Resources for Military Members with Pets

Your Pet is a Part of your Military Family

We compiled a list of resources for pet parents who are in the military or are military veterans. If this is you, then we hope you find these resources helpful.

If you are about to be deployed, you may not know what your options on with your pet. Can you bring your pet with you? Is your breed allowed? Would you rather have your pet fostered in a loving home while you are away? There are many options available to you through the resources below.

Did you know there are also rules regarding which breeds are allowed on base? Were you aware that the different branches of the military have different requirements? Our resources will outline any situation you may encounter.

You may encounter financial difficulties in taking care of your pet, but there are many resources available to you so your pet can still get the best care possible.

Flying with your pet, or looking to get your pet transported for you? These situations are unique, and there are a lot of resources about how to handle either situation.

Maybe you have a retired military working dog as your furry friend? If this is the case, then there are special resources available to help transition them into civilian life.

As a veteran, you have access to resources to help you get a new pet of your own, or to help you care for a pet you already have.

We hope these resources are helpful to our friends in the Armed Services. If you see a resource you think we should add, please let us know.


Dogs on Deployment

Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit organization that helps military members find temporary homes for their dogs while they are deployed or fulfilling other military commitments and unable to care for them themselves.

Arizona Humane Society

Arizona Humane Society is an organization whose purpose is to protect animals, help owners care for their animals and provide temporary shelter for those in need as well as assist in adopting a homeless animal.

SPCA International

SPCA International is an organization devoted to promote the well-being and safety of animals by helping to ensure animals can live a life free of suffering, cruelty and abuse.

Guardians of Rescue

Guardians of Rescue in a non-profit organization consisting of individuals committed to protecting the wellbeing of animals and helping those in distress, including pet and their owners.

San Diego Humane Society

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is a group that helps military personnel find temporary homes for their pets while they’re in service and unable to do it on their own. They also offer various other services, including sterilization, micro-chipping, licenses, training and discounted pet food.

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets is a group of individuals who assist veterans, active-duty service members and wounded warriors in finding temporary foster homes for their dogs in the area in which the dog currently resides.

American Humane

American Humane is an organization that helps find temporary foster homes for military personnel or those who are deployed so they can be assured their pets will be taken care of until their return.

Pact for Animals

Pact for Animals is an organization that helps military personnel or hospital patients by finding temporary homes for their pets until such time that they are able to care for them again.

Pet Love Shack

Pet Love Shack is a nationwide network of foster homes that can lodge, care for and nurture pets for military personnel who are unable to care for them at the present time.

Military Pet Owner Rights

Ownership and Control of Pets in the Army

This site, by the Department of the Army, provides information on laws and statutes regarding pet ownership and care.

Military Families Learning Network

MFLN offers information on what pet ownership is like while in the military, including cost and regulations.

Caring for Pets in Military


Military offers information on options military personnel when they own a pet while in active duty.

Military Pet Relocation offers information on what military personnel can do with their pets when they are relocated.

Military by Owner

Military by Owner is a site that offers important information on which animals and pets are allowed on military bases or in military housing and which animals are not allowed.

Air Force Pet Policy

Altus Air Force Base is an online site that provides pet owners with information regarding laws regarding pet ownership while on base.

Financial Assistance

FACE Foundation

FACE Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping pet owners who are in the military. They offer advice on housing and provide financial assistance for animals in need of veterinary care.

Red Rover

Red Rover is a group of employees and volunteers that help provide temporary emergency housing, emotional support, financial assistance and similar valuable resources for those in need and also promote the importance of the animal-human bond.

Pet Fund

The Pet Fund is an organization that offers various information and resources for not just veterinarians but also pet owners and those who aspire to become pet owners.

The Animal Foundation

The Animal Foundation helps provide pet owners with financial assistance when their pet is in need of medical care.

Dylan’s Heart

Dylan’s Heart is a 501© 3 not-for-profit organization that offers financial assistance for pet owners who have a pet in need of veterinary care.

Frankie’s Friends

Frankie’s Friends is a charitable pet foundation dedicated to helping to save pets suffering from cancer and other serious life-threatening diseases.

Paws of War

Paws of War is an organization that provides service dogs to military personnel as well as necessary training. They offer several different animal-related programs designed to help military personnel with pet ownership.

The Mosby Foundation

The Mosby Foundation is a nationally recognized organization known for providing care and assistance for dogs in need. They also provide resources and education on caring for sick animals.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross is an organization committed to providing financial assistance for military families and any others in need.

Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots helps military personnel become dog owners while also helping sheltered dogs find good homes with military personnel.


Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets helps veterans and pets become a family by assisting in adoptions, offering help on pet ownership and helping with housing.

Valley Dogs

Valley Dogs is an organization committed at helping veterans adopt pets by matching the pet with the veteran and helping the bonding process.

Mutts with a Mission

Mutts with a Mission is a program that trains service dogs for military personnel, veterans, law enforcement agencies and first responders.

Patriot Paws

Patriot Paws Service Dogs is an organization committed help restore emotional and physical independence to disables veterans and other individuals with mobile disabilities by providing them with training and high-quality service dogs.

Operation Delta Dog

Operation Delta Dog is a not-for-profit organization that rescues dogs, trains them and places them in homes of veterans suffering from service-related issues like TBI and PTSD.

Hero Dogs

Hero Dogs is an organization that provides service dogs for American heroes as well as valuable information on pet ownership and similar dog-related issues.

Companions for Heroes

Companions for Heroes Is an organization that takes animals from shelters and rescues, trains them and provide them free to military veterans, active duty military personnel and first responders suffering from various service-related issues.

Vets Adopt Pets

Vets Adopt Pets is an organization that helps vets adopt pets and ease the ownership process.

Anderson Animal Shelter

Anderson Animal Shelter is a humane society that offers a military veteran’s program aimed at helping strengthen the bond between animals and veterans, including training, adoption and fostering.

Paws of War

Paws of War offers a mobile veterinary clinic for pets owned by veterans and first responders. They offer various veterinary services.

Paws and Stripes

Paws and Stripes is an organization that provides animal-assisted therapy to servicing and veterans suffering from TBI, PTSD and MST through the use of rescue dogs by saving both the dog and the veteran’s lives.

K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors rescues and trains shelter dogs to be used as service dogs for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries, PTSD and military sexual trauma.

Dogs 4 Vets

Dogs 4 Vets is an American Service Animal Society that helps a veteran get his or her life back by matching them with a service animal.

Moving a Pet is an online site that offers information on how to transport a pet to military personnel, including regulations and cost.

Foster Dogs

Foster Dogs is an organization that offers various resources regarding pet ownership for veterans, adopting dogs, fostering dogs and service animal training for military personnel.

Air Mobility Command

Air Mobility Command offers assistance for military personnel trying to transport their pets through the air.

Military Shoppers News

Military Shoppers News is a site that offers servicemen and other military personnel information on dog ownership, transporting dogs and general animal care.

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation offers information on how military personnel can transport their pets to a new location. They also offer information on special airline programs designed for this purpose.

Military One Source

Military One Source offers military personnel valuable information and resources on traveling with their pet.

Joint Base San Antonio

Joint Base San Antonio offers valuable information on boarding or fostering animals when service personnel are deployed or on active duty and cannot care for the animal at the present time.

Puppy Rescue Mission

Puppy Rescue Mission is an organization aimed at finding dogs for veterans and veterans for dogs.

Happy Tails Travel Inc.

Happy Tails Travel Inc. is an organization that helps service personnel deal with what to do with their pet when they’re deployed, including fostering or flying to the new location.

Pet Air Carrier

Pet Air Carrier (PAC) provides information to military personnel on safely transporting their pets across the globe.

Transportation Resources

Pilots and Paws

Pilots N Paws (PNP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals through their rescue program.

Operation Roger

Operation Roger is an organization that consists of truckers who transport pets and pet supplies to pet owners throughout the nation.


IPATA, or International Pet and Animal Association, is a professional pet shipper dedicated to helping pet owners transport their pet safely to its new location.

Allegiant Air


Allegiant providers pet owners with all the information they need to travel with pets or safely transport them.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines offers its Southwest Pet Policy to help pet owners fly their pet safely. Everything the pet owner needs to know can be found on this site.

American Airlines

American Airlines Cargo offers a pet program designed to help transport pets safely from one location to another.

SPCA International

SPCA International, a global animal rescue, is an organization dedicated to keeping animals safe and free from a life of abuse and cruelty.



Amtrak offers valuable information on how pet owners can safely transport pets across the nation while also keeping within laws and regulations.

Delta Airlines


Delta Airlines offers a military pet travel program to help military personnel safely fly their pet to its new location.

United Airlines

United PetSafe, a division of United Airlines, is focused on helping pet owners safely transport their pets from one location to another.


Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots is an organization that helps rescued dogs and cats find good homes with veterans and military personnel by matching the pet to the person.

Mission K9


Mission K9 is an organization dedicated to rescuing, re-homing, reuniting and rehabilitating any retired working or service dog that has contributed people in some capacity.

Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans

Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans is committed helping service dogs stay with their military veterans and have as good of a life as possible.

Warrior Dog Foundation

Warrior Dog Foundation is an organization that helps working military dogs transition into retirement.

Fear Free®

Fear Free® is an organization that works with pet owners and provides training on how to help dogs suffering from fear and anxiety.

US War Dog

The United States War Dog Association Inc is an organization that educates the public on military dogs and offers various information on care, feeding and housing with a military dog.

Military Working Dog Team

Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA) is a group that helps support not just military working dogs but their owners and handlers as well.


Nowzad is an organization dedicated to helping the dogs in Afghanistan have good lives by providing shelter, food, training and a good and safe life.

Save a Vet

Save a is a site for an organization that provides rescue and support to law enforcement and military working dogs.

International Boarding & Pet Services

International Boarding & Pet Services Association offers help to the pet service industry by offering resources, certifications and educational programs.