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Cat Insurance

Why You Might Need Cat Insurance

Your cat is important to you and you want to see him live a long, healthy life. For that reason, you might need to get cat insurance to cover their healthcare. Your policy might cover any number of problems and might even cover part of routine preventative care measures, such as vet visits, vaccinations, or even alternative practices. You might also consider cat insurance if your cat’s breed tends to have particular problems, or be prone to a special sort of curiosity that leads to a medical problem.

What it Covers

Though cat insurance won’t cover curiosity, per se, it can cover the results of curiosity. If your cat is still a kitten, his curiosity is likely at a high point and accidents are liable to happen. For instance, sometimes cats eat small objects, or devour a ball of yarn. Some cats love to chew and swallow rubber bands. These objects often won’t pass easily, so you will need to visit a vet and have them taken care of, sometimes to the point of surgical procedures. Adolescent cats might become more adventurous, especially if they are allowed outdoors, where the possibilities for injury are numerous.

Cat insurance also covers any number of veterinary procedures, from vaccination to cancer treatments. You can purchase policies that cover routine visits and check-ups, as well as plans designed specifically to cover emergency care. Some policies even cover acupuncture or other alternative treatments.

Companies that Offer Cat Insurance

A wide range of insurers extend coverage to our feline friends. Here is a brief list of insurers who can cover your kitty:

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace offers comprehensive coverage plans that include accidents, genetic conditions, alternative care, and chronic conditions, among others. You won’t have to join a network of providers, as Embrace is accepted by all vets.

Pets Best

Pets Best covers your cats with policies that include emergency care, diseases such as cancer, congenital disorders, and even routine procedures. Routine care is a bit more expensive, but may be worth it. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Healthy Paws

One of the top-rated insurers for pets, Healthy Paws offers comprehensive coverage for your cat. They cover diagnostic procedures, medications, hospital visits, and specialty care. Be sure to sign up for coverage while your pet is healthy, as many insurers don’t cover pre-existing conditions.


Though they are not an insurance company, you can sign up for coverage through this anti-cruelty society. Their website allows you to generate at quote one one of their three levels of care. They also offer a wellness coverage package that can be added to any of the three coverage levels.

Figo Pet Insurance

Figo offers three tiers of cat insurance that offer coverage of $10k, $14k, and an unlimited plan that reimburses you for any expenses incurred when you cancel plans for a pet’s emergency. Their mid-range plan will also pay claims if your pet is lost or stolen. This might be a good option for those who love purebred cats that might be coveted by pet-nappers.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

If you have human insurance through Nationwide, they offer five percent off on your pet’s policy, which is one incentive to consider this well-known insurer. They claim to cover 90 percent of veterinary bills for procedures that include vaccinations, chronic illness, surgery, hospital stays, and medications.

PetPlan Pet Insurance

This insurer offers a comprehensive plan that covers nearly everything you can think of: medication, vet visits, non-routine dental work, illness, accidents, and even alternative therapies. You can purchase additional coverage that covers kennel fees, death from illness or injury, and even behavior therapy.

Your cat is a part of your family. Purchasing insurance for your beloved pet can help you weather the storms of illness and injury, and everything in-between. If you have a healthy cat, find the policy that best suits you.