The US Cities With the Best-Rated Dog Groomers

Dog grooming businesses have been booming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with dog adoption rates also surging in the United States. Still, a great dog groomer is hard to come by! The right groomer can be the difference between a fluffy, well-trimmed pup and your pet looking like the business end of a household mop.

We wanted to know: which US cities are the best-in-class when it comes to dog groomers? In order to find out, we analyzed Google Reviews of dog grooming businesses in the 100 largest cities in the United States.

Why Does 365 Pet Insurance Care?

At 365 Pet Insurance, our goal is to bring quality care to pets and peace of mind to owners to strengthen the bond between them and prolong their relationships. Dog grooming is just another way we connect to our furry friends. When people put their pets first — be it through high-quality medical care or downright pampering — it brings smiles to our faces.

Plus, knowing where other owners go above and beyond for their pets could help you find a new place to settle down and meet like-minded people if you’re looking to relocate. It’s a win-win situation.

Our Methodology

To determine which cities have the best dog groomers overall, we analyzed data from Google Reviews for over 9,800 dog grooming businesses throughout the 100 largest cities in America. We then took the average review of all groomers in the area to arrive at the city’s overall rating for dog grooming businesses.

We were also curious about which cities had the most dog groomers and which had the most reviewed grooming companies. We assembled the total number of groomers in each location to rank them by density and then the total number of reviews for each company — nearly 770,000 in all — to determine which cities had the most vocal dog grooming customers.

The Ten US Cities With the Highest Rated Dog Groomers

Finding the top ten cities with the best-rated dog grooming companies involved sorting the massive amount of data by city and then by aggregate rating. We were left with the ten US cities that have higher-rated dog groomers than any other major city in the country.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, came in first place when it came to the most pampered pooches with pleased pet parents. Dog groomers throughout Scranton had an incredibly high average rating of 4.678.

Following closely behind Scranton was Bridgeport, Connecticut with 4.674, and then Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 4.664.

Surprisingly, all of the top ten rated cities for dog groomers were between 4.6 and 4.7. In tenth place was Greensboro, North Carolina, with an average rating of 4.623. It’s safe to say that residents in any of the top ten cities are generally quite pleased with dog grooming services in their areas.

Pennsylvania and New York seem to be the best states overall when it comes to dog grooming companies. These were the only two states with more than one city in the top ten, with Scranton and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and Syracuse and Rochester in New York.

The Ten US Cities With the Most Dog Grooming Businesses

Next, we wanted to know where the greatest variety of services was in the 100 largest US cities. To do this, we sorted all of our data by location and then counted how many dog groomers appeared in each.

Miami, Florida, came in at number one, with a staggering 191 dog groomers. At around 35 square miles, that means you can find an average of more than five dog groomers per square mile throughout all of Miami! Miami scored 79th in the top 100 cities for overall groomer rating, with a respectable average score of 4.49.

Following closely behind Miami was Los Angeles, California, with 185 dog groomers total. At a city size of 498 square miles, the dog grooming businesses are far less populated here than in the Magic City.

Just three additional cities contain more than 160 dog groomers:

  • Cleveland, Ohio, with 167
  • Chicago, Illinois, with 166
  • Houston, Texas, with 162

Florida was also home to the tenth city for the highest number of dog groomers: Orlando, which has 148 total. Orlando was the only city in the top ten with under 150 groomers, but at 119 square miles, it still maintains a rate of more than one groomer per square mile.

The Ten US Cities With the Most-Reviewed Dog Grooming Businesses

Finally, we wanted to see which cities had the dog grooming businesses with the most customer reviews. To do this, we determined the total number of reviews for each groomer in each of the 100 largest US cities, and then we sorted once again by city.

Orlando, Florida, once again appeared on the list, this time in first place. Groomers in Orlando received a total of 16,617 ratings on Google Reviews, which averages out to just over 112 reviews for each of the 148 groomers. Orlando was the only city where groomers totaled over 16,000 reviews.

In a close second place was Houston, Texas, with a total of 15,995 ratings, or just under 100 ratings per grooming business. Behind Houston was Charlotte, North Carolina with 15,916, Chicago, Illinois with 15,835, Cleveland, Ohio with 15,434, and Detroit, Michigan with 15,039. These six cities were the only ones in the top 100 list to accrue over 15,000 total reviews for their dog grooming businesses.

Miami, Florida, once again makes the list, this time in tenth place with 13,892 total reviews, making it the only city in the top ten with under 14,000 total ratings. With the most dog grooming businesses for a single major city in the US, that means each dog groomer in Miami received an average of just 72 reviews.

Wrapping Up: Significant Insights & Conclusions

One of the most interesting things we discovered in completing this study was that the East Coast is by far the best place to be if you want outstanding dog grooming service. Nine of the top ten major US cities with the highest-rated dog grooming companies were located on the Eastern Seaboard. The only outlier was Madison, Wisconsin.

If you’re looking for options when it comes to getting your pooch pampered, Miami and Los Angeles are the places to be. The concentration of dog grooming companies is highest in Miami, with an average of over five per square mile. These cities both provide plenty of choices for getting your pup groomed and plenty of sunshine to show them off to the world.

The data for the cities with the most dog groomer reviews indicate where pet parents are the most vocal. If you’re looking for the best places to connect with other pet parents who are pleased to pamper their pups, Orlando, Houston, and Charlotte are probably the places to be!

Perhaps the most significant takeaway from this study is that people care about their pets, which is music to our ears. We love to hear about how caring pet owners are, whether they’re keeping their pups safe and protected with best-in-class pet insurance or getting top-of-the-line grooming services to keep them looking beautiful.