Best Pet Insurance Plan for Goldfish (2023)


When we think of common pets, cats and dogs are usually what come to mind, many people choose more exotic or unusual pets such as goldfish. For many people, goldfish are more than just a fish you win at the local carnival. Proof of that can be found in the fact that goldfish are the third most common household pet in America. They are family pets to many people and, as such, are covered under goldfish insurance. Insurance on their goldfish can offer owners a certain amount of confidence and peace of mind.

What is Goldfish Insurance?

Insurance for goldfish is a type of insurance policy that helps cover the cost of medical care caused by accidents and illnesses. Although this small critter insurance is not very common, it is available. Pumpkin is one insurance company that offers an insurance policy on goldfish. You pay a premium to the insurance company in exchange for the insurance coverage. The premium you pay depends on the amount of coverage, the co-pay amount, and the deductible.

The deductible is the amount you have to pay before the insurance company will pay. For instance, if the vet’s bill is $400 and you have a $100 deductible, you would pay $100, and the insurance company will pay $300. If there happens to be a copay, that will have to be paid by the owner as well. For example, if there is a 90/10 co-pay, this means that the insurance company would pay 90 percent of the $300 and the owner would have to pay 10 percent.

Key Points of the Plan

The insurance policy covers accidents and illnesses to the goldfish, even if they stem from the owner’s misuse or neglect. They cover the four most common illnesses or accidents that happen to goldfish.

  • Stress management – The policy offers prescription medication and behavioral therapy to manage or prevent stress from neglect, feeding issues, and cat-induced anxiety.
  • Digestive issues – The policy offers dietary and nutrition counseling to help owners react quickly to issues like overfeeding or issues toddlers can cause to the fish.
  • Swim bladder – The policy offers coverage for micro-acupuncture, a treatment that affects goldfish when they float upside down because of a painful gas buildup.
  • Unexpected sudden death – Often the best cared for goldfish will suddenly die with no apparent reason or explanation. To make it easier for owners with children, the company offers an emergency decoy fish. As soon as the owner notices the goldfish has died, the owner can contact the insurance company, and they will deliver a replacement feature within a couple of hours.

When the insurance company receives the replacement goldfish, they also send a free two-month subscription to their Emergency Goldfish Replacement Concierge. All that’s required of the owner is that he or she insure their new goldfish with the insurance company. This deal is not always available, however, so ask the company when you sign up for their policy.

The lifespan of a goldfish is about ten to 15 years, but they can live longer with good care. Having a goldfish insurance policy in place may be able to keep the goldfish a little healthier a little longer. It can also make caring for the goldfish a little easier and prevent illnesses and accidental deaths.

At this time, Pumpkin Pet Insurance is the only insurance company we know of to cover goldfish.