ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA Pet Insurance Review
Best For
People who want a low deductible and minimal out-of-pocket cost
Covers microchipping
Low deductibles
Poor customer reviews
‘Actual veterinary costs’ lower than most bills for quality care
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About ASPCA®

The ASPCA® was founded in 1866 as America’s first animal welfare organization. Their Pet Health Insurance is offered through a partnership with Hartville Pet Insurance Group, one of the oldest and largest pet insurance providers in the US, dating back to 2006.


Dogs, Cats


70%, 80% and 90%. The higher your reimbursement, the more cash you get back, the lower your reimbursement level, the lower your monthly premium.


Range from $100 to $500

Three different types of plans:

  • Level 1: Accident only
  • Level 2: Injuries and Illnesses
  • Level 3: Injuries, Illnesses and Advanced Care

*if you are not sure where to start ASPCA recommends you start at Level 2

You can add Wellness Coverage to any plan. Routine Wellness is $10 additional each month, and Advanced Wellness is $25 per month in addition to your plan amount.

Waiting Period

14 days for illnesses, ligament and knee conditions


Accident Benefits:

  • Alternative therapy
  • End of life expenses
  • IV fluids and medications
  • Medical supplies such as casts, splints and bandages
  • Prescription food approved by the FDA or to treat a covered condition
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Supplements for covered conditions
  • Surgery and hospitalization
  • CT scans and MRIs
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Exams, consultations

Illness Benefits

  • Covers actual costs
  • Covers cancer treatments including chemotherapy/radiation, treatment for behavioral problems and illnesses stemming from accidents.
  • Microchip: Covered


Aesthetic dental, dental cleanings, boarding, experimental treatments, grooming, pre-existing conditions, conditions that occur during a waiting period, conditions related to breeding.

Preventative care plans

You can get Basic, Standard or Prime preventative care plans that are an optional add-on to your policy. These cover or give you a maximum allowed amount for procedures like dental cleaning, annual exam, deworming/flea prevention, fecal tests and some vaccines. Typically, the higher the plan you purchase, the more money you get as your maximum limit.


9.5/10 on TrustPilot out of 559 reviews

The jury is out across the web on how people feel about their experience about ASPCA Pet Insurance.

ASPCA claims to pay actual costs if they deem the charges usual and customary. According to reviewers across the web, ASPCA has denied claims that they submitted because they agreed to pay a much lower amount than the vet charged.

Claims process:

ASPCA lets you download the claim form as a PDF, but that is where their online prowess stops. They request that you email the claim in, along with the medical records and itemized invoice for your vet visit. You can track your claim online through the Member Center. Whether you email, mail or fax in your claim, you will be notified via email when your claim is received.

Direct Deposit: