Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace Pet Insurance Review
Cancer medication coverage
Dental care
Healthy Pet Deductible
Strict pre-existing condition exclusions
Annual maximums
Best For:
People who want nose-to-tail coverage

About Embrace

Embrace was founded in 2003 out of a Wharton Business School project and has helped over 100,000 pets and has consistently become one of Ohio’s best places to work.


Dogs, Cats

Waiting Periods:

Illnesses: 14 days

Accidents: 48 hours or 14 days

Orthopedic Conditions: 6 months (for dogs only and can be reduced with a comprehensive orthopedic exam after enrolling in the plan.

Plan Coverage

Embrace has what they call nose-to-tail insurance coverage. No matter how you customize your plan, you can enjoy coverage for breed-specific and genetic conditions (just not pre-existing conditions, congenital or chronic conditions, exam fees, alternative therapies and rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, ER care, specialists, diagnostic testing, mobility aids, prosthetic limbs, hospitalization and surgery.

Embrace Wellness Rewards

Embrace offers a flexible preventative care plan that reimburses for everyday veterinary, training and grooming expenses.  You can choose a plan for $250, $450 or $650 per year. These funds work like a health savings accounts for your dog or cat, and can be used for wellness exams, vaccinations, flea and tick meds, heartworm meds, spay and neuter, fecal & other routine blood tests, microchipping, umbilical hernia repair, grooming, medicated shampoos, toenail trimming, routine anal gland expression, pet activity monitors, end of life care, gastropexy, nutritional supplements, behavioral training, routine chiropractic care, Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, anesthetic teeth cleaning, prescription diet food purchased at vet, OFA & PennHIP exams/X-rays.


Pets must be younger than 14 years of age to enroll. Pets are only eligible for Accident coverage if they show signs of diabetes, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, or FeLV/FIV.


Embrace allows you to customize your plan a great deal, and you will be given various options for a dog or cat, depending on age. They do have annual maximums going up to $15,000. You can select deductibles of $200 to $1000, reimbursements of 70 – 90%, and opt in for optional Rx coverage and Wellness Rewards to figure out a monthly rate you are comfortable with.


You can submit your claims at any time during your policy term, and up to 60 days into your next policy’s start. For any accident or illness, please have a staff member from your veterinarian fill out the claim form. You will need to send in your claim form and an invoice showing you paid for treatment.

From there, Embrace runs a paperless operation, so you can set up direct deposit for your reimbursement and submit all claims through an online portal. Of course, you can still do this the old-fashioned way by sending in your claim form to their address and getting a check mailed to you.


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