Best Pet Insurance Plans for German Shepherds (2023 Review)

by | 1/31/2023

German shepherd pet insurance is one of the best things you can do for your German shepherd whether you got them as a puppy, an older rescue dog or a senior shepherd. It’s also the best way you can ensure that you’ll be able to afford to take care of him or her in case of an unexpected accident or illness. Because German shepherds are prone to developing certain illnesses or health issues, having German shepherd pet insurance in place can lighten the burden if and when your German shepherd does become ill or hurt.

Continue reading to learn more about the following pet insurance providers so that you can choose the best one for your needs:


About German Shepherds

The German shepherd is a large working dog that originated in Germany, which is where its title also originated. Its title also came from the fact that they were originally used for herding sheep. They are large dogs that weigh from 50 to 100 pounds or more and stand between 22” to 26” tall. They are fast moving dogs with some able to run up to 30 mph.

German shepherds come in a variety of colors, including black and tan, black, sable, black and silver, black and tan, and grey. They have a life span of 9 to 13 years. Many words can be used to describe the German shepherd, but the words most used are intelligent, courageous, brave, loyal, alert, curious and stubborn.

Many of these characteristics are what make it such a popular dog. The German shepherd is consistently ranked among the most popular dogs by the American Kennel Club. German shepherds are often described as aggressive, but with good training, this can be fixed or almost eliminated.

German Shepherd Health Conditions

Like most dogs, the German shepherd has many health problems it’s prone to developing. Some are due to their size or body shape while others are due to their breed.

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia
  • Bloat, because of large size and deep chest
  • Arthritis
  • Allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative myelopathy

The active lifestyle of the German shepherd may often put the dog in harm’s way. Its intelligence and loyalty make German shepherds the dog of choice for service work or as part of a K9 unit. These reasons all contribute to the need for good German shepherd pet insurance.

What is the Best Pet Insurance for a German Shepherd?

German shepherd owners are often eager to go have pet insurance on the dog because it’s such a beloved dog, and they want to ensure that the dog is kept as healthy as possible. Rescue dogs are very popular today with more and more owners wanting to provide a dog with its forever home. This is especially true with German shepherd dogs.

In many of these cases, the shepherd is an older dog, but the need for pet insurance is even stronger. In fact, it’s important to get a pet insurance plan in place as soon as possible. The premiums are often higher with older dogs. Some insurance companies will not put a policy on a dog over the age of 10 unless the dog was on the plan prior to its 10th birthday.

When choosing the right pet insurance company for your German shepherd, it’s also important to keep in mind the services German shepherds are most likely to need from a vet. You’ll want to bring the dog in for regular exams and wellness checks. Therefore, you might want to find a company that offers a wellness plan.

Wellness plans pay for the little things that are often not covered on a basic illness/accident plan, such as exams, worming, parasites, and vaccinations, among other things. Wellness or preventative plans cannot usually be purchased as a policy but must be purchased in addition to the basic pet insurance plan. There will be other services your German shepherd will need in addition to wellness checks.

As careful as we are and as much as we try to keep the shepherd healthy and accident-free, it’s almost impossible. Keep in the mind the health issues that the shepherd is most prone to developing, such as dysplasia, bloat, arthritis, and allergies. Does the pet insurance company cover these services? These are the most important factors to keep in mind when trying to choose the best pet insurance for your German shepherd.

Affordable German Shepherd Pet Insurance

Once you’ve found the best pet insurance for your German shepherd, you’ll want to narrow them down to the most affordable pet insurance. Most pet insurance companies offer you the option of customizing the policy to get the coverage you feel you need at the most affordable price.

When comparing pet insurance companies, you’ll find that they offer you the option of choosing these three features.

  • Deductible – This is the amount you pay before the company will pay. Deductibles may be from $50 to $2,000.
  • Reimbursement rate – This is the percentage the insurance company pays once the customer pays the deductible. These may range from 50 percent to 100 percent.
  • Maximum payout amount – This is the most company will pay either on a claim or in that calendar year. This may be from $1,000 to $20,000. Some insurance companies have no cap on what they’ll pay, but these types will be more expensive.

These are the three factors that affect the premium the most. However, the breed of the dog, age of the dog, and location where the dog lives also affect the premium. Here are five top pet insurance companies that would make good choices for German shepherd owners.

You can compare the prices of these five companies in five different cities. These sample rates are based on a four-year-old female German shepherd. Unless mentioned otherwise, they are also based on a policy with a $500 deductible, 80 percent reimbursement rate, and $5,000 annual payout amount.

SPOT German Shepherd Insurance

SPOT pet insurance offers coverage on hereditary diseases, allergies, cancer, dysplasia, arthritis, and more. They also cover prescription food in case your German shepherd develops stomach issues or allergies due to food insensitivity. The cost for the German shepherd in Seattle would be $35.57. The same policy would cost $57.73 in New York City; $35.50 in Dallas; $52.16 in Los Angeles; and $36.86 in Atlanta.

Embrace German Shepherd Insurance

Embrace is a well-known pet insurance company that offers very good coverage for a German shepherd dog. It covers arthritis, bloat, hip dysplasia, and breed-specific conditions. They also offer a Wellness Reward plan to help with extra costs not covered on the basic plan.

A basic accident/illness policy for the above-mentioned four-year-old female German shepherd in Seattle would cost $46.36 per month. This same plan would be $78.23 in New York City; $48.41 in Dallas; $41.59 in Los Angeles; and $37.80 in Atlanta.

FIGO German Shepherd Insurance

Figo pet insurance has a comprehensive policy and an affordable add-on wellness plan. They do offer a small add-on that helps pay for prescription medications. A policy for German shepherds in Seattle would cost $31.07. This same policy would cost $59.51 in New York City; $28.17 in Dallas; $50.98 in Los Angeles, and $35.54 in Atlanta.

Trupanion German Shepherd Insurance

Trupanion doesn’t offer the variety of policy choices found with other companies, but they do cover the health issues most common to German shepherd dogs. Trupanion reimburses pet owners 90 percent on covered services, and there is no maximum amount they will pay. They also have a wellness plan as well. The policy for the German shepherd in Seattle would be $101.12. This same policy would be $191.18 in New York City; $121.87 in Dallas; $150.04 in Los Angeles; and $66.68 in Atlanta.

Nationwide German Shepherd Insurance

Nationwide offers some great choices for German shepherd owners because it covers the illnesses this breed is most prone to developing, and they offer pet owners the choice of three unique policies. The most affordable policy with the best coverage offers a $250 deductible, 90 percent reimbursement rate, and a $10,000 annual payout amount. This policy for the German shepherd in Seattle would be $91.80. The same policy would cost $123.31 in New York City; $71.34 in Dallas; $56.96 in Los Angeles, and $69.62 in Atlanta.

German shepherd owners will find good pet insurance with each of these companies. It appears that Atlanta and Seattle are two cities with the most affordable German shepherd pet insurance. Nationwide’s premiums are a little more costly, but they offer excellent coverage. Figo and SPOT look to be the most affordable for what they offer.

Our Methodology

​​Here at 365 Pet Insurance, our research team looks to examine all pet insurance policies and comes up with reviews based on:

  • Coverage
  • Plan options
  • Cost 
  • Reputation
  • Customer service 
  • Species available
  • Wellness benefits 

We’ve created a 5-star rating system to score pet insurance brands based on a 100-point scale. To develop a list of the best pet insurance plans, we looked into plans, rating coverage, claims handling, reimbursements, deductibles, and limitations. 

Each factor is weighted differently based on the following factors:

  • Monthly Pricing (25 points): How each pet insurance company charges for their plans is a crucial part of the decision-making process of the customer. Affordable rates and comprehensive coverage are the defining characteristics of providing the best pet insurance.
  • Coverage (20 points): We scored companies based on the treatments and procedures they cover. Providers offering broader coverage and more unique treatments received more points.  Pet insurance policies are not offered by all companies for older pets. Providers who have an age limit on the pets they cover were deducted points.
  • Plans (15 points): Pet insurance providers offer accident-and-illness plans, accident-only plans, wellness add-ons, and pet preventive care add-ons, so customers can choose the right plan for their pets. We also factored in costs to achieve the most comprehensible review for your pet’s needs.
  • Customization Options (10 points): You can ensure your pet only gets what they need by customizing your policy. A higher score was earned by providers who offered a greater range of annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.
  • Customer Service (10 points): We scored companies based on their website accessibility and usability, mobile apps, and grating points to companies with the most customer experience options.
  • Industry Reputation (10 points): We assessed each company’s industry reputation by reviewing up-to-date BBB ratings and accreditation information, as well as their years of experience in the industry.
  • Waiting Periods (10 points): Companies with shorter accident and illness waiting periods scored higher than companies with longer waiting periods.

Our team revisits each company’s information at the end of every month to make updates and ensure the information is as accurate as possible.