you for a wide range of veterinary services related to covered accidents and illnesses, including:

  • Diagnostics — X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, and lab work. 
  • Medications — prescription medication, intravenous treatments, and injections.
  • Emergency care — Hospitalization, surgery, outpatient care, and specialty procedures.

If you decide to pursue preventative care for your pup, it’ll cost an additional $15 to $17+ per month for dogs under the age of two, depending on the wellness package level you select. Lemonade’s preventative care for dogs under the age of two will cost $40 or more per month.

Because dogs are at a higher risk for congenital conditions like hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament injuries than cats, we recommend adding Lemonade’s physical therapy rider onto your policy for an extra $1 to $3 per month.

How Much Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost for Cats?

The average cat owner will pay an average of $15 per month for standard Lemonade accident/illness insurance coverage. Cats are covered for the same emergency veterinary services as dogs mentioned above.

Lemonade’s routine care coverage for cats is slightly less expensive than it is for dogs, though it covers the same range of annual benefits. For cats over the age of two, wellness coverage will cost between $10 to $12+ per month, whereas preventative care for kittens will cost at least $34 per month. 

Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost By State


Estimated Monthly Cost







New York


*These estimations are based on a 3-year-old mixed breed dog located in each state’s capital city and insured under Lemonade’s recommended standard coverage customizations of a $20,000 annual limit, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $250 annual deductible. 

Lemonade Pet Insurance Costs Samples


Sample Price for Medium Mixed Breed Dog

Sample Price for Golden Retriever (Dog)

Sample Price for Domestic Shorthair Cat

Sample Price for Domestic Mediumhair Cat

Accident and Illness Plan





Accident and Illness Plan With Preventative Care





Accident and Illness Plan With Vet Fees and Physical Therapy Coverage





*These premium samples are based on a 3-year-old pet living in Portland, Oregon, and insured under Lemonade’s recommended standard coverage customizations of a $20,000 annual coverage limit, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $250 annual deductible. For the preventative care row, we selected Lemonade’s Basic Preventative package. 

Lemonade Pet Insurance Cost Comparison





Healthy Paws


Prudent Pet


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Our Score







Avg. Monthly Cost for Dogs


$30 to $50

$30 to $40




Avg. Monthly Cost for Cats


$18 to $25

$15 to $20




Final Thoughts

Even though it already offers some of the lowest rates you’ll find among the best pet insurance carriers on the market, Lemonade still throws in a few bonus discounts for its policyholders. Aside from a 5% multi-pet discount and another 5% off for customers who pay annually rather than monthly, Lemonade will also knock off 10% for pet parents who bundle their pet insurance policies with Lemonade-sponsored homeowners or renters insurance coverage. If you ask us, you won’t find a monthly pet insurance premium sweeter than Lemonade’s.

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