150 Pet-Friendly Destinations in the US You Must Visit

Across the United States, popular destinations are beginning to expand their customer base by allowing pets to join in on their traveling parents’ fun. The days of leaving your pet behind in a kennel for days on end while you’re out adventuring around the country are long gone because now, Fido can come along for the adventure. 

We’ve got you covered for the best pet-friendly destinations in every state. Find out which National Parks welcome your pets to hike their trails, where you and your pet can discover history, and some of the exciting pet festivals happening throughout the year across the nation!


Walk the dog-friendly trails of the Talladega National Forest 

Make sure your pet gets lots of rest the night before because you’ll have hours of fun trekking the dog-friendly trails of the Talladega National Forest. Experience the lush views of nature and Cheaha Mountain as you explore the grounds searching for a charming campsite to pitch your tent for an overnight stay. 

Eat doggie treats at Old Town Beer Exchange

While the delicious craft beers served at the Old Town Beer Exchange are reserved for humans, pets get their own special attention. They’ll chow down on doggie treats and biscuits as you order rounds of the latest beers on tap.

Frolic at Gulf Shore Dog Park

Dogs run around at top speed at the Gulf Shores Dog Park. Ample space lets them run around and bark cheerfully in this designated park. And it’s easy for them to make friends for the day with areas specified for small or large dogs.


Look for gold in the Hope & Sunrise Historical Mining Museum

Golden retrievers might seem like the best fit for the Hope & Sunrise Historical Mining Museum, but all dogs are welcome to walk the museum grounds to discover a site once-booming during the 1800s Gold Rush. While your attention is set on the archive photos and artifacts, your dog might be sniffing out gold left behind.

Set sail on Mako’s Water Taxi

Many dog species are natural-born swimmers, so they’ll surely be brave enough for a ride on Mako’s Water Taxi. Climb aboard the vessel as you sail across the scenic Kachemak Bay State Park, where you’ll soon dock at land for hiking excursions or overnight camping. 

Explore the galaxy at Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk 

With Albert the primate trailblazing for pets in space in 1948, tourists can now explore the reaches of the universe at the Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk. This scale model of our solar system lets your dog roll over on Earth, bark on Jupiter, sit on Venus and wag his tail in excitement on Pluto.


Walk through time in the Petrified Forest National Park

Animals have long marked their territories on the tree trunks found in the Petrified Forest National Park for more than 200 million years. See if your dog can recognize the different creatures that have trekked these ancient lands and earn their rightful place in the park’s Bark Ranger Program.

Wander hiking trails of Sedona Red Rock Adventures

The beautiful red rock landscape rolls out like a red carpet before you as you hike along one of the Sedona Scenic Photo Tours. Sedona Red Rock Adventures offers several hiking tours and even has a tour guide dog to keep your dog company while you take photos of the scenery.

Ghost hunt in Goldfield Ghost Town

Your pet’s sixth senses might tingle as you explore the Goldfield Ghost Town. Experience life in an 1890s mining town where you can pan gold next to your pet, enjoy pet-friendly rides on the gauge railroad, and live re-enactments of western gunfights.


Meet dogs in the Hot Springs Bark Park

 Hot Springs is a progressive town for pet tourism, with the Hot Springs Bark Park opening for dogs to truly enjoy the outdoors off the leash. Visitors staying in one of the local pet-friendly hotels can spend a few hours at the park, running around its two acres and meeting other friendly pets.

Relax on the outdoor patio of Chateau aux Arc Winery

Although you’ll leave the kids behind on a winery visit, pets, on the other hand, are more than welcome to grab a spot at the table at Chateau aux Arc Winery. The venue’s outdoor seating lets you enjoy a beautiful evening while sipping tasty locally produced wine.

See dog monuments in Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden

Not only are pets welcome in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, but they also may stumble upon artwork particularly interesting to the four-legged species. Meander through the manicured grounds to find the two dog sculptures designed by artists Ken Newman and Dan Glanz. In addition, there are more than 90 other sculptures decorating the garden located inside Riverfront Park in Little Rock.


Live the beach bum lifestyle at the Original Dog Beach

California makes excellent use of its extensive coastline by introducing attractions like The Original Dog Beach for pets to revel in the scenic coast. It’s one of the first of its kind in the US, where pets can splash around in the Pacific Ocean off-leash.

Cool off at the Country Kennels Dawg Water Park

Your dog’s tail will wag nonstop in joy as you arrive at the Country Kennels Dawg Water Park in Murrieta. Take advantage of the hot day with a day in the park enjoying swimming with your pet and other pet-friendly attractions,

Play with a dog companion at Tres Sabores

Napa Valley is a destination for wine-loving pet parents who want to taste world-famous spirits at the pet-friendly vineyards. Tres Sabores is always ready to serve world-class vintage flavors while your dog plays in the fields with the local vineyard dogs. 


Indoor dining at the Pub Dog Colorado 

Even as the seasons change in Colorado Springs, pet owners always have a place to go, thanks to Pub Dog Colorado. The rare opportunity to dine indoors with your furry family rewards you with delicious beer and pub grub. 

Amusement park fun at Amaze’n Steamboat Park

Grab your park passes and get ready for hours of fun inside the Amaze’n Steamboat Park in Steamboat Springs. Listen up for your dog’s barking outside the maze to help you navigate to the end, or let them play the role of the caddy on the mini-golf course. 

Eat delectable doggie treats at Three Dog Bakery

It’s easy to mistake Three Dog Bakery for a human bakery with its restaurant filled with fresh scents of pupcakes and doggie biscuits every day. Using top-quality natural ingredients, it’s a gourmet bakery experience to truly treat your ‘good boy.’


Enjoy waterfront views of Savin Rock West Haven Boardwalk

Once a lively amusement park, Savin Rock West Haven Boardwalk is now a place for pets and their humans to enjoy scenic strolls on the waterfront. They’ll get plenty of exercise on the two-mile stretch overlooking the New Haven Harbor.

See ships lining the Mystic Seaport

The massive ships floating in the harbor of the Mystic Seaport are one of the most spectacular views when you realize their scale. The extensive grounds set along the Mystic River are always covered with leashed pets as you learn extensive maritime history. 

Pet getaway to Fishers Island

Dogs need an escape too, and Fishers Island is just exotic enough to make them feel like they’ve been whisked off to puppy paradise. Hop on the pet-friendly ferry and cruise to the island, where the sandy shores of South Beach are always full of pets playing or spotted around the island village sightseeing with their owners.


Lick scoops of pet-friendly ice cream

You scream, and I scream, but dogs bark for ice cream! Stop by Bruster’s Real Ice Cream for a pet-friendly ice cream parlor that also serves its furry patrons. Your pet no longer has to get a taste of your treat because they’ll have their own sundae served for free and topped with dog bones.

Walk groomed grounds of the Rockwood Park Mansion

The stunning Rockwood Park Mansion in Wilmington is an excellent piece of Gothic Revival architecture. Pets are welcome to tour the museum grounds on a leash to admire the building’s design features and groomed lawns that occasionally host events.

Set sail on the Cape May Lewes Ferry

Sail Delaware Bay aboard the Cape May Lewes Ferry with your pup as you enjoy views en route between Lewes, Delaware, and North Cape May. When the weather is nice, the outdoor deck, where pets are allowed, makes for the ideal viewing platform of the waterfront scenery.


Pup brunch at the Doggie Bag Cafe & Pet Boutique

Sunday brunch in Miami is trendy for the city’s most prolific socialites who can now let their soon-to-be star pets enjoy the same at the Doggie Bag Café & Pet Boutique. This monthly pet event delights your pet with chef-prepared gourmet treats and specials on designer pet accessories.

Take pet selfies on a St. Augustine sightseeing tour

St. Augustine is a picturesque city best viewed from the waterfront on one of the local scenic cruises. Cruise for 75-minutes along the photo-worthy skyline, where you’ll hear stories about important landmarks and more. Pose with your pet on the deck against the skyline backdrop.

Walk amongst giants in Dinosaur World

Pets aren’t the only non-humans you may encounter in Dinosaur World. Dinosaurs emerge from the history books in life-sized models displayed throughout the park’s outdoor spaces. Walk the boardwalk with your pet as they bark at anything seen moving in the brush.


Meet playful marine life on a dolphin tour

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they’ll meet their match against one of the smartest mammals swimming around our oceans. Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours invites dogs on board to meet the friendly sea creatures as you navigate the sea past sights like Tybee Lighthouse and Fort Pulaski.

Walk the historical Savannah sidewalks on the Oliver Bentleys Historic Dog Walk tour

Walk your dog directly into a new era as soon as their paw touches Savannah’s Historic District. Join the Oliver Bentleys Historic Dog Walk Tour for local sightseeing at attractions like Oglethorpe Square and historic buildings full of exciting tales for you and your pet. If your pet is on its best behavior, they’ll get a delicious Ollie B. Biscuits and Bites treat.

Bark at views of seven states at Rock City Gardens

Get your cat out of the house for a few hours and witness the famous “See Seven States” viewpoint atop Lookout Mountain. Rock City Gardens is a pet-friendly park on the mountain summit with walks on the Enchanted Trail and dining for pets at Café 7.


Scenic walk on the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline

Pets lucky enough to join you on a bucket list trip to Hawaii can enjoy several outdoor activities like hiking along the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline. Vistas of the Oahu coastline extending towards Koko Head are a few of the many sights.

Relax in the warm sands of Waikiki Beach

You’d never guess that Hawaii’s most famous beach is pet-friendly. Pets will agree that Waikiki Beach is always a blast as they sink their paws into the warm, white sands and cool waters of the Pacific.

Hang ten with Hawaii Surf Dogs

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii deserves a once-in-a-lifetime activity like dog surfing. Let your pet experience the thrill of riding the waves with Hawaii Surf Dogs. You and your pet can hang 10 and cruise the surf as it rolls into the scenic Oahu North Shore.


Watch boats sailing the Mile High Marina

As long as you keep your pet on a leash, the Mile High Marina is an excellent place for them to experience the fun at Payette Lake. Get ready for a day at the lake by renting a watercraft or a vessel to cruise the lake.

Cruise Coeur d’Alene

When you’re all checked in to your pet-friendly accommodations in Coeur d’Alene, head down to the lake for a pet-friendly cruise. Reserve one of the scenic cruises for panoramic views atop the double-decker boat, or book one of the private boat experiences where your dog can play across a chain of boats tied together in the lake.

Explore dog park at Sacajawea Center

After learning about the legacy of Sacajawea and her role in the Lewis and Clark expedition, take your dog out to run around the Seaman’s dog Park located on site of the Sacajawea Center. The park derives its name from Captain Meriwether Lewis’s dog, who is honored with a bronze statue at the park as a heroic symbol for all pups.


Cruise the Chicago River on a Hornblower Seadog Cruise

Impressive architecture is seen throughout Chicago’s skyline. You and your pet can better appreciate its wonders during an architectural tour by Hornblower Seadog Cruises. For 75-minutes, you’ll cruise the waterfront with guided information about each notable building. And if your pet is craving a bit more speed, zip past these same buildings on a speedboat tour.

Discover US history at Lincoln’s Tomb State Historic Site

Dogs are very much honorary citizens of our nation, so it’s never the wrong time to learn about famous presidents. Lincoln’s Tomb State Historic Site in Springfield provides plenty of grounds for you to walk with your pet and see the actual burial sites of President Lincoln.

Run leash-free at Champaign Bark District

Day passes grant your dog exclusive access to the Champaign Bark District. With a price tag of $5, it’s worth the investment to give them seven acres to run around, enclosed within a fence, so they can play worry-free.


Nature adventures at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The diverse landscapes ranging from forests to wetlands to prairies call for your pet to embark on an adventure in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Nature trails in the park are well trotted by pet paws where you explore wildlife spotting and viewpoints at the sprawling ecosystem.

Cave exploring at Marengo Cave

Hope your pet isn’t afraid of the dark because there’s not much sun reaching the depths of Marengo Cave. Curious visitors can explore the inside of the cave while carrying their pets in case of anything surprising hiding in the shadows.

Sniff around historical hallways of The Bradley 

Your pet is cordially invited to stay with you at The Bradley, one of the city’s most historic hotels. Lucky guests open their room doors to sweeping views of Fort Wayne, and it’s finally one place where your dog will receive friendly smiles when you bring them through the front door.


Take in views from the Fenelon Place Elevator Company railway

Hop on the Fourth Street Elevator with your pet and ride to the top for views of three neighboring states of Iowa. Book a round-trip ticket and plop your small pet right on your lap as you ascend the historic railway built by Fenelon Place Elevator Company.

Experience German culture at Amana Colonies

Keeping your pet still on a long-haul flight to Germany can be challenging, but thankfully, a visit to the Amana Colonies is an excellent alternative. They’ll barely know the difference while walking around this historic town exuding German culture, from the architecture to the shops to the local eateries. 

Discover pet-friendly parks along Great River Road National Scenic Byway

Go for a ride on the Great River Road National Scenic Byway with your pet, passing directly through McGregor. Views of the Mighty Mississippi delight you en route to the natural attractions in the Creek State Natural Area and Pikes Peak State Park to let your dog out of the car for a bit of exercise.


Day of fun at Shawnee Mission Park

You’re not the only one who will have fun at the Shawnee Mission Park. While you stay entertained on the golf course and archery range, there’s a massive 44-acres park full of off-leash dogs. If they’ve saved up some energy, trek on a walk together on the mountain trails.

Pet scavenger hunt with Dodge City self-guided tour 

Dodge City is full of exciting history to uncover at several sites still standing around town. First, stop by the Dodge City Visitor Information Center to get a map of the self-guided tour, then set off with your pet like a scavenger hunt to see how many of the sites you can tick off in a day.

Sip pup beer at Happy Basset Brewing Co

With enough rounds of the Happy Basset Brewing Co beer of the month, you might start to imagine that the “pup beer” given to your dog actually has real effects on them. But it’s all part of the welcoming experience that this Topeka brewery offers its four-legged guests to not feel left out while their humans are tasting house specialties like Maple Bacon Brown Breakfast beer.


Meet friendly steeds at Kentucky Horse Park

Experience Kentucky’s equestrian heritage with a stop by the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. These steeds are more than comfortable around visiting pets who are permitted in the park on tours of the park grounds. You might even catch one of the international equestrian competitions happening during your visit.

Visit pet-friendly breweries on Kentucky Bourbon Trail

The world’s finest bourbon comes from the many distilleries dotting Kentucky. So, pack your pup in the car and tour dog-friendly distilleries like the Buffalo Trace Distillery on the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Pets are allowed on facility tours and sit by your side in the tasting room. 

Hike the grounds surrounding Lost River Cave

The great outdoors is plentiful at the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. While pets can’t tour inside the cave, the surrounding grounds are pet-friendly, with nature trails extending for 2.5-miles, and you’ll find natural attractions like springs and blue holes.  


Walk the manicured laws of the Louisiana State Capitol Grounds

Take your dog for a walk on the Louisiana State Capitol Grounds beneath the towering structure ranking as the tallest capitol building in the US. While your dog can’t get the views from the 34th floor, the grounds are scenic enough with colorful gardens that your pet will gladly enjoy instead.

Bark at spirits during a New Orleans Ghost City Tour

Pets can provide you with much-needed security and companionship on the fear-inducing New Orleans Ghost City Tours. Let your pet be a ghost hunter for the day while touring historical landmarks in New Orleans that have been rumored to be home to ghosts, voodoo activity, and other unexplainable occurrences.

Retrace history at the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve

There are tons to do in Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve that make it great for a day out with your pet. Bring a leash for your pet when walking around the park to sites like Chalmette Battlefield and the location of the 1815’s Battle of New Orleans. Just keep them away from the bayou banks where alligators are commonly spotted.


Outdoor adventures in the Acadia National Park

 Not all national parks allow dogs on their grounds, but Acadia National Park is an exception—and a great one at that! This diverse park gives your dog lots of landscapes for the ultimate outdoor excursion to the summits of Cadillac Mountain to the beaches that line Mount Desert Island, and even dog-friendly campgrounds. 

Sink paws into snowy landscape at Carter’s X-C Ski Center

When ski season comes around, you’ll need to book passes for your pet because Carter’s X-C Ski Center gets them active in the winterized landscape. Step through the soft, powdery snow on the cross-country ski trails as your dog treads lightly atop the snow surface.

Charming New England hospitality at The Colony Hotel

Pets get treated just as well as their humans at The Colony Hotel. Friendly New England hospitality gets exhibited at its finest with welcome treats and a special doggy quilt to keep warm at night. Let them run around at the private beach open to dog guests or attend the Dog Lovers Weekend for an exciting itinerary filled with formal dog dinner and pet costume party.


Pet date night at Bengies Drive-In Theatre

Plan a date night with your pet at the Bengies Drive-In Theatre. With a world record-breaking movie screen, you and your pet will have the perfect seat in the house from any parking space. During the intermission of your 2-for-1 film screening, walk with your leashed dog to grab snacks at the concession stand. 

Explore natural attractions in Gunpowder Falls State Park

With a park as massive as Gunpowder Falls State Park, it’s only fitting that pets always get their share of enjoyment from it. It’s one of the largest parks in the state, with more than 100-miles of pet-friendly trails with historic sites spotted along them, a beach, and other unique landscapes.

 Pet-friendly cruises around Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is a well-charted waterway by ships carrying furry, four-legged passengers. Pets can accompany you on many of the cruises available in the bay. Sail around the bay to see charming coastal towns, tree-covered isles, and other scenery.


Look for whales on the Cape Ann Whale Watch

Whales are so commonly spotted off in Stellwagen Bank marine preserve that it’s guaranteed when sailing with the Cape Ann Whale Watch. Your sea capture will navigate the waters with you and your pet for a chance to prove to them that humans are far from being the largest mammals on the planet. 

Pet exercise on Blackstone River Bikeway

You’re sure to see pets jogging alongside their owners when cycling on the famous Blackstone River Bikeway. Wind your way through the Blackstone Valley with a scenic nature vista along the entire 48-mile trail.

Experience life for colonial-era pets

Relive the days of 18th century New England in Historic Deerfield Village. Pets were very much a part of the early colonial era in the USA, so they’re welcome today in their recreated village to see life for pets in a different period.


Compete in the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl

Forget about the Olympics because the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl puts on just as good of an athletic display every year—except this time from dogs! This annual dog festival hosts more than two dozen activities and competitions designed to engage your dogs in the multi-day festival fun.

Join the fun at The Livery Beer Garden

With as much fun as you’ll have trying a selection of 18 beers on tap in The Livery Beer Garden, what will make your visit even more remarkable is spending it with your pet. The outdoor space is pet-friendly, so you can spend as much time sampling handcrafted brews without running up a big tab at the doggy daycare.

Camping with Fido at Cranberry Lake Campground

Michigan’s beautiful scenery is best experienced when immersed in the outdoors. Take your pet to Cranberry Lake Campground for an overnight tent stay. Swim with your pet or snuggle with them aside the campfire while trying to keep them from taking a bite of your gooey smores.


Land in the Minneapolis Airport Dog Park

All the energy your pet stores up on a flight to Minneapolis will indeed have them ready to run for the fences as soon as you touch down at MSP Airport. Coincidentally, the Minneapolis Airport Dog Park is right behind the airport, where views of larger-than-life jets taking off accompany the pet-friendly hiking trails.

Pet-friendly trail walks at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Stroll the trails of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area as your pet sniffs along the riverbanks of the Mississippi River. Visitors can access this protected region via St. Paul before exploring the many trails beaten through its 54,000 acres.

Unique dog park at Unleashed Hounds and Hops

If pets could tip, Unleashed Hounds and Hops would earn every cent as they combine a pet-friendly restaurant experience with a dog park. Reminiscent of those Mcdonald’s Playscapes for kids, the dog park is the perfect place for your dog to work off their brunch meal while you enjoy another round of local craft beer.


Sightseeing monuments at Vicksburg National Military Park

Count how many of the 1,400 monuments you come across during your hike at the Vicksburg National Military Park. The 16-mile trail takes you on a walk across a historic battlefield that pets can join. Markers throughout the park provide historical context as you make your way along the paths.

Overnight stays at Devereaux Shields House

Natchez is a popular Mississippi destination for pet owners who will find lots of things to do, like pet-friendly hiking trails and a historic downtown district. But the best part is that your pet won’t get run out of town at night, thanks to accommodations at the Devereaux Shields House which treats pets like regular guests.

Embark on a Biloxi shrimping trip

A Biloxi shrimping trip leaves nobody (or nothing) behind onshore as even doggy ears are welcome to listen in on the local shrimping industry history. For 70-minutes, you’ll cruise the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where you’ll get hands-on with catching shrimp as your dog barks to cheer you on. 


Run around the Treecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park

Register before arriving at the Treecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park to guarantee them a spot to dash around the open fields. This designated St. Louis Dog Park takes excellent care of the landscape so that dogs have a pristine environment to enjoy a couple of hours of play.

Pet selfies beneath the gateway Arches

Snap selfies of your pet posing in front of the landmark Gateway Arches in St. Louis. The surrounding park is open to pets to accompany you on the Riverfront Trail or sightseeing nearby historic buildings like the Old Courthouse.

Go fishing at Lake Taneycomo

Anglers worldwide flock to the banks of Lake Taneycomo to fish in one of the top trout destinations in the world. You’re in for a day of colors as Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout bite lines cast into the White River.


See what makes Hugh Rogers Wag Park so popular

A trip to White Fish, Montana, is a chance to witness why USA Today voted Hugh Rogers Wag Park as one of the top dog parks in the country! Try to keep up with your pet as they run across the park’s five acres, complete with green space and a mini beach.

Fun in the sun at Canine Beach 

Although Montana is a landlocked state, you’ll be surprised to find beaches there—even a beach reserved for pets. Canine Beach sits on the shores of Bozeman Pond, where dogs can go for a refreshing swim in the pond and air dry at the Bozeman Pond Park.

Learn the sport of Skijoring

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but it might be worth trying during your visit to Big Sky. This winter wonderland invites dogs and their owners to participate in the sport of Skijoring, a unique skiing experience that pets and owners have together on a running excursion through the fluffy snow.


Pet-friendly tours at Nebraska Brewing Company

Some of the best craft beers have emerged from the Midwest in recent years, with the likes of the Nebraska Brewing Company leading the way! While taking sips from the frothy beer, your pet is more than welcome to sit with you in the tasting room.

See unique rock shapes at Toadstool Geological Park

If you navigate through the Oglala National Grassland successfully, you’ll find yourself admiring the unusual rock formations decorating the Toadstool Geological Park. You can walk these historic grounds with a leashed pet and see what imaginative shapes you make out of the formations or discover fossil remains!

Join pet parents at Chalco Hills Dog Exercise Area

Dogs feeling their collars being unleashed might be one of the best feelings, but surely unexpected when outdoors unless you’re in a place like the Chalco Hills Dog Exercise Area. Four designated areas are open for your dog to run leash-free, and you’ll have fun socializing with local Omaha pet lovers.


Find gems inside the Tonopah Historic Mining Park

Dogs are natural-born diggers, but anything worth real value at the Tonopah Historic Mining Park has already been found when it was an active site in the early 1900s. Today, the grounds are open to peer into the mine shaft, learn about mining history at the museum, and more without your pet ever leaving your side.

Pet photo opportunity at the Seven Magic Mountains

Your camera roll is likely already filled with pictures of your pet. So if you have space left on your phone storage, make the drive to the Seven Magic Mountains found right outside Las Vegas. The colorful, painted rock stacks reach heights of 35-ft high as a public art exhibition that your pet can enjoy posing in front of. 

Hike to the floor of the Red Rock Canyon

Large canyons carved out in Nevada present a beautiful, distinct landscape. Red Rock Canyon is a place to see these desert-scapes with your pet. Hike the national conservation area on trails leading you to scenic overlooks and spotting desert wildlife.

New Hampshire 

Nature walks through Urban Forestry Center

The lush terrain of the Urban Forestry Center is ripe with trails that have no problem if pets walk them. You walk through thick forests and beautiful gardens to appreciate the protected grounds, and you’ll be a tree expert after reading all the identification markers.

Go for a swim at Sandy Beach

Unpack your car at Sandy Lane and strut over to Gilmore Pond for a day at the beach with your pet. Sandy Beach is a dog-friendly stretch of sandy coastline set to views of the pond while swimming or sunbathing. 

Order from the dog menu at One Love Brewery

One Love Brewery is all about being inclusive with your pet to spread the love to all species. In fact, it’s so common to see pets at this brewpub in Lincoln that it has a special dog menu to eat with you in the outdoor dining space.

New Jersey 

Enjoy a beautiful day at Shakespeare Garden

To bark or not to bark—that is always the question during your visit to the Shakespeare Garden in Plainfield. This themed park section within Cedar Brook Park is excellent for literary loving dog-owners who can see a collection of plants mentioned throughout Shakespeare’s literary masterpieces.

Tour historic grounds of Long Pond Ironworks Historic District

The past becomes the present when you enter the Long Pond Ironworks Historic District. Walk on the pet-friendly routes of the Hasenclever Iron Trail, which navigates through the park’s 175-acres exhibiting structures remaining from the historic ironwork plantation used during the War of 1812 efforts. 

Pet-friendly private beach at Drifting Sands Hotel

After the busy travel season at the beachfront Drifting Sands Hotel, it’s time for pets to take over the amenities between October to April. Pets are allowed on the hotel’s private beach to swim and pet-friendly rooms for overnight stays. 

New Mexico

Tour Old Town on the ABQ Trolley

A ride on the ABQ Trolley is the best way to go sightseeing in Albuquerque. Guided tours fit in many of the top tourist attractions within an 85-minute ride, such as the Old Town, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, the University of New Mexico, and a rare desert beach.

See ancient rock art in Petroglyph National Monument

Trek the hiking trails through the Petroglyph National Monument to see markings left behind by ancient civilizations. Leashed pets can walk paths leading through the various canyons and Volcanoes Day Use Area, where you’ll see unique landscapes and rock art.

Hike the dunes in White Sands National Park

Let your pet do the paw test to see if the grounds of White Sands National Park are comfortable to walk on. This sandy dune landscape in the desert is entirely explorable with your pet outdoors. In addition, there are miles of hiking trails to explore with adventurous pets.

New York

Relax on the pet-friendly lawns of Prospect Park 

If you think Central Park is impressive, consider taking a trip to its pet-friendly cousin, Prospect Park. Located in Brooklyn, this massive park has attractions like the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Audubon Center for humans and a designated dog park and beach for pets.

Spend a day at Lake George with your pet

Summer days at Lake George are always pleasurable—especially when you get to share them with your furry friends. Not only can they enjoy cruising the lake in your boat rental, but there is also a fenced-in pet play area for them to run at max speeds.

Explore historical hiking trails in Saratoga National Historical Park

Saratoga is a destination rich with military history. The Saratoga National Historical Park helps uncover these stories as you wander around the battlefields. Pets are welcome to join on hikes like Wilkinson Trail, where the 4.25-mile-long hike is plenty to tire them out for the day.

North Carolina

Uncover buried jewels in the Gold City Gem Mine

Let your pet dig for some of the world’s most precious stones in the Gold City Gem Mine. It’s a jewelry store experience that engages you and your pet in finding the perfect stones by mining them and presenting your findings to expert jewelers to ID them.

Revel in beach town vibes at Top Sail Beach Dog Beach

The laid-back beach town atmosphere at Topsail Beach has the perfect oceanfront vibes for your pet. The town opens a section of the Top Sail Beach as a dog beach for pets to enjoy the sandy shores without a leash. The best time to visit the beach is from October to May during the off-season.

 Explore wetlands of the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

 Dogs already love to get dirty, so stepping through the swampy wetlands of the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge will be your pet’s version of paradise. Venture through North Carolina’s coastal plains region on foot with exciting hiking trails or take to the waters on a boat.

North Dakota

Place a paw across the border at the International Peace Garden

Your pet can now earn a stamp in their paws-port when visiting the International Peace Garden. Set on the US-Canada border, these picturesque gardens have tranquil nature trails extending through them. After your walk, grab a latte at the café and enjoy views from the patio with your pet.

See history brought to life in the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

If your pet is as into history as you are, there are centuries of stories to learn about at the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. Take yourself down the historical rabbit hole as you see reconstructed On-A-Slant Indian Village reimagining Native American history and other sites notable from military history.

Outdoor patio dining with your pet at Fargo Brewing Company

Cheers to good company at the Fargo Brewing Company can also include your pet in the celebration. The outdoor patio is open for pets to sit and watch while their humans indulge in drafts of the award-winning Fargo Original. The brewery also hosts dog-friendly events.


Doggy paddle the lakeshores at Bow Wow Beach

The name says it all as Bow Wow Beach bills itself as ‘America’s Premier Dog Park.’ Dogs can run around the sandy lakeshores while you enjoy an afternoon lunch on the shaded picnic tables.

Sniff floral walkways of Holden Arboretum

Put your dog’s amazing sense of smell to the test when visiting the Holden Arboretum. This floral haven is one of the largest in the country, with thousands of acres. Decorative gardens and curated flower collections fill the garden as you walk along the pet-friendly trails.

Shop pet goods in the Findlay Market

Cheerful dog barks can be heard over the collage of chatted about the latest meat prices for fresh vegetable produce inside the Findlay Market. Pets sit patient while their owners shop over 50 vendor stalls selling everything from food to flowers to other goods. There is even the Pet Wants store and pet-friendly dining.


Water fun at Riversport Adventure Parks

Strap your pup into the latest dog fashion with a lifejacket mandatory for all pets entering the Riversport Adventure Parks. The entire family, including your pet relatives, will have an excellent time with whitewater rafting, zip lines, and other adventure activities.

Walk unique garden landscape at Gilcrease Museum

The Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa is a popular destination to discover the massive collection of American West art. But although pets can’t check out the gallery exhibitions with you, the museum gardens have plenty of room for them to jog along. These gardens are as exciting as inside as you walk around gardens modeled after Victorian, Pre-Columbian, and other garden styles.

Ride to the top of the Wheeler Ferris Wheel

If you can’t make it out to California to the iconic Santa Monica Pier, its famous Ferris wheel is now located in Oklahoma City. This unusual eBay purchase led the structure to be relocated to Wheeler District. And this time, pets can join you on a ride for views atop the wheel.


Paw across the volcanic landscape of the Powell Butte Nature Park

Let your pet trailblaze a path through Powell Butte Nature Park, where they’ll enjoy the landscape surrounding an extinct volcano. The woodlands have several trails where pets can sniff their way to the scenic meadows and Johnson Creek.

Snow fun at Wanoga Snow Play Area Snow-Park

Pets in need of a year-round destination in Bend, Oregon, can enjoy the changing seasons in Wanoga Snow Play Area Snow-Park. During the winter season, pets can join their owners while sledding or flopping through the snowy trails. During the summer, these same pet-friendly trails replace snowshoes with bike tracks.

Beachfront picnic at Cannon Beach

Pets rule the sands at Cannon Beach. Grab a seat on the beachfront picnic tables and let them enjoy the beach uninterrupted but within your eyesight. You’ll have the perfect vantage point watching them run out into the water or take them on a walk along the paved trails.


Discover Bushkill Falls in the Poconos

Take your pet on vacation to the Poconos, where striking natural attractions await you. Hiking the woodlands with your pet eventually leads to the 100-ft Bushkill Falls. Take advantage of different views from atop the bridge or hiking trails near the foot of the falls.

Pet-friendly train ride on Lehigh Gorge Railway

A ride on the Lehigh Gorge Railway takes you and your pet on a trip through the natural scenery of the gorge as it reveals itself around every bend. The historic diesel locomotive lets you experience a turn-of-the-century 1900s train car as your dog looks in amazement at the gorgeous forest- and cliff-covered landscape.

Learn to mush on the Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tour 

With a fresh layer of snow on the ground, it’s time for the annual Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours. This tour is only reserved for Arctic native dogs to reconnect with their northern roots in a sport that both of you can enjoy. The tours begin at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, where it includes full training.

Rhode Island

Enjoy views atop Mohegan Bluffs

Ride the ferry to Block Island to set your eyes on the coastal Mohegan Bluffs. Towering 200-ft above the coast, enjoy vistas from the overlook before descending over 140 steps to the bottom, where you can begin hikes from the rocky shores. 

Walk the Newport Harbor Walk to see famous Newport Mansions

Experience the New England charm in Newport, where walking is always the recommended way to explore the town when the weather is nice. Take the pet-friendly Newport Harbor Walk and Cliff Walk for a recreation trail passing notable sites like the National Historic District and the Newport mansions.

Treat your pet to scoops of Clementine’s Homemade Ice Cream

The perfect way to spend a warm evening in East Greenwich is to stop by Clementine’s Homemade Ice Cream for scoops of your favorite ice cream. As you choose from over 25 different flavors, your pet doesn’t get left out with a specially made dog-friendly ice cream.

South Carolina 

Exciting walks along Charleston walking tours

Join expert guides on select Charleston walking tours that show the different perspectives of the city. Walk with your pet on a history tour to admire the many historical buildings hiding in plain view, or take a Ghost and Graveyard Tour to see how protective your pet is for you.

Hike pet-friendly trails of West Ashley Greenway

Have you ever wondered what happened to all the railroad tracks that once crisscrossed South Carolina? Thanks to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, it transformed sites like the West Ashley Greenway into pet-friendly trails to explore the forgotten rail network for leisure. 

Tour grounds of Fort Moultrie

Charleston Harbor has always been an important port during wartimes, evident by the presence of two historical forts. Explore the history of Fort Moultrie, which permits pets to walk the fort grounds. Pet-friendly trails lead you around the fort’s interior and exterior.

South Dakota

Discover new species in Reptile Garden

With over 225 species of reptiles in the Reptile Garden, pets are just another species to add to the count that already puts it number one in the world for largest reptile zoo. Pets can walk the garden with you to see rare reptiles, tropical birds, and exotic plants.

Hike to the Crazy Horse Memorial monument

The Crazy Horse Memorial is still under construction, so stopping by the monument site right now is like getting a sneak peek at what many call the future “8th Wonder of the World.” Enjoy a scenic hike with your pest and view the artistic chisels in the cliff depicting a Native American warrior.

Go for a leashed walk on the Centennial Trail

It seems like anything but cars are permitted on the Centennial Trail. Even pets can be seen walking the route running from Wind Cave to Bear Butte State Park. True trekkers may attempt the entire 111-miles route on a multi-day excursion, while others are content with the Trail 89 section near Fairburn, SD.


Celebrate pets at the Dog Day Festival

Birthdays aren’t the only time to celebrate your pup because the Dog Day Festival in Nashville is an extravagant party for dogs on October 15th. Pets are the spotlight of the day as dogs compete in costume contests or agility courses. There are also adoption dogs present in case any dog-lovers want to expand their family.

Have fun at the Doggywood

Your dog will be more excited than you are to go to Dollywood because they’ll have their own amusement park fun in Doggywood. The main park is only for humans but make sure to drop your pet off at this themed kennel, where they will be occupied with rest and relaxation while you enjoy your favorite rides.

Join festivities at Bike Boat Brew & Bark Festival

Knoxville is a city well assimilated to its four-legged residents. While there are many places year-round to visit with your pet, the best time is June 4th for the Bike Boat Brew & Bark Festival. Find your tribe of like-minded brew-loving, adventurous dog parents.


Evening stroll on the San Antonio River Walk

Spend an evening strolling the banks of the San Antonio River Walk to experience one of the city’s premier locations for shipping, dining, and entertainment. The outdoor walkway is always filled with pets walking alongside their owners, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Trek the scenic shoreline at Padre Island National Seashore

The untouched lands of the Padre Island National Seashore keep their natural beauty intact for pets and their owners to witness. The large park has an extensive shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico, or explore the inland hiking trails.

Go for a swim in Barking Springs

Barton Springs is a popular swimming hole in Austin. But a hidden gem for pet owners is to head downstream to the Barking Springs. The same natural spring waters flow in this pet-friendly area with a secluded feel for enjoying a water day with your pet.


Find historic sculptures on Utah State Capitol Building grounds

Anytime pets are allowed on the capitol grounds, it’s a good indication that there are several places you’ll be welcome with your furry travel companion. The Utah State Capitol Building sets a precedent for the state with grounds accepting pet visitors to check out the historical sculptures and a decorative fountain.

Walk pet-friendly nature trails of Gilgal Sculpture Garden

While you explore the Gilgal Sculpture Garden to check off each of its 12 sculptures, let your pet join the expedition. Nature trails are pet friendly for year-round recreation in Salt Lake City.

Explore the landscape of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Pets are free to roam nearly two million acres in Utah at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Large rock formations emerge from the rugged Earth, creating unique landscapes. Hike the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area or trek the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail.


Pay tribute in the Flavor graveyard at the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

Your pet will be waiting for you once you leave the Ben & Jerry’s factory, but don’t head to your car just yet. You don’t want to miss the pet-friendly Scoop Shop outside the factory, where you and your pet can walk the flavor graveyard and have cones of the signature frozen dessert.

Take a ride on the Stowe Scenic Auto Road

Strap your pet in for a ride on the Stowe Scenic Auto Road. Your car windows will be filled with views of the jagged ridges of the Adirondack Mountains before revealing the blue surface of Lake Champlain. The region has pet-friendly hiking trails to immerse you in the outdoor scenery.

Doggie celebrations at Dog Mountain

Whether hosting major seasonal events like the August Dog Party in the Summer and October Dogfest in the fall or providing a place to honor pets who have long gone, Dog Mountain is a place where pets are celebrated. This park has grounds for playing, swimming, and hiking trails.


Pet-friendly boat cruises with Front Royal Outdoors

Let your pet rest their legs for a bit. Take a cruise in a canoe down the Shenandoah River. Front Royal Outdoors is a pet-friendly rental company with boats suitable for canines of different sizes.

Walk grounds of Monticello

The historic Monticello remains a grand building in Charlottesville even after nearly a century. Tour this former home belonging to Thomas Jefferson with your pet to admire the architecture, manicured grounds, and dark history of Mulberry Row.

Enjoy pet day at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Pencil in quality time with your pet every Sunday during the summer at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Its Sunday Dog Day series invites pet owners to experience the largest botanical garden in Virginia with their pets. Walk through 30 decorative gardens and see over 450 species of roses.


Paw across nature trails of Olympic National Forest

Since pets aren’t allowed in the Olympic National Park, one way around the rule is by visiting the Olympic National Forest, which has many of the same landscapes and views of Olympic Mountain. This pet-friendly alternative has several hiking trails taking you to scenic viewpoints, beaches, canyon landscapes, and more.

Sightseeing ice cream cruise with your pet

The only thing better than a sightseeing cruise in Seattle is pairing the experience with your pet and ice cream. Ice Cream cruises depart from Lake Union Park, where you’ll see local landmarks like a shipyard and where the Boeing Company was founded.

Pet day trip to Whidbey Island

Plan a day trip with your pet to Whidbey Island, where pets can play just as hard as their humans. Hiking trails wind around the island, sloping down to scenic beaches, hilltops for panoramic views of the Puget Sound, and birdwatching with your pet.

West Virginia

Scenic gorge views at New River gorge National Park

New River Gorge National Park is one of the newcomer attractions driving pet owners to West Virginia. Let your pets rest up the night before because there are over 70,000 acres to explore in the gorge area. Enjoy scenic overlooks of the gorge or explore the banks of the New River.

Explore vast wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest

Located high in the Allegheny Mountains is the Monongahela National Forest. There aren’t too many rules in this vast wilderness, only reserved for brave pets with a craving for adventure. Exciting trails await in the Cranberry Wilderness area.

Pet-friendly walking tours of Downtown Charles Town Historic District

History is found around every corner in the Downtown Charles Town Historic District. Pets can lead the way down Washington Street to notable sites like the Jefferson County Courthouse, the New Operate House, and other sights.


Tour the Wisconsin Dells with your pet

Boats dot the Wisconsin Dells, giving tourists breathtaking views of the waterfront scenery. Share the magical experience with your pet as you tour down the river to learn about some of its histories or enjoy alluring sunset views during the evening.

Climb into the back of a sightseeing horse carriage ride

One of the best ways to explore Lost Canyon is on a horse carriage tour. The canyon depths carve their way through the canyon while you take in all the sights with your pet. They’ll ride in the carriage with you while your guide keeps you both entertained during the tour.

Defrost history along the Ice Age National Trail

Transport your pet to a historical era while traveling the Ice Age National Trail. Landscapes frozen over since the Ice Age provide incredible scenery along the trails. You and your pet will see a glacial lake at Indian Lake County Park and the Prairie Moraine County Park.


Enjoy water rides at Cody Wyoming Adventures

With wet and wild rides on the whitewater rapids or seeing wild mustangs galloping through the McCullough Peaks, Cody Wyoming Adventures is a place where pets are welcome to participate. Visitors can choose from various tour experiences ranging from water to on-land activities for their pets.

Witness mighty geysers inside Yellowstone National Park

The natural wonders like Old Faithful and geothermal land effects continue to draw millions of visitors every year to Yellowstone National Park. And many tourists don’t leave behind their pets since they are permitted on the grounds of America’s first national park. So, trot the hiking trails to park landmarks while keeping an eye out for the abundance of wildlife.

Explore wildlife in National Elk Refuge

If your pet loves other animals as much as you do, then the National Elk Refuge will be a lovely destination for them to visit. Located in Jackson, this natural habitat for wildlife showcases grazing elk, packs of coyotes, bighorn sheep, and other animals.