Best Pet Insurance Plans for English Bulldogs (2021 Review)


Bulldog pet insurance is a must as a prospective bulldog owner. If you are looking for a great family pet that is easy to train, loves kids and is very loyal, then you might consider adding the love of a Bulldog to your home. However, adding a Bulldog to the family is not for the faint of heart. The English (or British as they are sometimes called) Bulldog is a beautiful animal, but due to selective breeding has a host of hereditary health issues that you can’t ignore if you are to become their pet parent.

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About Bulldogs

Bulldogs came about in 13th century England for the “sport” of bullbaiting, where a staked bull fought a pack of dogs. When England banned blood sports in 1835, Bulldogs almost faced extinction. But admirers of the Bulldog transformed this dog from a brawler to a companion, getting the Bulldog recognized by the AKC in 1886. The Bulldog is the national symbol of England, and serves as the mascot for many sports teams, including Yale University and the University of Georgia, and serves as the face of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Bulldog Health Issues

Looking at a list of Bulldog health issues would make any Bulldog owner want to get pet insurance. They may suffer from respiratory issues, overheating, spine and joint problems, and other issues including seizures and cancer. Here’s a look at some of the most common claims from Bulldog owners to a popular pet insurance company:

Bulldog Pet Insurance Common Claims

Condition Risk Profile Cost to Treat and Diagnose
Gastric Dilation Volvulus (Bloat)



Pulmonic Stenosis High $1,500-$7,500
Elbow Dysplasia High $1,500-$4,000
Colitis High $500-$3,000
Fold Dermatitis Very High $300-$2,500
Aortic Stenosis Medium $500-$1,500
Entropion High $100-$300
Deafness High $100-$300

Estimated data provided by claims paid by Embrace Pet Insurance

Things to look for in an English Bulldog pet insurance policy

When you are looking for pet insurance for your English Bulldog, you will want to make sure there are no exclusions (things they won’t cover) for genetic, congenital or hereditary conditions. You will also benefit from a plan that offers access to complementary care – things like chiropractic, acupuncture, water therapy and more are all beneficial to the Bulldog breed.

Bulldog Pet Insurance Cost

While Bulldog insurance costs more than insurance for a mixed-breed, this is due to research and experience on the part of the insurance companies. They know that certain breeds are more likely to file claims, so this does raise the monthly premium. This tells us that as a Bulldog owner, it’s in your best interest to get a pet insurance policy so you don’t have to pay for everything out of pocket.

Other factors that will affect your Bulldog’s insurance premium are your location, their age when you sign up (both older and younger dogs can require higher premiums), and if they have already had any health concerns.

Things to look for if you have a Bully you are trying to insure:


Not all coverage is created equal. Some policies require a veterinary visit in the last 12 months or within 14 days of signing up to ensure there are no underlying or undiagnosed issues. No pet policy will cover preexisting conditions and you have to be careful here because some insurance companies are pretty strict with what they deem preexisting. To circumvent this, we recommend getting pet insurance as earlier in your pet’s life as possible.


The biggest thing you should pay attention to as a Bulldog owner are hereditary and congenital condition exclusions. Some plans (that may appear cheaper at first) do exclude these, and as a Bulldog owner, you just can’t afford to not have those covered. The top pet insurance companies like Embrace, Pets Best and Healthy Paws should all cover these.


Some plans have per-incident limits, which means there is a maximum they will pay for an insurance claim for the same issue over the life of your policy (which is usually your pet’s life). Some of the plans have an annual limit. With a pet insurance policy, it can be tempting to try to keep your monthly premium low to save on monthly costs by selecting a lower annual limit. However, try to remember that pet insurance is for unexpected health events and accidents, and it is important to insure your Bully as much as you can afford to mitigate some of the high costs of their healthcare.

Bulldogs are great companions and make a wonderful addition to a family home. Getting pet insurance for them is a smart choice!